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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Meet Pixieplumb Flanagan Owner of Baby Monkey- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Baby Monkey™ was established in January 2008. Baby Monkey™ is a well-known shoe store in SL which offers every fashion savvy resident shoes in hundreds of styles and thousands of colours with the highest of quality and best value in SL.

I have shopped at Baby Monkey™ and continue to shop at this store for shoes. I was in the store looking for a pair of shoes for a wedding I would be attending and saw the owner nearby.  We began casually chatting so I decided that I would like to find out more about Baby Monkey™ and the owner, PixiePlumb.

Tea Couturier:  Could you tell our readers about Baby Monkey?
Pixieplumb Flanagan: Baby Monkey is primarily a shoe shop, but we also have a clothing department, jewelry, shapes, eyes and other accessories.  We try to bring as large a range of styles as we can, and like to offer lots of customisation via our HUD system.  People like to be able to change the hardware and trim on their shoes and boots, to coordinate with other fashion items.

Tea Couturier: How did it all start?
Pixieplumb Flanagan: I started Baby Monkey in 2008, with some ballet flats, hats and purses.  I had been making vintage 1940's and 50's accessories for myself and my friends, and a few people suggested opening a store, so my husband bought a tiny plot of land and I set up my first shop.  Originally I was going to make purses and hats, but a few people asked for shoes, and I thought, how hard could it be?!! 

Tea Couturier:  How do you get your creations when you design shoes?
Pixieplumb Flanagan:I like to read the fashion magazines, and way back in the 80's I did a BA in fine art and fashion design and I have always been crazy about shoes and purses!  Nowadays I look at what celebrities are wearing, and what the big RL design houses are doing and create contemporary styles.

Tea Couturier: You have been in sl and across the grid for many years what do you think it’s the secret you your success?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: Baby Monkey has always been a reasonably priced store; Second Life has a lot to offer and most residents are here for fun and recreation and don't always want to invest a lot of money.  I wanted everyone to be able to afford my products, and so we have kept prices down while offering lots of styles and choices.  Our update group (Baby Monkey Junkies) has 4 'free join' weekends a year, and there are many group gifts, exclusive to the group.  I cherish my group members, and they have been my biggest supporters, so I like to reward them.
Also, I just love making stuff in SL.  It's the best job in the world!

Tea Couturier: How has shoe design, fashion and demand for good designed shoes changed in sl?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: When I first joined SL shoes were texture layer or old style prims.  There were no sculpts or mesh, and most shoes were not very realistic.  I greatly admired the work of Fallingwater Cellardoor and her store, Shiny Things, and Sylfie Minogue.  They made prim shoes that were amazing.  Later sculpties came along and changed things a lot, and now we have mesh, which lets us make fabulous shoes.  I still see people wearing original prim shoes in SL, but increasingly the demand is for high quality and realism.  Residents expect a lot now that SL has been established for several years, and merchants need to keep up with demand.

Tea Couturier:  What do you like doing in sl when you are not creating?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: I like to chat with friends and visit the many gorgeous sims in SL, especially the nature inspired ones.  And of course, I love to shop!  Particularly for hair and skins, but also for unusual household items.

Tea Couturier: Are there any new things or projects coming out soon?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: Our new Fall/Winter range will be released over the next few weeks, and I am looking forward to Shoetopia in November.
We are taking part in Acid Lily during the current round, and have an exclusive there:
Our first release for Fall/Winter is all in fatpacks for L$150 each

To see what Baby Monkey™ has visit the main store at:
Group (250L to join): 56b559e4-74aa-2b4a-deeb-7c5d4517fe3a


  1. I personally love going to Baby Monkey Shoe store. Everytime there is a sale or the free join weekeends, I send out notices!


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