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Monday, February 10, 2014

Investigative Report on the ONDUTY Penis Part 2- Conducted by Lanai Jarrico and Hal Jordan

The SL Enquirer has been working closely with The Green Lanterns of Second Life in an effort to keep the Second Life community informed about griefers that can affect resident’s virtual experience in a negative way. The Green Lanterns is an organization of dedicated volunteers who have made it their mission to help protect the SL community since 2006.

SLE was contacted by The Green Lantern’s Head of operations, Hal Jordon (greenlanternexcelsior). He had concerns about a product called ON DUTY Penis and wanted to make the SL community aware of this griefer tool as well as an open letter from “Anonymous”   that was posted last week asking for our help.

About the ONDUTY Penis
This griefer tool is a free product associated with the ON DUTY Premium Escort Network owned by Ana Lowe. The object when used by a griefer impregnates unsuspecting women that are not even wearing conception HUDs!

What is a conception HUD?
Conception HUDs allow couples to engage in consensual sexual contact and has the options to simulate pregnancy and gestation.  The ONDUTY Penis can scan an area and cause pregnancy without these using the HUDS and without sexual contact with women. It has causes couples to bicker due to questions of infidelity and has griefed those that must terminate the pregnancy with an SL abortion in order to restore women a negative pregnancy status.

Hal Jordan shared some interesting information and insight about this obscene griefer object. In his statement he said,

“I first heard of the ONDUTY Penis one evening at a dance club, but I was unable to find the person who was wearing it. I have my handy emDash on at all times, and its channel scanner showed me several transmissions from someone's penis. Finally, later on I was at a less crowded club and was able to cam around and find the person who was wearing this transparent device”

Hal went on to say,

“It's a mystery to me why a penis would have to inform its owner of its x y z coordinates in the sim every two seconds, but apparently that's hard-coded in the device”.  “Apparently this device is so well-known that people are developing countermeasures against it.”

The device Hal mentioned above is called ONDUTY Channel Spam Alerter. It alerts the griefer and informs the perpetrator that his penis is spamming local chat on channel 2 and asks them nicely to detach it. You can get this alerter on marketplace for free and it is full perm so you can give it to all your friends so they can protect their establishments from ONDUTY Penis users.

Hal Jordan spoke with “Anonymous” to learn more about SL pregnancies and how conception huds worked.  She explained how normal SL pregnancies are achieved. Each partner wears a HUD. The Pooterbilt “Daddy HUD” talks to the “Mommy HUD” and if daddy agrees to give and Mommy agrees to receive, and then pregnancy occurs.  Hal also went to her clinic to see firsthand how the medical equipment is used.

There is a “check up” that can be done at clinic facilities associated with the conception HUDs. Aside from the Pooterbilt conception System, another popular one is made by Mama Allpa,   Mama Allpa certified doctor can scan their patients using a Mama Allpa Scan HUD and it allows them to confirm pregnancies and monitor the baby’s growth during the gestation period.  This process is done in a clinic setting associated with the system being used.  Both doctors and couples participate in clinic visits and check up role play which including, ultrasounds, blood work, internal exams, labor and delivery.

 The Mama Allpa Female HUD shows the woman how many weeks pregnant she is and provides additional information on the trimesters and stages as weeks go by in her gestation. For the Male HUD does not have access to that information but can participate in the clinic visits as well as the labor and delivery process.

For reassurance to all Mama Allpa Users, this HUD system has been tested and approved by The SL Enquirer and provides a legit service to Second Life couples. The Pooterbilt is another trustworthy system. The difference between the two systems is Mama Allpa has a forced feature and Pooterbilt does not.

For further information, Mama Allpa has an informative website about the HUD for both males and females, SL pregnancies and what to expect. 

 To learn more about it visit

For information on the Pooterbilt conception system visit

Here's what makes this story bizarre.

The ONDUTY Penis has the ability to impregnate any woman in the scanning range of  this griefer/rape device. The scanned victim’s name gets put into a database, where it detects the pregnancy from the ONDUTY Penis used. Here is how the systems work.

 About these Systems
 The Mama Allpa and Pooterbilt systems both use their own daddy HUD and mommy HUDs, and the mommy HUD interacts with their lab equipment after conception to confirm the pregnancy.

