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Showing posts with label success. Show all posts

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

What are 5 keys components in a Successful SL Business- Katrina Karsin Reporting...

 Business Plan Template - Elvaridah - Business Solutions Experts

Operating a business in life is hard especially trying to find a backer who will believe in your ideas and give you enough money to get off the ground.  We all know big banks usually shy away from small business loans even if you have thoroughly researched and have put together a well-thought-out business plan.  So just how do Second Life businesses succeed, do you have to have started when Second Life originally began, or can you start a business today?   I have interviewed three successful businesses who are willing to share their 5 keys components in a Successful SL Business.

To give you an idea of different types of business I have interviewed Chop Zuey jewelry store designer/owner Belle Roussel, a land rental company called Corel Estates by Kristaki Hudson CEO, and a car dealership called TX by Tech Robonaught designer/owner. All of these businesses have been in Second Life for more than five years.

Chop Zuey is a well-recognized couture jewelry brand that opened October 2, 2009 Belle Roussel ‘s story is interesting.

Katrina Karsin:  Welcome Belle it is so very nice to meet you, we know you are busy, and we appreciate you taking the time to sit with us.  Let’s begin with how did Chop Zuey come to floriation? 

Belle Roussel:  Back in 2009, I used to own clubs in SL, big clubs that were very successful.  When we had to close my last club down suddenly due to real life problems that my business partner was having at the time, I was left with many unemployed dancers.  These were people that had been with me for years -- loyal, hardworking, people, many good friends -- and I felt terrible about it.  They had no warning that we were closing; none of us did.   So, I decided I was going to open some kind of business that I could share with them to help them make money.  At the time I had no experience with building, I mean seriously, I could just about rez a prim.  And I don't know how I got Jewellery into my head, but I got to work immediately, and in two weeks, I had about 5 or 6 collections of jewelry done.  Thus, the birth of Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery.  I made it a franchise and gave it out to all my loyal and wonderful dancers who wanted to be part of it.  Some of them are still with me today working and making money with Chop Zuey.  I have since opened the Affiliate Program up to anyone in SL, and today Chop Zuey has almost 200 Franchisers.  It’s been a great experience all around and Chop Zuey is truly a family.

Katrina Karsin:  What do you believe are the five key components in a successful SL business?

Belle Roussel:  1. Relationships 2. Relationships 3. Relationships 4. Relationships 5. Relationships.

Did I say relationships?  Yes, this is the single most important element in any successful business.

The relations you make with others not only build the success of your business but defines the quality and purpose of that success.  I am proud of the fact that I have clients, co-workers, and associates that have been with me since Day 1!  That’s over 11 years in SL!

Of course, a little skill, hard work, passion, persistence, and vision go a long way as well!

Katrina Karsin:  If your customers need help, how do they contact you and/or your staff for advice?

Belle Roussel:  I try to remain as accessible to my Clients as possible.  Notecards are always best.

My Wonderful Chop Zuey Manager is Ludmilla Umarov and she is always available to help in any way she is able.

Katrina Karsin: What kind of marketing do you use to gain traffic?  For example:  Do you pay for space in a magazine or newspaper?  Are you in any discount groups like Saturday Sale?

Belle Roussel:  I do some events.  They change monthly. 

Katrina Karsin: Where or who do you draw your inspiration from for your designs and are some pieces personal to you?  Can you share the story behind it with us? 

Belle Roussel:  Ooh, everything you see in the showroom is personal to me!  All of it.  For example, 'Unrequited', 'Swimming with the Fishes', 'White Lies' & 'Black Lies' are all from The Love & Other Drugs Collection.  As you can see, I like to create thematic collections and when it comes to love you're never going to get it straight from me - there will always be a twist, a little bitter twist to make it more real.  My inspiration for this collection was to explore the other aspects of love.  The parts that are not always so pretty.  Also, to have some fun with that while still reminding us of the pain that is hiding not-to-far-below the surface of that initial infatuation, which blinds us at the beginning of most love stories.   

