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Monday, January 6, 2014

Dress for Success in Second Life – Shaneos Howlett Reporting.

How does attire play a part in getting a job or not  and how are you Perceived ?
These are some important questions you should be aware of when applying for a job in Second Life.

Let‘s take a look at the classic men's fashion and attire for a formal business interview.
Here we see a classic suite with business shirt and tie – the image projects professionalism, this type of outfit will be perfect for businessmen including, salesperson, Real estate agent, managers and administrative staff. (maybe not the gloves)

 For ladies we have a classic and formal business gown – this gown is suited for a wide variety of positions including nightclub host, manager, general manager , clothing store staff and administrative positions.

There are also business attire for women that include, classy business dress suits, pencil skirts with button down tops, moderate heels and hairstyles that reflect nice sense of business style with an updo.

This is a classic example of what NOT to wear for a formal business interview or meeting.
Any animal or non human shape and clothing are usually frowned upon in the professional  virtual world – although it is not being disrespectful in any way to the  breed – it is more unacceptable from the clothing point of view – for this reason Guns, Capes, and any garments not projecting a professional appearance are generally not acceptable.

Casual clothing can be difficult to use for some professional businesses – however it might be well suited to other types of businesses – for example a swim wear store or a surfing shop would be well suited for casual clothing instead of a classical look like a suit or gown.

However casual clothing would not be acceptable for a professional business role or meeting within certain businesses – pick the business well – research is needed to be done to work out which type of clothing is the best for each position. Usually wearing the clothing that the store offers is the best reference point. Not only are you represneitng the brand but you are a walking model for shoppers.

This is a classic example of when dressing for the position will be the right thing to do.
This outfit of Buzz Light Year would be inapropriote for a professional business meeting or for a General Manager of a standard business – however it might be totally acceptable as a uniform for a manager of a Super hero Costume shop or a theme park.

Hence while one outfit might be totally unacceptable for one position – it might be suited for another – the best advice is to be mindful of your appearance and  "dress for success" Do your homework and research first before you approach any position . 

 Another thing you may want to consider is how you present yourself in your profile. Professionals should never use inappropriate language and images in their profile or use the commonly found  "NO DRAMA" verbiage. It only attracts that type of attention and an employer might view you as someone that is not serious enough for the position.


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