The ONDUTY penis does not require a mommy HUD, because the woman is not affected at all. The only thing she sees is a message from the rapist's penis that says "Congratulations, you are pregnant and will give birth in 9 days."

 The Mama Allpa and Pooterbilt equipment is unable to detect that she is pregnant because they use different systems.

What Happens when the ONDUTY Penis is Used?
Allegedly, when the ONDUTY penis has been used, it sends a message to the wall scanner in the Happy Birthday Clinique, recording the name of the father and the victim. Then when the victim shows up at the Clinique, the scanner finds her name in the list of  and claims that she is pregnant.

What happened when a pregnancy is detected?
 If a victim ignored the message from the penis and took no action, she could still conceive using her Mama Allpa or Pooterbilt Hud  with no problems.  However,  her name would still be on a list in the Happy Birthday Clinique database, it may appear harmless but the harmful part is the message that she has been raped and impregnated against her will, along with the implied requirement to visit the Clinique and give birth or have an abortion.

 Who can it Affect?
 The violator using this penis can affect a woman such that when the Happy Birthday Clinique doctor checks, they will find that the person is pregnant and it can affect women who weren’t even trying to conceive or who have never had SL sex.

Making Horrific a Choice
The only way to clear this problem is for Mommy to visit the “Happy Birthday Clinique” associated with the ONDUTY Penis and get an abortion or chose to have the baby which is laid out on a table with a fee of 300L if the victim wishes to keep it, otherwise she can walk away.  Either choice is horrific.

 If the victim chooses abortion, this procedure in done in the presence of whoever else is in the room. What makes this even more disgusting is the abortion equipment makes a loud sucking noise during the procedure.

Observation of Creator(s) and Facility Staff
 Whoever created this ONDUTY Penis Systems and abortion equipment must have no empathy or sensitivity towards anyone who has been violated or who has had an abortion due to a rape.  Abortion is a sensitive topic that should never be forced on a woman. It can be a very difficult and painful decision a woman who was impregnated against her will has to make. The experience can be mentally scarring and make a woman feel as though she has been virtually raped.

Finding Peace after a Violation
Only after the ONDUTY Penis "pregnancy" is resolved can a woman regain some peace of mind and experience the real Mommy-Daddy pregnancy with her significant other.  Warning other woman and talking about it with friends can be therapeutic in overcoming a virtual rape.

Investigating the Happy Birthday Clinique
 During this investigation, SLE went to the Happy Birthday Clinique to have a look around. What was observed were griefers running amuck.  One of which was visibility pregnant carrying a semi automatic weapon and a few others who seemed to be newbies with no directions on where to go or what to do with themselves.  Attempts to speak to the this woman resulted in being cursed out in another language.

Curiously enough the clinic is owned by Kayla Kitalpha who is also a member of the ONDUTY Sex Hotel. It is possible that it is Ana Lowe’s Alt. Since it appears from Ana’s profile, the lindens had deleted “all her stuff” and she states she is coming back with a lot of “new stuff”.   Reviewing her feed on the Second Life website shows a laundry list of unsatisfied customers making complaints that are ignored.

Further Investigation by Hal Jordan and Lanai Jarrico
Further investigations show a co owner of the ONDUTY Premium Escort Networks Group named Scarlette Niven, another alleged ALT or co conspirator of Ana Lowe.

Hal Jordan explains,  “There is also something fishy about these clinics where they confirm that you are pregnant and you have to pay them to make you un-pregnant. So after  “Anonymous” explained to me what was happening, I understand why some bad men are walking around wearing these transparent penises - they want a few minutes to dance with a lady so they can use their ONDUTY Penis with its version of the "Daddy HUD" to tell the database that they have impregnated the lady”.

 Hal added, “This might all be chalked up as bad boys causing problems for nice girls, and costing people a few Lindens to change a one to a zero in a database. But what if you're a woman who has been raped? Or what if you're a woman who has had an abortion? Now the practical joke with the cheap penis isn't quite so funny. You have been raped and you have to get an abortion before you can get pregnant "legitimately" in SL. All of the old memories come flooding back for you to deal with again. The anonymous practical joker has already forgotten about you, but you are traumatized.”

