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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Virtual Asia Tour – Shaneos Howlett Reporting

Today we are touring the Asian culture and their way of life on various sims in Second Life.

Our first stop is Tempura Island

Tempura Island features a luscious forest, relaxing walk ways, a Tai Chi Area and Meditation rest areas.  Another area of Tempura features a stunning castle with a majestic dance hall area.

Xtaileonhart (kisadevore) was asked what made Tempura special for them they replied " they travelled to tempura as it is their favourite sim as they like the scenery".
And when asking Chi Anthony of his views of Tempura his response was " they had met one of their friends at Tempura and they like the music and the beautiful environment".

Rest assured Tempura will be one area you will like.

Next we visit Hikaru
If you like tranquil, quiet, relaxing areas more subdued then Tempura – then you will love Hikaru... sit back and relax while you listen to the sounds od peacocks or wind chimes in the area.


Next stop, Colibri

In these three areas you can review one of many asian style houses, shop in one of the many asian style shops or view the large vessel that is anchored in the Nagasaki Bakumatsu area.

We are arriving at Serenity Plateau

This luscious area has a few different activities to do ... catch a balloon ride, visit one of a few different romantic areas, or kick back in the local surrounding relaxing areas.

When asked about what Tracie Lynwood likes  about Serenity Plateau she said "It is beautiful and I like the music as well as the club that is here too" with this advice – one can't go wrong when they visit Serenity Plateau.

Japan Metaworld is next on the itinerary
Walk around this sim and view a few different type of settings based on Japan, from a luscious forest  and small japanese style houses to various clothes shops based on the japanese culture. Although there are no action areas here,viewing the scenrary will take some time and is worth a tour.

Little Japan in SL is a must see on this tour
Take a quick tour of this sim and you will quickly have a feeling of what life is like in Japan with fishing boats, restaurants and garden pathways.  Explore the sim and find full permission freebie stores as well as other cultural areas.

Moving on to Bragi
This area has been around since 2007, visit the tea house and relax in this tranquil area.

And finally our tour comes to an end with a visit to review the Terracotta Soldiers of China at Tenth Rua

Walk down and underground into the tunnel at the entrance and you will discover the area where the terracotta soldiers rest.  This true to life representation rates highly on any cultural tour... be sure not to miss it on your trip around the sim.

There's a multitude of sims to browse within SL on Asian culture and tradition, here we have only touched on a few of them... whatever your interest is, it is possible you might find it here in Second Life.

Enjoy your tour!


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