To always be aware of the mixed and sometimes conflicting emotions involved when it comes to love, and to put those elements into a design is a challenge, to say the least.  "Unrequited" for example, to me it looks almost like an Exaltation of the Spirit in a Body - like rays of light bursting thru the head reaching toward the heavens...The Kundalini surging thru the body desperately trying to return to its Source.  But then, on the other hand, you can also see the loneliness of the piece. How you can be separated or cut off or caged from the object of your love - or as the title of the piece suggests - to not have your love returned at all. 

Katrina Karsin:  What's the most challenging aspect of making superior jewelry pieces?

Belle Roussel:  I'd have to say getting out of your head and trying to connect to something greater than we are as individuals. Call it Cosmic Consciousness, call it your Muse, call it God.  Whatever it is, you must understand that we don't do anything alone and we are all connected to some greater power.   And the secret is, this Great Power loves to create things!  So, if you figure out how to tap into that, then your inner resources become endless and magnified greatly!

Katrina Karsin:  What, in your opinion, makes your jewelry stand out? 

Belle Roussel:  Really though, I don't think anyone would deny that Chop Zuey is a Fun, Sexy, and Sophisticated label.  I mean Chop Zuey is just Cool.  There's no denying it but that's on the surface. I think there is something unique about the Chop Zuey Brand and it does stand out.  Maybe it's about the relate-ability of the product. People have said to me they experience an emotional connection to something when they see Chop Zuey Jewellery. 

What I think makes it stand out... or what I would wish for is, that when people wear Chop Zuey, it somehow makes them feel that they belong to a family that supports and helps each other in every way possible.  It's truly been the relationships I've made along the way that have made Chop Zuey the success it is today.

Katrina Karsin:  What are your plans for the future?

Belle Roussel:  I think the question is, what are SL's plans for the future.  It has changed so much over recent years.  The mesh revolution has brought in a new level of designer with different priorities, and this has totally changed the dynamic of how we interact in SL.  Meaning, SL used to be about building up your group, your family, your relationships.  Now, it seems to be very much about the 'self'.  I see a lot of people much more isolated in SL and not focusing on others and the people in their SL life or how they might be able to serve others.  This is sad to me and I hope it will change for the better. But for me, I will continue to do what I love, whether in First Life, Second Life, Third Life... wherever.  I just feel Blessed for today. 




Next, we sit down with Kristaki Hudson CEO of Coral Estates who has been serving the SL community for 14 years!

Katrina Karsin:  What are 5 keys components in a Successful SL Business?

Kristaki Hudson:  Being fair to the customers which are choosing Coral Estates for their Second Life. 

Good pricing to make the land affordable and reachable to all. I have my own tier payment atm database and website with a virtual private server which is a good secure part for customers and serious. Having dedicated and talented Second Life Staff who can speak multiple languages.

Being in Second Life all these years has its advantages and listening to my residents who trusted in Coral Estates is very important to me. I also love to take pictures of the islands that I visit to put back land on sale or to visit see if all is fine so we post their creations on Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr, and let’s not forget our great website called

Katrina Karsin:  If your customers need help how do they contact you and/or your staff for advice?

Kristaki Hudson:  We have staff that has been with us for a long time who reply to our customers the same day they request anything.  Like Leah Chardin who has been with us for years.

Katrina Karsin:  What do you do with your store to keep people coming back?

Kristaki Hudson:  I keep it clean, no dust...:) a good design and we have a great marina with boat slips around in our sailing islands and the landlords’ tricks to have good traffic always and to be well listed on Second Life.

Katrina Karsin:  What kind of marketing do you use to gain traffic? 

Kristaki Hudson:  I do pay classifieds its a good Second Life Tool to use or also Contacts clients and more options that give the viewer from Linden lab.

For example:  Do you pay for space in a magazine or newspaper?  Are you in any discount groups like Saturday Sale?  Are you in any special shopping events like Uber? Do you collaborate with other designers in SL? 

I do sponsor events sometimes and in some places in Second Life or magazine yes always happy to share lindens in other places to promote and exchange marketing with others!

