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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Avie Poll: What does your name mean? – Glossom Resident Reporting…

Can you imagine what would it be like to have no name?
It would be a complete chaos and would change the way of communicating as we know it today. While in real life we are limited to the name given at birth, in Second Life we have the freedom to choose a name as an indicator of anonymity and yet, as our personal and in-transmissible identification card to the virtual world.

The fact that we can choose our name makes it very special, whether because it has a symbolic character, because it’s funny, meaningful or simply because we identify with it. But our task of choosing may not be that simple in our first steps before entering the doors of Second Life, especially if we want that very specific name and we face with the message “name already in use” during the registration process. Second Life’s new feature to have a display name offers us a second chance to choose it right.

While most times others can read our names beyond the written characters; our gender, your nationality, a first impression of our role in SL, sometimes we find people with names we cannot even pronounce if we try. Who never had to copy the name of a friend or a stranger in his/her profile before starting a conversation?

The SLE wandered the streets of Second Life searching for unusual names and asking people: What does your name mean? We would like to thank all the participants.

ÐêssïcåtêÐ Cørþsê (dessicated audion): I found this nickname in 2007 on a website which had a page for provided conversions of your real name into a nickname. My real name converted into "Dessicated Corpse" and it has been my alias ever since.

Allergic to MiSsFit pokes (kristofkeuh resident): Euhm Allergic to pokes was just a funny name because people kept poking me it's really silly. And Missfit is just the name of a sl family so I just combined both to make it semi funny.

5D (superstarfamous): It means 5D geometry

ƇƱṖƇΛҠƐ (lulu coba): Giggles, if I’m honest it’s not a very exciting story, it’s just I was busy making cupcakes one day and was afkin a lot and its stuck with me being called cupcake since then.

ραţгίzε мɑđđ ɴυттẕ™  (pl1974 resident): Patrize comes from Patricia... but I just liked Patrize better. Madd Nuttz... is family name of my sisters and me. We are a little crazy. One of my sisters started the name.

Finny The Great (finnleychryso resident): It's the name of my original character I created. They are a maned wolf, and Chryso is part of the scientific name for maned wolf.

iKandi (ikandi88 resident): I would have to say most people chose their names to reflect their personality. I mean I chose Kandi because it sounded sweet and sassy which reflects me as a person.

HoneyBee73 Resident: I chose HoneyBee because just a random little creature that buzzes from one place to the next. Always a loyal insect and well I sort of think of myself that way. That is why I chose the name.

What does your name mean? Do share with us by adding a comment to this article.



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