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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Virtual Christmas Tale – Glossom Resident Reporting…

Once upon a time, in a virtual virtual world, and on a cold and snowy winter day there was a young Nicolas who, driven by sadness to observe such poverty around him, threw a bag of gold and silver through an open window to feed and to warm up the poorest ones’ bones. The streets were filled with laughter and happiness as Nicolas shouted “It is in giving that we receive”, in perfect synchrony with the sound of coins rattling on the streets.

For spreading good fortune and joy, Nicolas came to be known as Saint Nick. With a lump of coal for the price of gold and a nice piece of the finest meat (turkey) unreachable before, inhabitants gathered together around a warm fire for supper and fed their poor stomachs in celebration to the generosity of a young man. It was an unforgettable day whose story and joyful spirit passed on from generation to generation, the day of the masses, gatherings of the dear ones and the day of giving.

Many years later, in the present tense, preparations are made one month ahead, a  virtual virtual world now known as Second Life is covered with a thick white blanket of snow, Christmas lights are lit, venues, houses and shops are joyfully decorated and the famous Christmas tree sets the beginning of the holiday season. In the spirit of Saint Nick, gifts are exchanged and a nice virtual meal where turkey can’t be missed is served to second family and friends in the coziness of the fire crackling sound in one’s home-sweet-home.

Christmas magic happens once again in the hearts of Second lifers. Children and grownups travel to magical universes where there is no shortage of imagination, where Reindeers and elves coexist with all kinds in enchanted snowy forests, in second North Poles and Christmas villages and workshops filled with toys, seasonal goodies and winter drinks, where sleighs fly so high that we could swear they are real, where many Santa Claus parade on white carpets and where music is the great protagonist.

Creators dedicate new color pallet and patterns to their designs, singers tune their voice to the season and Deejays are ready to go with special stream sets. Venues and clubs are ready to offer special Christmas entertainment. The festivities program is varied.

Gossips say that Saint Nick, now an old man with white beard, is hiding from fame in a secret village at the North Pole. There are sightings of his visits to Second Life where he secretly enters each home coming down the chimney and leaving a little present to all the good people in exchange for milk and cookies. If I could ask for something, I would ask good Old Nick for a lump of coal to warm my poor cold bones. Warmth and coziness is worth gold.

Want to get into the Christmas spirit? Take a train or sleigh ride to one of so many venues dedicated to the most beautiful season of the year. Here are a few that SLE recommends:

Christmas at Winter Holiday Village

Mad City Christmas by MadPea Productions

The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure!

~The Forest


The North Pole Express to Santa's Village & Workshop

A White and Merry Christmas,


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