Katrina Karsin:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Kristaki Hudson:  Yes, for sure, I invite everyone who seeks great private residential islands with waterways to visit us and to popup in our office and visit the marina. And of course, if you are looking for great talented staff with the best prices in lands in Second Life from coral estates you found the right place for your Second Life. We also won an award which is shown in office for the best estate in Second Life. So, let’s maybe find you in Coral Estates!


Additional Information:

Group: Real Estates Rentals KH



Twitter: @KristakiH

Other: Flickr;


Preferred Contact: Whatever way is best for our potential client!


Online: Coral Estates <>

Coral Estates sailing islands:

The next business owner we sat down with is TECH (tech robonaught) of TX a car dealership that will help you build your own car and customize it to your specifications from the shell to driving it off the lot!

Katrina Karsin:  Hi Tech it is good to see you again today we are talking about what you believe to be the 5 key components of a successful SL business? 

TECH (tech robonaught): Second Life is a long game, not a short one I work at it 7 days a week - 6 to 16 hrs a day depending.  You have to invest the time to get the return, people want to talk to a live person, not a message board.

Katrina Karsin: I imagine just like in rl, we all hate auto messages when we need something.

TECH (tech robonaught): Exactly, I have had my builders build really nice cars but then they never stay online to demo them or answer questions, and ultimately, they end up going under because they don’t want to invest the time to network.

Katrina Karsin: Oh, so networking is key in SL?

TECH (tech robonaught): Yes, build a quality product and take time to network and talk to real people.  

Katrina Karsin: How long on average does it take from making a shell to scripting to helping someone build?

TECH (tech robonaught): A shell can take anywhere from 6 hours to 40 depends on the complexity of it - I can script one up fully in a few hours, teaching someone else we cover with notecards and instructional videos on all the primary parts and functions so, really all depends on the builder’s knowledge of basic building skills.

Katrina Karsin: I see so do you regularly send a person to places like Caledon to learn the basics of building in SL?

TECH (tech robonaught): I would love to do that, unfortunately, no, we end up teaching the basics as we go a lot of times.

Katrina Karsin: Do you find most of your customers come from referrals?

TECH (tech robonaught): Many do yes, unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of ad agencies in SL or promoters so, many customers come just saying they seen one of my cars somewhere or heard about the scripts and want to try them - we have Demos for all of that. So Pretty much anything you want to buy here your able to see and touch.

Katrina Karsin: Do you know of places in SL where people congregate and race each other?

TECH (tech robonaught): Yes, the sim butted up to ours is the Gearhead Car Club sim, they congregate there almost daily to race or just drive the various tracks they have constructed. I guess I would just like to stress to new builders to just have patience and realize it’s going to take time, I want to see each and every one of them are successful and will do all I can to help them do so and I'll continue to improve and offer new products so they can keep making great stuff to sell.

Website:  TX Gear Site and Support



There you have it five key components of running a successful Second Life business are very similar to real life!  You need to work and network, plot out your business goals and think outside the box at times.  Mainly realize it is a business and you need to be ready to invest your most precious commodity time.  Investing time, working long hours, and be willing to learn are all components of running a successful business!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to Get More Out of Networking Events

Networking events can often prove to be the bane of your existence, especially if you feel that they are a waste of your time. Networking can be incredibly important, however, and if the events you attend aren’t yielding valuable results, it might be time for a change of tactics. There are several things that you can do to make the most of networking parties. Here is how to ensure that you get the outcome you want out of these events:

Be Prepared

It’s important to arrive on time for networking events. You can make sure you don’t get lost by finding out about the venues before you travel - check this weblink for more information. When you are on time, you will have first access to all the people that you want to meet early on. This means that you can talk to those who are actually relevant to your business at the beginning of the evening. This will enable you to relax for the rest of the night and socialise with your peers.
Make a note of the people that you would like to meet before you get to the event. This will ensure that you do not waste time with those who have nothing to do with your area of expertise. You will, of course, probably end up meeting other people as well but if you get the important ones out of the way first, you can relax.