Closing Statement
 Hal makes a valid point about how something like this can affect a woman or even a man that is helpless against protecting his loved one from such an invasive situation.
The SL Enquirer and The Green Lanterns of Second Life would like to advise woman to be aware of their surroundings when they are out exploring Second Life or at an event where there are possible ONDUTY users lurking. This is to bring awareness and help protect woman against unwanted pregnancies. Venue owners should provide added protection for their guests by getting a free copy of the ONDUTY Channel Spam Alerter and banning ONDUTY Penis users from their land.


  1. This is all a bit hysterical. The victims of this gimmick are no more pregnant than I'd be in RL if someone wrote on the wall that I was pregnant. Charging for an "abortion" so as to remove one's name from the wall is clearly fraud, since the person wasn't pregnant to begin with.

    I agree that it is reprehensible and tacky to do this to people. But just because some idiot says "I raped you and now you are pregnant", that doesn't make it true. You owe it to your readers to make this clear, in my opinion.

    1. This “free penis” enclose Sexual masochism concept were a man cover his raping fantasies for fun and coat women and they are humiliated in the process…and it causes some kind of fun to men…more than the concept of being rape we should analyze that this creations promote pain or humiliations in sl to women and is not funny…I don’t think women need psychologist then it happens, come on, we are all adults..who really need psychologist are the creator and users of all this products potentially of retrograde thinking

  2. Hi Janet, thank you for sharing your opinion on this topic. I agree that it is impossible to be raped in a virtual world but the feeling of being violated can be very real to someone who was victimized in real life, causing a resurface of those feelings within Second Life. Like you I agree it is tacky and reprehensible to charge fees for "virtual abortions" in order to get their name removed from a database associated with their products. SLE does owe it to our readers to make it clear that just because someone pressed a button on a HUD that sent a message of pregnancy to another is not real rape, however it is a violation to someone who may be emotionally affected by such actions. While we all have our own point of view on the subject matter, we have to understand that people handle things differently. Bringing this topic to the surface has created discussions and allowed our readers to voice their opinions. (see part 1 of this investigation, you will see pretty emotional responses to this). All points of views are welcome. I like that. Thank you again for responding. -Lanai

  3. I like this article it helps people realize there is some horrible devices out there. I myself on my first Foray into the sexual realms of SL was bought a Mama Allpa HUD with the Force option and was not aware what that meant at the time. Until I found I was pregnant and now my fun little hey I need some fun had consequences and pretty much killed Sex RP for me. Luckily I had friends who were experienced in SL and they helped me through the trouble this caused. I now have a teen avatar and have begun wearing the Mama Allpa for the first time in years to help me with my rp as a Budding woman I of course have turned the force option off and don't go anywhere that promotes things like rape as my RP age is only 13. But the whole experience has made me not want anything to do with the Sex HUDs or any of their related items essentially limiting my RP and making it so that I won't go anywhere near Sex RP anymore even on my adult avatars.

  4. Hi.
    I'm glad there are organisations that try to help and protect the good people of SL, but I would like to comment.
    First, I know that you don't have to pay to have an abortion. Let's get that straight.
    Second, I think it's tacky indeed to 'rape' a victim, but I don't think that the creator of ONDUTY can be held responsible for the way that users use the tool.
    If we start going down the lane of RL comparisons, then we should also ban guns in SL because what if a person was threatened in RL with a gun? We also have to ban push/particles-HUDS that can bully people because what if someone in RL has been bullied during childhood? I'm sure we can all think of many more examples.
    Again, I'm glad you are trying to protect and inform people, but we have to be reasonable.

    1. you do, or at least did, have to pay them for an "abortion". Maybe it's changed, but that was the state of affairs about 2 years ago.

      The creator is held responsible here because they created the tool explicitly for the purpose of griefing others. The onduty cock doesn't have to be visible to "impregnate", it doesn't even have to be in close proximity to the victim. It can be 100 meters away and still work (at least that used to be how it worked, and I've no reason to assume they've changed that).
      If those were all bugs, the creator would have either removed it from sale or fixed those (they're not hard to fix) and made a big thing about releasing an updated version.
      They haven't, instead they complain about the complaints... Which is exactly what you do.

