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Showing posts with label Tea Couturier. Show all posts

Monday, February 22, 2016

Art Galleries in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting…

Just as in RL, Second Life has a very busy and diverse art community. There are a lot of galleries in SL which cater to every ones taste of contemporary to modern art. Here are just a few I have found and feel are worth visiting.

Dreamscapes Art Gallery
This is not only an Art Gallery but also a Home & Garden Designs store all created by Carlotta Ceawlin. All the artwork is original and can be found dotted all around the store which is also a house. Art work can also be found outside. Each piece can be purchased for yourself or as a gift. I feel this is a cool way to showcase art. You can also find her work on SL Marketplace.

Art & Gallery at Studio 33
This gallery states, “No photography of created works is allowed”
Which I would think would go for any gallery you attend in SL. This gallery is spread out across the sim and to see each different pieces of artwork there is a TP station. Simply click on it and a menu pops up listing all the areas of artwork which is exhibiting at the gallery.  A good place to start would be the main gallery. This section exhibited beautiful art. The main gallery is not a large section but I feel is a perfect point to start.

Art Gallery Route 7
The Art Gallery Route 7 is set on four floors. All artwork displayed is done by RL artists.  The current artists being featured are; Ronin1 Shippe ,Instincta van Helsinki, John Bleriot,Aurora, Mycano , Masako, Safi Farspire, Uleria Caramel, Ohsolemio , Angyel  , Taddeus Adagio , Jon Chen , Okwaho Euler , Judy Lynn India . Kisla Arkright. , Sisi Biedermann, Leaf Quar , Roxie Warwillow , Freya Merryman, SkyBlue Earthboy , Fae Varriale, Lenz Bavarro , Vangogh Rembranch  , Littleone Aries , ArtWolf Eternal, Fleur Augur Landar ,  Moondrifth Tomorrow and Stem van Helsinki.

At the moment they are concentrating on digital art but also have pieces with mixed media, acrylics, oils, water color, inks, etc.
They also use a simple camera, no special lenses, tricks or speeds, to capture such amazing images. The gallery cannot be viewed in just one day so it is worth taking your time and exploring.

Crossworlds Gallery - Museum of Art and Culture
At Crossworlds Gallery you will find paintings, sculptures, fine art, acrylics, water color, ink, drawing, wall art, reactive art, fractal, digital, real art, SL art, sketches and photos from a variety of artists.
The gallery is in the sky and has 7 floors. You will find artist such as:
1st floor: Feathers Boa, Scottius Polke, pixivor allen, Hechos, Consuela Caldwell
2nd floor: MiraBelle artist, Walt Ireton, Sabbian Paine, Molly Bloom
3rd floor: Sil Brandi, Monroe Snook, Olimpia Peco, Sheba Blitz
4th floor: Ronin1 Shippe/BellaLuna   Xigalia/Jinks
7th floor: Bryn Oh garden
This gallery it is worth taking your time and enjoying the artwork as there is a lot to see and enjoy.

This is just a few of the many Art Galleries in SL to explore. So, if you are an art enthusiast you will enjoy this selection. If you find anymore worth noting, please share them in the comment box below!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Best Winter Sales -Tea Couturier Reporting...

If you are like me and love a good sale then there are still a few good deals to be sought in SL this Winter.

Depending on what you are looking for I have found some good deals in SL from homes to clothing for yourself.  Let’s start with fashion!


Nian Design Life 
Have a sale on their clothing range for men and women and what is even good all the clothing has full Permission which is always a plus. The store seems to be only available on Market Place as the in world store has gone but this should not stop you from looking online and seeing the bargains Nian has on offer.
Direct sale URL
Love 25

I have just discovered this store and actually like the clothing it offers. Love 25 has a sale and during my search I came across this lovely Drape Vest w/ Dress for only L$45. It comes in lots of different colors and is perfect with UGG boots or even knee high boots. This store is worth a visit.


NOYA designs
NOYA designs store has a sale and the items are very nice.
I was looking for some eyeshadows and lipsticks which were not only different from what I have already but also something a bit dramatic for the evenings.  I came across this selection for only L$99. The pack comes with Lip gloss, tribal eyeliners in big and small size shape cat-eyes, blue artistic eyeshadows, Lipstick soft pink, Black Smokey Eye Shadow, green eyeshadow, Purple Eyeshadow, soft red lipstick all in one pack. It is however only on sale for 1 week only.


