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Friday, October 11, 2013

Overheard in SL - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

You know that feeling when you type something in IM and just as you hit send you realise too late that you have entered it into the wrong chat box?  We have all done it at some time or an other to varying degrees of embarrassment - sorry Mia.

This is a real doozie - lol

Thank you Mia for making us smile and apparently some of the men in the group really appreciated it:

03:50] Mia: /1 Fingering
[03:51] Mia : /1 Fingering her own wet BLEEP, Mia grins at AvName and then licks the juices from her digits.
[03:53] Mia : My apologies Wrong chat
[03:53] Mia: That is really embarrassing!
[03:53] Marc: but really nice to wake up to
[03:54] Mia : *mortified*


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