Dress Appropriately

Humans cannot help but size one another up by their appearance. This is not a tendency that will be going away anytime soon, either, so it should dictate how you dress at these events. You should be well dressed and look good. Do not go overboard or seem as though you are trying too hard, though, as this can turn many people away. Simply match your outfit to the venue and the atmosphere of the party and you will be fine. It is also good to wear a statement piece of jewellery or even nice shoes. This can be an excellent conversation starter when meeting new people.

Position Yourself

It is a horrible feeling to walk aimlessly around the room, hoping to chance upon a person who is not already engaged in conversation. This is why where you position yourself in the room is important. The ideal place to wait is at the bar. This is because at some time during the night, everyone will make their way to the bar. This will allow you to casually begin a conversation with them when they do so.

Be Selective

You may feel the need to give everyone you meet your business card. You should not do this. The whole point of networking is to meet people who can be mutually beneficial to one another. If you hand out your card to everyone and take everyone else’s in return, your night cannot be considered successful. After you have chatted with people for a bit, you can size up whether or not they are relevant to your business. If they are,
 offer them your business card. If they are not, find a way to naturally and politely end the conversation.
These tips should ensure that you network much more effectively. You should soon be perceiving such events as advantageous to you rather than a drag. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Oldest Businesses/Venues in Second Life- Why Are They So Successful? – Camury Reporting

Second Life has an active economy and a large exchange movement with the use of their domestic currency, the Linden dollar (L$). Lindens can be used to buy, sell, rent or make land trade or purchase and sale of goods and services among users.
Second life residents perform thousands of virtual transactions per day. Those include the purchase of buildings, vehicles, equipment of all kinds, animations, clothing, skin, hair, jewelry, plants, pets, and works of art. Residents can also profit from the rent of land or real estate. Many survive by offering a wide range of services. Those services include "camping", wage labor, business management, entertainment and creation of custom content (which can be divided into six categories: building, texturing, scripting, animation, art direction, as well as the position of producer / financier from the project)
Some residents can have great success in their investments in the virtual world, selling virtual goods or providing services. Business owners with a good marketing strategy can even keep their business running for a long time.

Here are some examples of successful businesses in Second Life:

Everyone wants to keep their avatars up to date with the current fashion trends. To meet the high demand for fashion items, SL has more a large variety stores that provide a huge range of products.

The Designer Circle is a bi-weekly fashion event since 2010. It is a platform for SL designers that offers, for a limited time, several items from each designer. The secret of their success this in addition to their marketing strategy is the affordable price of the products- between 50L- 100L, combined with the quality of products and the latest trends in fashion and clothing.

 Old Lar's House was established in 2009, evolving into Old Lar's Warehouse, and now, Old Lar's Naughty Twinz. It has become a popular club in Second Life. The secret of its success is the unique energetic atmosphere, provided by the beautiful and sexy dancers. They offer visitors exquisite eye-candy for customers and remove items of clothing-often with lusciously written text for tips. The club also features live DJs 24/7 who play the best mix of rock and other genres for all tastes.

Skin & Shape
Established in 2005, Adam n Eve offers a wide selection of male and female skins as well as hair, and Fashion. Attentive to the needs of the market, which is essential for business success, the store creates mesh avatars (head and body), with good quality and competitive prices. The product, price and attractiveness, are the magic ingredients for the store’s continued success in Second Life for many years.

Starting in Second Life in 2011, Humanoid is a project of talented German artists and media professionals who use technology to give movement to the Second Life avatars.
The secret of the success of this project is precisely the creativity, innovation and the use of advanced technology to offer a high quality product, satisfying the demand of the consumer market in Second Life.

Freebie Spot
I was in second life since 2007, searching for freebies and Freebie Galaxy was there. This Store is a mega complex of freebies that has fifteen floors! The secret of its success, especially among newcomers to the SL, is quality and quantity with more than 3,000 freebies and dollarbies items of good quality that are offered to SL new residents looking for free things to have fun and upgrade their look.