    2. Sorry, but sounds like somebody seriously needs to get their facts straight... All of your statements are just wrong...

  5. I think that if anything... it is hilarious. It said to me I'm pregnant where I'm very sure that would be impossible. So you shrug and tell the person claiming that: "Wanna bet on that"? Then you ignore that person from now on. Don't even mute them, just ignore. They are not worth being on your mute list after all. Once they do not get attention I'm sure they will eventually give up. It's a given they thrive on attention... ANY attention. Seems a lot easier than spending a long article about a griefer tool and feed the trolls that way

  6. it's happened to me twice now, despite my clear objections to playing anything with anyone wearing an onduty. What we really need is something that not only detects who's wearing them, but also mutes them since most of us don't have a way to eject them when it's not our land. While I'm not personally concerned with the rape aspect, I am concerned about something like this that forces me to go through extra steps. SL isn't going to ban these, but it would be nice to have some protection. Personally, it should be something with ... teeth.

  7. This makes me laugh. I just found out today that I was impregnated by one of these things 4 years ago. I can't say I was traumatized by it, was surprized by it though.

  8. One thing that takes this beyond just annoying is that, if you are "pregnant," it also gets announced to anyone wearing the it is no longer a private issue one can ignore but something that intrudes in one's personal enjoyment of SL and relationships by announcing that one is pregnant publicly - not just at the clinic - but everywhere.

  9. i will report anybody, who is spreading this onduty spam allerter. Its a kind of virus,whats unexeptable on sl. Those kind of users get to be banned for lifetime.

  10. I agree with you ignoring the attention seekers seems to work. I also see the point that woman who were traumatized in RL may not be able to do this so easily.The thing I do not understand is does this actually effect a woman later on when she wants to conceive a child? Does it interfere with getting pregnant later in the game ? Does this hud and clinic actually effect a later choice of pregnancy? Is a woman once impregnated forced to go back and clear it up should she choose to conceive a child on the game. Also it says the fathers name so clearly it would be easy to find the person whom violated these ladies rights if this were the case or am I mistaken? I would have to think that if the above is true it is a violation TOS law? It is one thing to have it listed in a clinic and ignore it. Still it is harassment of users and should be treated in my opinion as a griefer of the lowest morals. Thank you for posting this and looking into a very sensitive issue for some people that could cause them emotional harm. I do not understand how raping someone then impregnating them from a distance is fun for someone seems to me they have a set of issues all there own that needs some kind of counseling in and of itself. I Just can not shake the feeling that there is some way for LL to step in and put some restrictions on this I mean that is slander to a persons character at the very least legally if there name is used. I think I will look into my self as some people on this game can be a bit more emotional and this could really devastate them. Thanks again for the information and taking the time to look out for others.

  11. This Happy Birthday Clinic's all! Except a real doctor. It is a disorder. The only advantage is the HUD be free, but the baby ... Who is pregnant, has the belly touched without permission by everyone. The place is not in an adult area, but some residents behave as if they were in a motel! With brilliant effects, offering bloodlines and calling for sex without even knowing the first!

  12. i just wanna know if there is a way to stop it or undo it that is free :(

  13. That shit made me laugh so hard I had to choke.
    yes, so we all got suuuuper traumatized when we played "it" when we were children. How many of us are "it" still today? Oh hey, my barbie was murdered, now I am traumatized forever.

    People fuck off, will ya? Its a fucking virtual environment and whoever lets a virtual environment influence them this much is in desperate, serious need of having a FIRST LIFE. Get off the computer and go was some clothing by hand. Go walk the dog. Go watch TV or read a book. Learn to knit. GROW THE FUCK UP. It's a VIRTUAL PLACE. Nothing happens that you don't want or let it. Oh but it did. Then fucking ignore, move the fuck on! your name is in a database. So what? Is that affecting you in any shape or form? if it is, you do need a first life. Even so because whoever lets themselves be affected this much by play-pretend in a virtual environment, by a complete set of strangers, over the internet, isn't mentally strong enough or even emotionally fit to cross the street, let alone own a fucking PC.


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