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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Boobies of Second Life! Highlight on a free second life group:The Big Boobie Babes group (Part 2) ©…Orchids Zenovka Reporting…

Continuation of part 1

 Talking to Tara Asamoah…

Orchids: Who runs BBBF?
Tara : BBBF was started by Babs (Babaloos) and she is the boss lady, but at the moment she has had to take a sabbatical from SL for RL commitments, leaving me (Tara Asamoah) and Deej (DJ Mixemup) as management in her absence.

Orchids: You have maintained a free group to help Avis with implants. What inspires you  to maintain this group?

Tara : Finding a lack of support for implant wearers in general, having trouble finding quality items to wear with implants for a reasonable price. I don't think any of us expected the group to take off anything like as much as it has, now we keep it going because we love it, it is very social and brings a very valuable support network and resource to both shoppers and designers alike. And of course...who doesn't love a freebie!

Orchids: Why are these boobies better than the default lab ones?

Tara : I could go on about this all day... it isn't all about having enormous boobs for me. It's all about the shape and the variety and the way clothes fit on them to me. The default boobs go kind of square when you go past a certain size and you have no choice in shape really. With implants you can go for natural right through to extreme anime style implants and everything in between it is wonderful to have such choice it gives us chance to tailor our avatars more to our individual tastes. I know a lot of the girls love to have the chance to wear them huge, you just can't do that with the SL ones without it looking ugly. I love how clothing looks on implants, the way your T-shirt stretches across the front of them like it would in rl, instead of being baked on and having to follow the line of your avatar's breasts, that always drove me mad, or having to fiddle with a prim piece at the front to make it appear to be stretched across the front  I know a lot of girls who wear their implants small, natural sized, simply out of preference for the shape, the release of Lola's Tango and the subsequent availability of skin appliers has really affected this, and I see more and more girls with very pretty, natural girl next door looking avatars with implants than ever before.

Orchids: What is the concept behind Big Boobie Babes Freebies?

Tara :The concept behind BBBF is that not everyone can afford to throw a fortune into SL to make their avatar look good, some don't want to, others want to create an alt on a budget......and EVERYONE loves a freebie! There have always been lots of freebie groups on the grid, but Babs felt it was time to introduce one specific to the needs of the growing boobie community.

Orchids: What is the benefit of being a designer in the group?

Tara :This group has been INCREDIBLE for my store. I am absolutely certain that .::Pink Sugah::. would be nothing like as successful if Babs hadn't taken a chance on me and let a new  and completely unknown designer be a part of her group. I will always be grateful to her for that, she gave my start up a huge boost. I am sure I am not the only creator who will say this either. This is one of the reasons I am so involved with the group now, I have gained so much from it, I love having the chance to give back, help Babs out while she needs me and make sure we keep on getting and giving the best freebies for the group members.

Orchids: What is the criteria you have to meet to be able to sign up as a designer in your group?
 Tara :You must offer freebies (these can be hunt items, lucky boards, Midnight Mania, group gifts etc etc). You get to advertise your store in return for offering these freebies. Bargains under L$50 are also included in this. Everything you offer within the group has to be Boobie friendly. We like nice people, you gotta be nice, lol. We also require that store owners have our poster up in their mainstore at least, helping the group to grow, this benefits us all.
Orchids: Who do people get a hold of if they would like a designer application?
Tara : There are loads of us now :) The team is growing all the time, as the group grow. We like to grab hold of people who seem to naturally grow to play a bigger role in the group and then once we have hold of them, we don't let them go!!!! mwhahahahahhaha. Details of all the staff and their roles can be found on the BBBF website If you want to become a designer in the group you can contact Tara, Deej, Julya or Cherry :).

Orchids: Do you have a in-world headquarters?
Tara : We do! It is a cool little office with a whole wall full of gifts that the wonderful designers of the group have offered and a whole host of information about the group, implants in general as well as various scripts available that are very useful to implant wearers. You can find it here:

Orchids: Do you organize events for your members?
Tara : Yes we do, we have 3 events we organize for our members. Although anyone can participate really.

1. Hello Titty Tuesdays.  It's actually making a comeback after some time off.  Julya Lykin & Pixy Snook is organizing the event.  Hello Titty Tuesdays is a weekly event where boobie friendly stores put out a new item for 50L for a full 24 hours.  After the 24 hours the designers can choose to either put it to full price, or never sell it again.  40 stores a month participate, with 10 of them going in one week time, each week there is another team of 10 offering the sale.

