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Monday, June 10, 2013

Spotlight on Pure Shot Photography: Discount for the first 20 SLE Readers until June 16th!- MysticScottie Xenno Reporting...

As an aspiring photographer today. I have had the honor to interview the owner of a very successful photography studio, Tamara Artis AKA Pookey owner of Pure Shot Photography, also known as PSP

Interview with Tamara Artis aka Pookey

Tamara Artis aka Pookie

MysticScottie: Pookey how did you start out in second life?

Pookey: “I remember I saw an article about Second life and went to check it out. My SL started like the majority of us, freebies, clubbing and exploring the world. I remember I wanted to try everything there is.”

MysticScottie: I know what you mean Second Life is a big playground full of things to do, and the first week is so scary. So what was your first big job and how did PSP come about?

Pookey: “My first serious involvement started in a club called Asame, their focus was on naked models as part of art installations, I was one of the models for like a week and I worked up the business to a hostess and then a manager.
One of the things I did there was taking photos of all of our guests, and so everyone called me paparazzi. After the owner closed the place I decided to explore what means to be a SL photographer.”

MysticScottie: How much experience have you had in photography?

Pookey: “No real experience. In first life I was only taking photos with my phone and in SL snapshots, Tons of them. I wasn't sure what exactly it meant to edit SL snapshots but I remember when I discovered a gallery, it was high in the air and had amazing photos from Panteleimon. I was standing there staring in them and thought omg omg I want to do this. So I slowly started to learn everything I could find about SL photography.”

MysticScottie: Well I am glad you did, your photography skills today are absolutely stunning. So when did PSP start?

 Pookey: “PSP started out of the need on July 21st 2012. First, I worked in another studio and after it got closed I continued to meet current clients in my SL home. It was cool for a while but soon there were too many people contacting me so I asked one of my friends from the old studio to come and take some clients. She said ok but you have to make it look like a real studio. So we moved to a bigger place. Few days later Mina started to scream in my IM: Pooks! You have a studio now?! Hire meee! Then others came too and before I realized what was going on we had a cute little place and I was the one that organized everything and had to consult Google before taking any step. I had no idea how to run a business, what to buy, how to advertise... “

MysticScottie: How many photographers do you have on the team?

Pookey: “I have 10 photographers at the moment and few of them are also real life graphic artists.”

MysticScottie: Pookey was kind enough to provide some of her studio’s photos for the readers to see, I think they are amazing.

MysticScottie: What do you offer, what makes you different from other photography businesses in SL?

Pookey:  “First and probably something that interests the majority of your readers are amazing photos. Without bragging I invite everyone to come and take a look at our work, displayed in our galleries. Our main gallery is where you land, a big white building that showcases singles, couple and morph photos.
Across from the main one is smaller wedding gallery that survived a flood. From there the path climbs on the ground area where we display photos for preview in a tree-house. Each client can come and check their photos in peace. Across the preview area is a small house open to every visitor, a hidden place for in-world snapshots. All around you can also find cute things to play with. Our first neighbours are Russh Lussh store that features the work of an amazing artist Bryn Oh and has all items named and created by SL models. There is also a modelling agency for aspiring models. The whole sim is shaped like Australia and PSP is located in Victoria.
At the moment we participate in Moolto sisters hunt and also holding photography classes for everyone who wants to know our secrets. We hold regular photo contests for our members and keep an updated list of our VIP clients who get rewarded for choosing us again. We have a flickr group where we invite everyone to post their raw snapshots for a chance to get a photo for free.
We also have promo offers for specific themes, currently its beachwear. From packages created especially for people who want to get some great deals to highly edited artistic photos that makes you go wooow! Our services cover all your virtual photography needs."

MysticScottie: Well let’s wrap this up, thank you so much for you time Pookey! And I wish you success with the studio.

 Pookey was kind enough to offer 20 readers of The Second Life Enquirer 50% off the deposit on a single profile pic. This means you can get a high quality professional pic for only 600 lindens!!!!

Quote: PSP50

Make sure you head down to the studio and check it out, offer only valid until 16th June 2013, limited availability!

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