I must admit I do like Truth hair and have quite a lot of their styles so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they had a sale. I quickly got a few nice styles on sale.

I was looking for an updo casual hair style and came across this in the sale. It is not only perfect for a casual look with jeans etc but you can get away with it for semi causal wear also. Priced at L$100 I am sure you will think this is a good deal too.

 Looking for a new winter home? Here is something I found on sale!


A good deal does not  have to be for apparel or accessories only!  We all love to decorate and find that perfect house to be able to do that but it can be hard. However, I came across Villas a house store who are in the middle of a sale with their houses.  To be honest the houses are quiet nice. 
Now depending on what style and design of a house you are looking for I found this house to be very good for the sale price as it comes with a pool.  However, if interior designing is not your favorite thing to do then never fear as the house comes fully furnished so you can just simply move in!
The house comes equipped and furnished as follows:
Automatic security with visitor list
Animated window shutters with on/off switch
Lighting system with 4 independent zones and 5 different light modes for each. Night and day sensor included
Outdoor torch lights
All doors equipped with sensor, collision and touch mode
Animated pool
Animated Jacuzzi
Potted interior plants
Footprint 36 x 39 m
412 prims 

All of this for L$599.

So if you’re still looking for a sale in SL then you are not too late but do hurry because a sale cannot stay a sale for long.

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Top Places and Hunts in SL for Halloween- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Silent Scream Haunted House

If you are like me and love Halloween and you want to experience the fun SL has to offer then look no further as I have comprised a small list of a few places I have visited for Halloween fun.

Depending on what you like to do in SL for Halloween here are a few hunts with haunted sims for you to explore.

Silent Scream Haunted House
Silent Scream Haunted House is in its 6th year in SL and looks very spooky and scary. It has all you would expect at a haunted house and without giving too much away has some very good animations for you to participate in. Outside the house you will also find a grave yard with ghosts walking around. A good place to visit.

HAUNTED closes nov 1
Haunted is a fabulous interactive experience, frightening but fun. It is a sim full of ghosts, zombies, scary places, swamp, bloody beach, shopping, you will find things for Halloween, There is also a train, a carnival, free Halloween costumes can also be found at the mall . Hurry to this one so you can experience the fun.

Spooky Hunt at CHEZMOI
You will find a hunt in a cool store. You have to find 12 tombstones which are hidden all over the store. Thed prizes are t home and garden décor for Halloween. The hunt started on the 1st October 2015 and will end on the 15th of May so I guess this is a hunt for all seasons.

The Halloween Hunt
Here you will find 20 creators who have created the fall playground where you will find a Halloween and Old England scenery where wizards, witches, pumpkins and dragons all compete for your attention. All contents for the hunt is original created by the creators and designers. It is a sim wide hunt and is around until 1st November 2015.

Shanti Haunted Hunt
If you can survive the ghosts, zombies, spiders and lots more to find 10 hidden prizes which include clothing and décor to name a few, you will definitely have fun with this hunt. The sim has been created to give you that haunted feeling as though you are being watched. It is only around till 1st November 2015 so hurry up don’t want to miss this hunt. This is a sim hunt.
Where ever you choose to spend your Halloween have fun and be safe.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Guide to Finding the Perfect Mesh House for you in SL- Tea Couturier Reporting...

If you are like me and love to decorate then you know that interior design inside some of the houses available is just not enough.  When searching for a new mesh house it is important that is has the potential for modification so that you can include your personal style. With so many good designed mesh houses on the market it can be hard to find or even know where to look. Well never fear, SLE is hereto help!  Here is a list of a few houses to help get you started on the path of your dream home in Second Life.

LAQ Decor ~ Scandinavian Villa (Multi Color System)

This is one of my expensive finds and if money is not a problem and you are looking for the Scandinavian villa look then this is a perfect house for you. Not only can you change the color of the outside whenever you wish with to the color HUD, it is 100% mesh! Keep in mind you must have a mesh compatible viewer!
Additional Information:
Measurements: Width: 27,5m Length: 30,1m
Minimum Parcel Requirement: 1024m2
Prims: 107
2 floors.
Rooms: (including in theory; Kitchen, Living room, bathroom, bedroom, 1st floor hallway and 2nd floor hallway but all rooms can be used for anything)
Backdoor in the kitchen.
Uses the new Advanced Lighting Model system. All textures are Normal Mapped and have specular maps applied to them.
It is Unfurnished. Included is a tile stove and outdoor wall lamps. The stairs inside also comes with a small cabinet storage with openable doors.

