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Monday, November 4, 2013

Sexy and Entertaining Stage Shows Play Live at the Moulin Rouge Next Show: November 4th @ 6pm slt.- Shaneos Howlett Reporting…

Various entertaining short stage shows including scenes from such greats as Rocky Horror Halloween play live at the Moulin Rouge.

In October 2013 I spoke with Manager Xanthia Martian - for insight in to behind the scenes operation and what makes the Moulin Rouge a location worth visiting, details follow...

The Moulin Rouge stage shows have various sets with live dancers performing shows based on such classics as Rocky Horror / Chicago / Harem of the Nile /  Midsummer Nights: Myths, Fantasies & Fairytales / Gangsters & Molls / Top Secret (Spy Show) / Jungle Fever/ Prehistoric Show / Old West Can Can - Saloon Show / Pirates! and many more live on stage. 

For over 6.5 years Xanthia Martian has been managing the Moulin Rouge in SL since August 2007, the original manager and owner Kris Harmison opened the Moulin Rouge 9 years ago, with the last 7 years on the same sim / location and sadly passed away on 16th September 2013.  Kris Harmison’s husband along with the help of Xanthia Martian will continue to operate the Mouling Rouge.

Interview with Xanthia Martian

Shaneos: What brought you to Second Life?

Xanthia:I was teaching at a university and they offered a class for professors on second life and building

Shaneos: How many actors are involved in Moulin Rouge performances?

Xanthia: Last show – 9, anywhere from 5-14 performers depending on the show

Shaneos:  You are just wrapping up the Rocky Horror Halloween Play. What type of shows can readership expect in the coming months?

Xanthia: This week 11/2 we have a Variety Show, 11/9 - Broadway Favorites, 11/16 Noon - Burlesque Francais, 7pm - The Daily Grind Show, 11/23 - Burlesque Francaise again (these are in conjunction with the French Kiss Hunt, we are opening their event on 11/16 and closing 11/23.  The following weekend we are off for the Thanksgiving Holiday - in December:  12/7 - Back to Nature, 12/14 - Rat Pack and Jazz Favorites, 12/21 - Santa Baby, 12/22 - we are doing a Santa Baby again on another sim... the following week we may or may not be off for the holiday.
Shaneos: Are you currently hiring? If so, what are the requirements needed to be part of the MR team?

Xanthia: We are hiring for Candy Girls and for Dancers.  For both, you are required to know the basics of emoting and roleplay, have a willingness to learn and bring no drama.  For both we like to have an interview prepared.  For dancers, we audition... they must know how to choreograph or be willing to learn.  Building sets is a plus

Shaneos: What group can our readers join to stay in the know about shows?

Xanthia: VIPs of the Moulin Rouge or we have a Hippo slot free group

Shaneos: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Xanthia: The best way to find out what we do is to come experience a show for themselves, we also have some acts recorded on youtube.

Check out videos from Moulin Rouge in Second Life

The Moulin Rouge relies heavily on donations from patrons to help keep the sim & Moulin Rouge going. Do not miss out - this is one venue  location I  highly recommend to visit for a good old fashioned family rated entertainment.    

Upcoming Events
Moulin Rouge Daily Shows  

Event Date(s):
 November 4th/7th/11th/14th/ 16th/18th and 21st 

Event time(s):6:00 PM SL Time Mondays with Stacey
& Every Saturday - 7:00 PM with Joaquin Gustav.

Visit  for more information


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