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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Postcard from Paris 1900’s – The Beautiful Era - Glossom reporting ....

Dear friends,

I must confess that I thought I may fear the time machine, but I did not!   The buzzing and shaking of the machine did not cause the anticipated apprehension but rather an intense excitement and eagerness to have a new fascinating place right in front of my eyes. Destination: Paris 1900’s, The City of Light.

Paris is a city with a unique architecture, an amazing atmosphere and with genuine and warm people. You will never feel bored here, as tourists have access to a wide array of exciting experiences, from events that recreate the era, personalized tours to cabaret shows or art exhibitions, even visits to museums, monuments and the catacombs of Paris, an underground system of pipes and tunnels filled with art, beautiful paintings.

As I wandered the streets, so many iconic landmarks appeared before me. A few steps away from the landing point, I set eyes on the magnificent Notre Dame de Paris, such a wonderful piece of historic architecture. The next stop: was the famous Moulin Rouge easily identified by its red windmill on the roof and where burlesque shows regularly take place. The stage, the cabaret design, even the giant elephant are so authentic and inviting. And so I continued my walk through the romantic streets of Paris passing by cafes, museums and theatres, glimpsing the Arc de Triomphe, observing Hemingway’s home at Closerie des Lilas, being amazed by the sight of Paris from the Ferris wheel or from the top of the Eiffel tower, it is all so breathtaking!

We are at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is a time of peace and beauty for this modern city, leading to an explosion of architectural, artistic and cultural movements that reflect the spirit and the bohemian atmosphere of the Parisians: the joy of living, an unruly lifestyle with the café culture, parties, the appearance of Cabarets, cinema and the urge for unconventional ways of creating art, and of new painting techniques by introducing light and movement elements to the paintings. Paris is a city that breathes exuberance, vitality and art, quickly becoming the destination of choice for many artists seeking recognition.

Fashion stores and galleries are also prominent in the city. The elegant, extravagant and exquisitely made gowns are proof of the growing Haute Couture movement of the time. Characterized by tightly laced corsets and full length skirts to enhance the silhouette, these elaborate gowns give good use to rich fabrics like silk, satin, velvet and tulle and to various patterns, ornaments and vibrant colors. The hat is also an indispensable fashion accessory.

Paris can't be adequately described; you have to see it for yourself to fully enjoy what it has to offer. Either ccomfortably sitting on a horse carriage tour, tram or car or walking, simply enjoy the pure pleasure of being in Paris in the 1900’s. Afterall, “Paris in the morning is Beautiful, Paris in the afternoon is Charming, Paris in the evening is Enchanting but Paris after midnight is Magic” (Woody Allan’s Midnight in Paris), even virtually.



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