House Functions:
Included is a texture and color changing system that lets you choose between many premade textures for both the outdoor and indoor look. Each independent part such as the roof, gutter, facade, kitchen floor, 1st floor ceiling, stair steps etc all have their own textures which gives you great modification options to make it look like you want. Every single texture can also be tinted to any color or made darker.
This house comes equipped with the "A.E House Control Unit" with functions such as:
HOUSE+: Some house specific options such as setting either or both chimney smokes on and off.
RADIO: Many radio stations included.
SECURITY: Included is an avatar scanner which kicks anyone not granted access by you.
WINDOW BLINDS: Turn the blinds on or off.
It has a lot to offer and priced at L$3,849 pricey but could be your new home.

The Sunset Cove House

The Sunset Cove House has a rare combination of luxury, grandness and yet succeeds in being built on a human scale. The creator felt that some country houses in SL are just too large to feel like a home, but the Sunset Cove is in fact just that, It has a cozy comfortable feel which would be a home that you will be proud to own.
 It has several rooms, a large living room, 2 fire places, a loft, balcony and large terrace for entertaining. It is a nice house and can be decorated in any style. Priced at L$850 and only 165 prims and is partly meshed.

~BAZAR~ Arizona House (unfurnished)

This is a very popular house. I have seen it across the grid used as family homes. The unfurnished house allows you to use your interior decorating skills to furnish it however you wish. This house is partly mesh
House information:
Minimum land required: 4096
-Many hang out areas with built in animations
-Sauna with animations for singles and couples (cuddles, massage)
-House control system
-Tinting windows
-Lockable door
-Access list
-Possible group access
Priced at L$2,590

ROOST 'Glen Ridge' House

This is one of my favourite ROOST homes as it is roomy and has a garage.  It is a perfect family home and is probably why it is used by a lot of family RP sims.
It is a Beautiful 2 story homemade of 100% Original Mesh that is custom created by ROOST.
It has a large open plan living areas, Bi-Folding doors leading to the back deck lined with gorgeous railing to sit under, and upstairs split level design.
3-4 large bedrooms with huge wardrobes that could be used as en-suites instead if you wanted, and also a study room which could be used as another bedroom.
The walls and floors are tint able to fit your own colour scheme by using 'Select Face' in Edit mode.
Package includes:
Separate planter box with flowers
3 Bedroom with 2 Bathroom version (216 prims)
4 Bedroom with 1 Bathroom version (215 prims)
Floor plan size: Front width= 30 meters
Side length= 28 meters
Height= 20 meters
(Glen Ridge Fence, Snow Roof & Porch Swing NOT Included, but is sold separately to match the House).
Priced at L$3,200 I think it is definitely worth a look.

These are just a few mesh and partially mesh houses on SL to help you with your new home search.Happy House hunting!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Best Body Art: Tattoos and Piercing in SL- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Tattoos and piercing are very popular in SL as they are also in RL. They are a way to add personal style to your look.  It can always be hard to know which tattoo or piercing is not only right for you but also looks good on you. The best part is they aren’t painful and permanent so you can remove or changed your tats and piercings at any time!
If you’re looking for the perfect trendy piercing, tattoo or even both here is a few places I have found across the grid which I feel offer great quality body piercings and art.

:SS:. Divinity Tattoo Unisex
This is a lovely tattoo. It is unisex and very nicely created. I love the writing tattoo part on the body and the words are written clearly and not using faint ink. A perfect biker’s tattoo
Priced at only 100L

SuPerBia - BrEnT (bag)

With some tattoos in SL the tribal look can be very over powering in design and this makes it look not so real. However, with this tattoo it has been created using such a faint ink that allows you to still see the design. I also like the look. It does not cover the whole body but still looks trendy. Priced at 375L it is a bit pricey but if you have had tattoos before and know that it is something you will always want to wear it may be the right price and quality for you.