2. Hello Titty Slots. The FIRST Boobie friendly Gacha event in SL! We are all so addicted to gachas right now Deej thought it would be a good idea to have a go at organizing an event ourselves, and she did an AMAZING job, it was a huuuuuge success, so now we will be running 4 a year of these. The next one is coming up in November and I can't wait! I have already started making my items \o/ In true BBBF style everything at the Gacha's is L$50 or under. I really enjoyed watching the trading going on in the group chat, it added even more to the social aspect of the group.

3. Hello Titty Hunt was our first BBBF event, it was a huge success and will continue to run twice a year for as long as people want it. It's fairly small and exclusive in order to keep the quality high.

Orchids:  What are the highlights and difficulties in running a free group in SL?
 Tara :The highlights are without a doubt the members, we have so much fun and so many laughs in group chat, it is like a huge big breasted family :D The difficulties are minimal to be honest, we are lucky we have such a great group, there is very little drama and very few arguments considering we have getting on for 6k members. Occasionally we have to deal with spammers, but we have Ozzy for that, he is very protective of "his girls". It takes a lot of work to keep the group running and growing, and all of the staff team work really really hard, I don't think any of us would describe this as a downside though, we love it, we are all passionate about the group so non of us minds the hours we put in.

Orchids: How has the group remained in action since so long? What is the secret?
Tara :Supporting new creators is vital to keep the market fresh and exciting.
2 things! Consistency and Evolution. That may sound like a contradiction in terms but really, they go hand in hand in any successful organization, not just our group. We remain consistent, in that we stay true to the values that the group was based on, they work, they are what we all joined the group for in the first place. The level of work that goes into the group is consistent, we don't have periods of downtime, we always have something going on or in the pipeline. Evolution, we evolve the group as the market changes encompassing new products. This group was well established before Tango's and Lush came along, we are not a fly by night flash in the pan group, yes we have grown since the introduction of mesh breasts, that is because we have embraced them and evolved with them. Let's face it, we love them! We also evolve by introducing new events, and now the side group for Hello Titty Events which is the designer and blogger group for all our events. We support new creators, we were all new once.

Orchids: What are the things that yet need to be improved with regard to clothing, hair etc in relation to boobies?
Tara : Clothing is improving all the time, the designers to a fab job making appliers and  the variety, choice and quality of baked on clothing for boobies is outstanding, it really is. Hair is the bane of my life with my boobs, I LOVE long hair, but I struggle to wear many styles with my boobs, even the Boobie friendly hair is often not right on me (and my boobs aren't all that big). Mesh is a tricky one, I know a lot of the girls don't wear mesh because of the standard sizing, I would like to see more curvaceous mesh clothing on the market. Poses and AO's still are very limited as well. This is all changing slowly as implants get more and more widespread across the grid, I'm confident these things will continue to grow in availability for us boobie wearers.

A group is as strong as the belief of the people in it. Let’s look at the opinions of designers within the group. Thank you Tara for allowing us to ask the designers in the group.
Orchids: How you feel about being a BBBF designer?

Dreamiezzz designer of Dreamz: Priceless. I have some of the best customers and have met lots of friends through BBBF.  Its not only been a business venture for me through and with this group but its been a call to help and watch others grow as well .   I get to do more as far as being a designer now because of the group standing behind me and being a great resource and inspiriation for Dreamz.
Torid Silverweb designer of Tori's Stylez:  BBBF has brought new range of customers to my store, and is one of the best helpful groups around. I send all customers that aren't in it to join up.
Pixy Snook designer of PixyStix: By reaching so many peoples of course!! But BBBF is SO much more than that. It has become this little community, sharing knowledge and finds, offering hugs and cookies on those not so good days and just being....well, beautiful.
Elincd member of BBBF: The biggest benefits for me have been to discover new shops where I've picked up lots of free and/or cheap stuff, and some more expensive, but really good outfits for some special events I've had to attend.

Tealeanna Mistwood member of BBBF:  I have benefited from being a member of BBBF in many ways. First, it is a great source of information on anything breast related. Someone out there has the answer to any question you can come up with. Secondly, it's kept me in the loop for upcoming hunts and other freebie items, which I wouldn't have known about otherwise. Lastly, I recently won the Hello Titty Slots photo contest. I wouldn't have known any of the creators had the group not existed nor would I have had a chance to compete and view so many wonderful pictures. BBBF is a community, not just a group. It's growing all the time and I like knowing I'm part of that.

Orchids says:
In search of the Ultimate Boob…..

Have a look at:
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