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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meet The Dogfather of Dogland: A Visit with Vitolo Rossini - Linda Lauren Reporting...

There is something about the virtual community of Second Life that makes you want to mirror your everyday real life.  People do that by creating avatars to look like themselves, or as much like themselves as technically possible.  Admittedly, we have a propensity to make ourselves more anatomically pleasing by taking off or putting on the few pounds we would like to on our real life scale.  But when it comes to the animal kingdom, the accuracy is more true to life and you can find that “life” by visiting The Dogfather (Vitolo Rossini) at Dogland Park: (

Vito’s story is an inspiring one.

  He came to SL after awakening from a coma.  Being here, he grew rapidly and decided to start a group to help other TBI survivors. He learned that dogs were a great tool to use to focus attention, and this made him begin supporting all makes of virtual dogs at Dogland.

In the early days, Vito devoted his time to making free supplies and getting low cost relocated dogs for people.  In spite of harassment by opposition, he managed to build a low cost virtual dog that operates on a drop down menu.  The price is right and he has one of best looking dogs in SL.

Dogland has help sites ( ie: and networks ie: (  There are 14 Dogland blogs and there is a Dogland Dog Owners group on 22 social networks.

The faith in Dogland was so strong that when parts of it were for sale at exorbitant prices, an administrator at a local Animal Protection Agency believed so much in their goals that they cosigned an RL loan for them.

Since then Dogland chose to support the noble work of a local faction of a national organization: “Humane Society of Southern Arizona.” In this way, they can see donations directly at work.

Every Wednesday for five straight years, owners of all makes of virtual dog have come to classes and stayed as long as five hours to hear about working with the different makes of Second Life dog.

Hear The Dogfather tell you how Success Begets Success in this video:


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