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Monday, October 14, 2013

Spotlight On Chest Treasures: The Shopping Mall For Busty Women ©- Orchids Reporting…

Late nineteenth century, the rise of the mail order  catalogs brought a world of goods to a consumer’s doorstep. Years later, shopping and buying would undergo another

It became known simply as “the mall.” Historically, its said,  if you put three stores together, people would shop at one store and look at what the other stores have.The mall is an interesting concept which has come a long way. The Chest Treasures is one such place.

Interview with Solidx

Solidx is a normal down to earth guy, who loves the simple things in life.  To create, keep busy & take on challenges. To start something, watch it grow and flourish. Very approachable guy, that plays well with everyone =P.

Orchids: Halloa Solidx! 

Congratulations on your grand opening of Chest Treasures! You are the place to go to for busty women. (no pun intended J). What made you come up with “Chest Treasures”…

Solidx :It's kinda a funny story.  I first opened a shop for my creations I had previously put on marketplace in world.  The traffic was very low, because sales were better marketplace. 
A lot of the ladies I knew & hung out with had prim breasts.  I saw how popular the boobie community was getting.  It inspired me to build a shopping mall, underneath my shop.  

Orchids: Tell us a little bit about Chest Treasures.

Solidx :Chest Treasures is a true shopper friendly floor plan boobie mall.  You can practically see each shop by the landing point. There is also a teleport board for easy convenience to your favorite boobie store. There are over 60 shops available for your shopping pleasure.
The mall will be going through some major changes the start of the new year.  Joining the group is important to learn the new changes to come.
In January we will be starting a unique experience for our group members. 

We will open our Treasure Room, where group members can take advantage of exclusive items designed just for them. There will be 10 designers to a round which will last 60 days.  In which after the 60 days, the designs will no longer be available.  The product will not be available in any of the designers other shops.  You MUST be a group member to purchase the products in the Treasure Room.
Treasure Room is just one of the perks of being a group member. There will also be a hunt every 3 months.  In which hunt posters will be placed in front of the stores participating.

Also, there is a beach below where you can hang out or enjoy the club that is in the center of the mall.  They will both be open by January.

Orchids : The success of a shopping mall is said to depend on an insight into the customer’s  experience and removing barriers between them and the merchandise. In what way is Chest Treasures different from other malls in SL?

Solidx :What makes us different is our dedication and love for the mall. Spending long hours focused on improving it and aggressive advertising.  Truly caring for the establishment, instead of just trying to fill spots to pay the tier.  Treating each shopper and designers as friends.  As the owner, and staff are very approachable. And will always take time for any questions, or just to say hi.

Orchids: You cannot open a fashion mall without having love for fashion. What does fashion mean to you? What interests you?
Solidx :Well fashion was always something important to me in both RL and SL.
SL gives you a chance to branch out where you might not in RL.  Fashion is making a statement without saying a word.  The style you portray shows who you are.  How you present yourself to the world.
I personally like casual.  I am a business man, but casual portrays that I am approachable.  And that you should not be intimated to say hello. Or to ask questions.
On the other side of the coin.  Some days you just need to be in a nice business suit.  To give the illusion of looking smart =P

Orchids: What don’t you like about fashion?
Solidx :That fashion changes so quickly.  Sometimes it's hard to keep up with what is in now.  And that it can change in a blink of an eye.

Orchids: Who are the busty designers at Chest treasures?

Solidx :Moda Mia, Purple Candy, Tam's Trousseau, Whis Designs, Dee Designs, NewtiQue, Pink Sugah, Tits Up, Patchwork Heart, Rachel Swallows Creations, [trs], Candi's Cuties & Co, AVD, Sage, Goddess Couture, Aqua Kisses, Vooh Designs, Her Majesty's Treasure Chest, Sjaja, Trinite, Hello Titty Lola Tango Clothing, Tiny Things,, BlondeQueen Shapes, Boobee Trap, D&G Fashion, Ellette, iBooBs, Imagicas G-Spot, Stacked, Abby's Angel Fashions, Blink 2 Wink, Charm, DRBC, GWC, Gatherings Designs, Laney's, Mountain Tops, PB Designs, Que Bella!, MadCatCreations, Ravnous, Spanked, Amberlicious Design, Aris Aris, BAS Designs, Dethly Productions Tattoos, Sweet Revenge, Porn Factor, Luna Designs *Sensual Skins*, Sha Boutique, Busty Boutique, Tw@ttyC@ke, Fulana's, Bailey's Bare Essentials, 1Hundred, Angeldust, PixyStix, Tameless Affiliate, Blue Wave,  Kennedy's, B. Barbie,  !ABISH!

Orchids: Admirable! so many designers have joined you in a short time.  Seasons change and so do trends. What is trending now?
Solidx :Things come and go so quickly.  But 2 things that have been hanging around for quite a while is mesh & boobies.  Fortunately, designers have found a way to blend the two of them together.  The newest thing that looks like it will stick around is the Phat Azz

Orchids: Whats kept you in SL since 11/12/2011 ? Ever had moments where you wanted to quit? What made you succeed instead of giving up?

Solidx :I have been fortunate enough to have very few low moments here in SL.  Leaving has never crossed my mind.  To do so would be like turning my back on family, which is something that would never happen in real. 
SL has become a very important part of my life.  I'm a fighter, and ready to do so for my place here in SL.  Never giving up on something that means so much to me.  When I get involved with something  I work my hardest to see it achieved.  I'm not the type not to put 100% into everything I do.  Anything less is pointless.

Orchids: Top moments so far?
Solidx :The top 2 moments of SL for me is opening my mall and seeing it expand as quickly as it has.  The other the bond I have made with the special someone that makes my SL even more enjoyable to be on.

Orchids: Are there any events going on? (hunts, lucky chair etc…)

Solidx :We have the Chest Treasures hunt going on until the 23rd of October.  Along with various stores have Lucky Chairs, Lucky Boards, Midnight Mania Boards, & Gacha Machines.

Orchids: Tell us about the group and what it offers...

Solidx :Customers and guests receive information about the any currents events held at the mall.  Along with updates from mall designer participants.  An open chat form in which people can ask questions about where to go or how to adjust their boobies.  Soon the mall will open the club & beach, so notices about activities for those will be announced as well.

As an extra bonus.  We are developing a VIP room called Treasure Room where members can come in and purchase exclusive items designed entirely for the members of the group.  Although the prices of the items will be whatever the designer chooses, they will not be available in stores or anywhere else.

Orchids: Do you have anything for the shoppers on a limited budget?

Many of our designers sell quality items for 50L or less. Along with that each shop is required to put out an opening gift for shoppers when they rent from us.

Orchids: The Fashion World  is like a butterfly which flits about..  Where do you see Chest Treasures heading?

Solidx :I see Chest Treasures to become one of the elite places to shop in SL.  Making sure we satisfy the needs of our customers by best shops in the implant business all gathered under one roof.  A welcoming friendly environment in which customers can receive a great experience when visiting Chest Treasures.

Orchids: Anything else you would like say to our readers that I might have missed?
Solidx :What we can say is that we are a one big community, a family per say, trying to give back something to SL. Making everyones time as pleasant as possible to enjoy shopping, dancing or just chilling at the beach. 
This is what "our" thing.  We take pleasure in the success of watching people enjoy the environment we have created & spending time here. 
We welcome any suggestion that you see may help us achieve our goals for you our friends.  Believing there is always room for improvement.



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