TAOX - Cloth Appliers - Fingerless TaTToo Lace Gloves Black - FoR SLiNK HaNDs oNLY

Tattoos on hands have become very popular and if you always wanted one in RL but was not sure if you would regret it, here is your chance to have one in SL and be trendy. If this is the first time you are seeing this here is a little bit of information on it and what it contains:

* Hud Fingerless Lace Gloves Black for Slink implants Hands.
1 hud Tattoo layer
1 hud Gloves layer
This Gloves is exclusively for SLiNK implants av.enhanced "hands"
You must have this implant to see the tattoo.
The Gloves are applied with a hud offering different options.
You will find it in your package if you buy this item. There are NO Normal Layers.
You can EASILY wea just one glove, just click on this hud.
In the implant kit "Slink" there is a HUD to enable or disable your tattoos so you can wear the tattoo by clicking it on.
Priced at only 50L for your SLiNK hands I think it is perfect.

SuPerBia EaRs *PierCinGs & PLuG* -M&F- (bag)

To find the right piercing which not only looks good on you and also is uniquely different can be tricky but this piercing also comes with ear plugs.  I feel it has that style which will give you that edgy look. It is unisex and the plugs for the ears can also change color. Priced at 199L this is a good price for such a badass product.

:HV: Payne [Metal]

If you are looking for piercing with a little more edge then this is the right one for you. This pack includes:
Payne [Metal] facial piercing set with Color Change (for the 2 jewels under the lower lip) ,F.A.Q note card  and includes Pose stand for fitting .
However, for that edgy look this will cost you a little bit more. Priced at 260L but for me it is worth the price.

So whatever badass style you are looking for in tattoos or piercings you will be sure to find it in SL.

Happy Body Art Shopping!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


As families in SL become popular it is important just as in RL to find that perfect family community where you and your family will be happy

However, it is not only the family community kind of homes you are looking for families are also looking for the community spirit also, which can be sometimes hard to find. Here are a few of the family communities I have found in SL which may help you in your search.

Masoma County Family Role Play Community
Luxury Living Community consists of over 18 sims. We offer many different themes to accommodate the likes of everyone. Family Friendly, Role Play optional. There is also many activities and amenities available for the residents such as Soccer, tennis, spa, bowling, paintball, shopping to name but a few. It is a lovely family community and one think any family would feel happy to live in.

Plot of land to purchase if you wish to just buy land without the home LM below

The Hampton's

The South Hampton's is an exclusive gated community with a relaxed and good role play for family and friends. Each houses are different which enables you to find that perfect home for you and your family. With it is a quiet and charming family community I think this could be a perfect place for any family to live.

Fairfield County
The RP history for Fairfield County is:
Fairfield County was the home of many small, unconnected Native American tribes prior to the coming of the Europeans. The Dutch explorer Adriaen Odlef explored coastal region of Fairfield County in the spring and early summer of 1614 in the North American built vessel Damek. The first European settlers of the county, however, were Puritans and Congregationalists from England. Christopher Barnett (1590–1664), one of the founders of the Colony of Fairfield, helped to purchase and charter the towns of within Fairfield County (1639). Barnett is credited as having chosen the name Fairfield. Fairfield is a descriptive name referring to the beauty of their fields.
In 1595 Huenu Drake lost his ship, the San Dulcinea, while exploring the Fairfield County Coast. The Spanish explorer Drake landed about twenty years before Odlef in what is now called Drakes Bay. However the first Spanish settlement in Fairfield County was not established until 1817 when Mission San Quintana Armijo was founded partly in response to the Dutch-built Fort Maris to the north in what is now Sonoma County.”
It is a quiet town and not sure it would be 100% suited for a family with kids who are active but will suit a family just starting out and with the beach close by how could anyone say no to moving here?

Sedora Springs Estates
Sedora Springs is looking for families, role-players that are looking for a place to call home. Sedora is a 3 sim community and growing. Sedora has a lots to offer including police department, fire department. Hospital and much more! They also have a ballroom for future events

Serenity Falls

It is felt by the residents of Serenity Falls that the most wonderful thing about Serenity Falls is not only it’s beauty, but it’s peacefulness of setting, friendly and inviting people and limitless outdoor opportunities. Here you can Role play your second life at Serenity Falls Township today. It is a place where the Heart will call home.

These are just a few RP family sims which are available in SL and I am sure this will get you started on looking for that perfect home for you and your family

Happy Home hunting!