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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Emerald Crystal Golf Course Presents The Pair of Hearts Tournament February 7th - 21st 2014


 Second life Golfers, We are having a Valentines Season tournament at Emerald Crystal Golf Course and would love for you to join us!

 Emerald Crystal Golf Course has designed this tournament for couples, but if you have a friend, buddy, enemy or whatever, any two people can be a team. 
 The entry fee is L500 per team. We will be paying cash prizes to the top three teams.

 L2500 for first place
 L1500 for second
 L1000 for third.

How to Enter
You can enter by messaging and paying the 500L entry fee to LittleOneSusan Teardrop, Rafe Holder or Cloe Holder(cloe.neiro).

How this tournament works:
You will report your combined score for 18 holes. We would ask that you submit your scores on a note card as this will make it easy for us to compile the results. You will need to own the scorecard which is available at the course (near the first and tenth tees).

All rounds in the competition are to be played starting on February 7 and ending on February 21. Your scores can be reported to any of the three people listed above.

There is no requirement that you play your competition round with another team but we encourage you to do so if possible. We would like the tournament to be an opportunity for you to meet new people but we certainly understand the difficulties of scheduling.

See you there and good luck!

 Emerald Crystal Golf Course


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