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Monday, October 28, 2013

Join Golfers from Around the Globe at Emerald Crystal Golf Course

The origin of Golf is unclear but most would accept that it's modern 18 hole golf course came from Scotland in the Middle Ages. It became popular in the 19th century in the United Kingdom and eventually spread to the United States. In the year 2013, it can be found in Second Life!

We have certainly come a long way from throwing rocks and swinging sticks for amusement.

About ECGC

6th Green
Emerald Crystal Golf Course is focused on the time honored sport of golf with a full sim.

 Located on Dark Sun Island, Emerald Crystal Golf Course is an 18 hole course with traditional traps and bunkers to play through. There are even a few unexpected hazards like ponds and ditches. The atmosphere is blooming with delightful distractions of foliage, waterfalls, wild life and insects.

9th Green
 If you are into competitive sports and good times with friends, this is the perfect place.  Feel free to boast as you prove your skills, perhaps landing a hole in one on the 16th green! You might even discover hidden-in-plain-sight challenges that put you over par, making you work all the harder at your game.

Be sure to put this activity on your itinerary when you are out exploring or take your significant other on a unique outing. Putt around, talk and enjoy the scenery.

11th Green
Laugh with your friends; new and old as you immerse yourself in a realistic digital golf experience on a PG rated Sim.

 Do you have a >(O.o)< Golf Commission Vendor 1.2 golf club and  up for a challenge to beat the course par of 70?   Bring it on!

 If this is your first time virtually golfing. No worries, ECGC has a putting green for practice and a driving range. It also has a golf club purchase vendor and a one day club rental. Just don’t forget to grab your ECGC scorecard!

13th Tee
Join  Emerald Crystal Golf Course Group for Golf Related notices and chats with other golf enthusiasts.


This is a General Sim. All Linden rules for a General Sim apply.

15th Green

1. Play respectfully with regard to others on course. No pushing, biting, verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated.

2. No sexual activity or chat

3. No nudity or exposure of genitals allowed. Nipples and groin area must be covered.  Dress appropriately for a General Sim.

4. No rezzing allowed other than golf accessories designed for use on the course.

5. No use of weapons

6. Wait for people to finish and leave green before teeing off

All are welcome

18th Hole


Got Questions?
Contact LittleOneSusan Teardrop

Owner, Emerald Crystal Golf Course


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