Currently, in addition to a good product or service, businesses need to have a good marketing plan, promote themselves in the media, social networks and blogs is the key to success. This has fundamental importance for those who want to be prosperous in SL and last in such a competitive atmosphere.

The SL Enquirer

Don’t forget!!! An informative press release to spread the news of your business is always a good start. Contact the SL Enquirer and we will help give you the exposure you need to get your business known.  Did we mention we are the longest running independently owned News Source in Second Life, established in 2005, with over 10 years of media experience?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Advice from an SL Expert About Business Ethics in Second Life.

What makes a business successful in SL?

Just like in real life, a business in SL is successful because of customer relations. Although a customer is not always right as the cliché goes, in order to retain business the customer must always feel that they have been treated fairly and reasonably.
If customer service is so important, then why are there many businesses and business owners in SL who seem to have an axe to grind and offer poor customer service in addition to their inferior products?

In the past decade, The SL Enquirer weathered many storms and stood tall above the top-ranking media sources which have come and gone through the years. There is a reason it has survived. SLE continues to thrive in a virtual world so beaten down by those who forgot to appreciate the creative freedom of such a place, as well as respect and treat others the way they would like to be treated.
Despite the assumptions and negative comments from some people who seem to think they know what Lanai Jarrico does behind the scenes with The SL Enquirer, one fact remains constant. Her dedication to SLE has overcome many obstacles, people with hidden agendas, and ignorant assumptions for 10 years. The best part is the positive reviews vastly outweighs the negative.

SLE has been through the bustling heyday and the “SL Great Depression.” Lanai has experience and knows the seasonal patterns, cultural psychology, and hazards that need to be avoided in Second Life. Most importantly, she has met  and befriended many SL Legends who paved the way for those here today.  Equipped with SL knowledge and experiences, she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to advice about Second Life and best business practices.

First, It has never been about money, nor is it about fame for Lanai or Team SLE. Dedication and perseverance comes from a passion. Without passion and hard work, ideas and creativity fail. These same principles can be applied to any business in Second Life that wants to succeed.  Sure, making lindens is important to sustain a business and a comfortable SL lifestyle. If planned properly, it can still be achieved.

I hate to break it to stubborn business owners, but the Era of the SL Millionaires has passed.  SL wealth seekers have saturated the business market so badly that it diluted the linden pot of gold into gold-plated sludge.

It has become increasingly difficult to even generate enough income to cover tiers and break even without having to dig into your pocket to cover the difference. Trying to be greedy will only cause issues, so be careful how you tip the business scale and who you try to get over on while attempting to make a profit. It is NOT like real-world business. The time spent in Second Life overly outweighs hourly wages. High expectation will result in disappointment if you think otherwise.

If it’s about the money, Lanai wishes you luck!  The unpredictable nature of Second Life makes it almost impossible to generate a sustainable income you can trust for stability. Unless you have beginning capital, a great real job to fall back on, time to invest in SL, and a true business plan in place, thinking you can live off Second Life is virtual insanity.  It may work for those lucky ones who tapped a market with great demand, ones who understand the culture and have that burning passion to succeed. With that said, more power to them,  Let’s move on.

There have been times Lanai was ready to put down her pen and accept defeat. It isn’t defeat in the sense of  being pummeled by competition.  It was a small instance where she failed to believe in herself. It is her true friends that remind her how important media is for the community. Those moments bring strength and courage to go on. The self doubt storms passed  through the years and her determination grew.  This part is about building up a support system, being part of a community, and making friends you can trust.

The energy to continue was and still is much greater than herself. It is about sharing something special with an entire community. Documenting Second Life as it developed over time, Lanai has been the keeper of records and shared stories about the culture and people who make up this vast virtual world longer than any other source in SL today.

It is a beautiful thing to be part of and that is why The SL Enquirer exists.  Take this bit of advice and make it part of your goals. The ability to make and keep friends will help you achieve your goals much more easily than trying to plow your way through Second Life with a nasty attitude and boasting without the proof to back it up.

