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Friday, October 18, 2013

Sci Fi RP in Second Life - Piers Diesel reporting....

In Second Life whatever your interest is you can be sure to find a sim or a  few sims dedicated to it. Sci-fi in Real Life is a topic which once in your life you will either have had a discussion on or have generally chatted about with friends.

Why? Due to the fact it is the unknown and no one person knows how it came about or what life form if any really exists.

In Second Life you will find sims dedicated to creating a RP sim for those of us who would like to re-inact what it would be like to live in deep space or way in the future where life has evolved just like the sci-fi movies.

I will list a few RP sims that are available in Second Life which will enable you to visit and see if this is the kind of RP you are looking for in Second Life.


Insilico is set in 2483 where the planet has broken down and is dying. Built over 150 years ago it is the oldest airborne city. INSILICO is entirely owned by the corporations, the only law enforcement bodies are corporate security forces. These organizations only concern themselves with matters that directly impact the company, and their employees. Disruptive and public crime is only looked at reluctantly, to keep their employees feeling safe and happy.
The concept of the RP game is that of human. Human-form cyborg, android and robotic characters are allowed to engage in the Insilico RP. Special powers are not required. Combat can be decided by RP, dice or meter. You are able to decide how you engage in combat, however, the K9 meter is the only one recognized as valid in Insilico. All combat and attacks must be as a result of RP and not for any other reason.

Since opening in 2010, 10518 people have made use of the sim and currently there are 6144 members in the Insilico group.

A popular RP sim and one where the sim has been created to fit the time it is supposed to represent. This is important so as to enable you to take on the role you are playing.

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Doomed Ship and Nexus Prime

SL's oldest cyberpunk sim, now home to Doomed Ship, is SL's oldest and most immersive sci-fi/horror environment. It first opened in 2003.

Doomed Ship is based on a space rescue - a salvage mission which went really wrong. During a space ships voyage, the ship vanished and failed to reappear after making several space-folds. A media report was put out shortly after to state that the reactor had exploded and the ship was lost with all that sailed with her. Over 200 crew members and 500 passengers.
Thirteen years later, rumors and stories begin to circulate about the ship. Reports of distress signals and disappearing salvage attempts. Some claim to have been aboard the supposedly destroyed vessel. 58 years after the ship disappeared, a distress signal is received near the Solar system.

The roles you are able to play are based on either a salvager and or explorer who discovers the ship, boards it and then becomes trapped on the ship.  Your main quest may be to discover what actually occurred and to also bring the ship back safely to your homeland.
At the landing point there are costumes which you can purchase to help complement the RP look. They are not cheap so it would be better to make sure this is the RP sim you wish to take part in. Some of the tunnels are narrow with low ceilings so it is tricky to get your camera to focus.

However, in saying this this there was RP actually taking place so even though it opened in 2003. Iit has had 7396 people visit the sim in traffic. However, with all the other Sci fi RP sims out on the grid. It still manages to attract people.

Necronom VI - adult space cyberpunk role play, tentacle aliens

Landing here you are given a note card with the rules and reading down the list the owner makes the person who wishes to join a RP sim relaxed by saying don’t worry about the rules and neither do you have to buy things to explore or join the RP group just so long as you are respectful, immediately making you feel comfortable in exploring further.

The Necronom VI Role Play Sim promotes the use of freeform role playing.  That means there will be no systems, no pre-written ideas and no overly vast limitations. 

In an effort to bring forth this crucial development, the Necronom project has been initiated by a combined effort of the entire human race, beyond the reach of the UCE (United Colonies of Earth). Funded by the Colony of Laurium of the UCE, Space Colony Necronom VI is part of the Necronom project and the smallest of the 12 stations. After only 10 years in space, the station had been completely abandoned by Necronom Inc. and any funds from Laurium for the project had been frozen. All of its personnel were recalled and the station's rating is Space Debris.
On your first visit you are able to be either a Trader who supplies, imports or exports freight, which is manly human cargo….

A slave who is a person who has been abducted and taken to the station, and/or an alien who came aboard accidentally between random crates of cargo and comes out looking for food.
If you are interested in joining the more sophisticated RP groups of Necronom, here is a brief description of what is available to you:

Crew: Cyborg or android workers, technical staff and medical personnel are always in high demand. The current station commander is Chelzey Dufaux, in case you need a briefing. If you are interested in joining the bar-staff you can contact Chelzey Dufaux.

Omega: Conduct experiments on living test subjects, trying to advance humanity to a new level. Or are you a test subject? Reset Destiny will be happy to give you more information.
C.M.C.: Strict and loyal military with shady objectives. Follow orders, keep discipline, don't ask questions. Your contact would be Aislin Ballinger.

Aliens: Three alien hives are currently established on the station. You don’t chose them, they chose and transform you. Beotch Dawg is currently managing the main group for aliens in case you need a contact.

Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler's Moon (SWRP)  (Bengat)

This is a RP sim with a difference as it works as a RP sim but also if you wish to stay in RP once logged into Second Life they offer a community where you can completely immerse yourself in your role.

The Upper City is the classy area for those who have the money or connections to avoid the Lower City.

They offer residential apartments and luxury apartments, the hospital, massage parlour, diner, park, shops and the base of operations for many influential groups including several Hutts. Nal Dopa Towers is one of the more expensive locations but worth the commanding view.

The Smugglers Hall is a residential block primarily overlooking the memorial obelisk, commemorating those who have fallen in the valiant service to the huts.

Taxis are available here and also there are vehicles scattered around the Upper City for role play purposes such as a medical shuttle at the hospital landing pad. Anyone is free to use these but requested to return them afterwards.

The short background into the RP sim is the Hutts left their home world of Varl, they displaced the Evocii, native to Nal Hutta, to Nar Shaddaa in 15,000 BBY and immediately destroyed the remaining Evocii agriculture after the Evocii's eviction from their own home world. Nar Shaddaa became a criminal haven and gained a reputation of being the centre of illegal operations in the galaxy, earning the moniker "The Smugglers' Moon". Now distant from most galactic trade centres, the moon was allowed to run its own affairs with little outside interference.

This sounds interesting and the sim is kind of what you would expect from a sci-fi film. It helps you stretch your imagination beyond just simply tp down and RP for a bit and hen tp out.
For creativity, personally I would say this would be my favourite if I wanted to get into sci-fi RP in Second Life.


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