To stand uniquely separate from others is to not see others as competition or think you are above anyone. To Lanai, she has none and prefers to lay low and work with people who want to work with her.
People with similar ideas in the SL Media world are seen like a media community.It is important to support each other rather than try to destroy each other.  It never really mattered to Lanai what others were or still are doing as long as they are doing something to contribute to the community and not causing her any grief.

What matters is what she is doing for SLE and building alliances with other sources. Right there is the key to keeping the peace and ensuring success. The Second Life grid is saturated with businesses that are very similar. Business owners can’t go around being nasty to each other or trying to sabotage their “competition.” It is a waste of time because they should be spending worrying about their own business, bringing new ideas to the virtual table, and providing better customer service.

Customer Service is a big deal that many business owners seem to be overlooking these days. A word of advice, STOP GIVING CUSTOMERS ARE HARD TIME! Do not avoid their inquiries, do not blame them for your poor business practices and most certainly do not make them jump through hoops for a refund of 1000L or less (approximately $4.33 USD) or a copy of the product. It isn’t like you have a RL warehouse, supplies and materials to cover.

Ask yourself if the bickering is worth a bad review from someone who liked your product enough to buy it in the first place?  As long as you have a transaction history, properly investigated their complaint or the product is no transfer, there shouldn't be a problem doing a redelivery followed by a thank you for your continued service. Be the bigger person. End of story.

Another great Idea is getting involved in expos to showcase  products and services alongside others in the same industry. Maybe even be part of a charity.
This bit of advice takes me back to being much bigger than yourself, forming alliances, and giving back to the community.

This article isn’t about The SL Enquirer or Lanai jarrico; it is merely an example that whatever you set your mind to in SL can be achieved if you take the time to familiarize yourself with the community and truly follow your passion. It is your choice whether you take advice from a business which has shown an enormous amount of contribution to Second Life and still here and doing well. It wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Lanai has observed many people and how they operate. She has developed many friendships and cut off just as many fake people. She has the key to success.  It is clear and she knows exactly how to protect what she has worked so hard to obtain.

Up until this point was an example that anything you set your mind to can work in a virtual world. You will find that things do not come easy. Whatever it is you want out of Second Life, you have to believe it is possible but you also have to work for it.

Also,  remember behind every avatar is a person--not just any random person you probably will never meet in real life, but someone who you may need someday for help, or a person who you learn from or may need your help.  We, as a virtual community, need to be responsible for creating a peaceful environment in which everyone feels appreciated and a part of something.

The attitudes on the grid have become alarming and noticeable enough that it was time to virtual sit down business owners for an intervention.

My last bit of advice but the most important. Develop your profile positively. It is a reflection of you and how you conduct yourself in Second life. This also goes for employees. Having questionable content in your profile can act as a deterrent for potential customers.

If you wish to be perceived as an honorable business owner in Second life. or a good person for that matter, remove the negativity.  For example, if you are a business owner and your profile says something along the lines of this extreme fabricated example- DO NOT CONTACT ME OR SEND ME FRIEND INVITES BECAUSE I AM JUST TOO BIG HEADED AND BUSY TO WASTE MY TIME WITH YOU,(followed by half naked photos of your avatar), then you probably should rethink being a business owner.

In a nutshell, being a professional includes a passionate, friendly and engaging attitude, attention to detail, helpful profile, presentable appearance and high standards of customer service. Otherwise a business owner cannot expect to be successful in Second life.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meet The Dogfather of Dogland: A Visit with Vitolo Rossini - Linda Lauren Reporting...

There is something about the virtual community of Second Life that makes you want to mirror your everyday real life.  People do that by creating avatars to look like themselves, or as much like themselves as technically possible.  Admittedly, we have a propensity to make ourselves more anatomically pleasing by taking off or putting on the few pounds we would like to on our real life scale.  But when it comes to the animal kingdom, the accuracy is more true to life and you can find that “life” by visiting The Dogfather (Vitolo Rossini) at Dogland Park: (

Vito’s story is an inspiring one.