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Thursday, February 6, 2014

SLE Investigative Report Part 1: Open Letter to The SL Enquirer About the ONDUTY Penis- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

“Hi, my name is (Anonymous) and I run my own clinic on my husband’s land. Way before I met my husband and I was still getting to know how to do things in  Second Life,  I wouldn’t say I was a newbie but I was still learning about the community,. a guy asked me for a dance which I had no problem with until he asked me if I ever look at my hip when I dance with someone. It was an odd questions and I said no. 
Why would I?"

"He proceeded to tell me maybe I should look. I immediately stopped dancing with him. When I did, to my shock and horror, I got a message saying Congratulations I would be having a baby in 9 days! Then it sent me a message instructing where I needed to go to have the baby. Apparently his ONDUTY penis HUD went right through my jeans. I was angry and I asked him what the hell did he do to me and he laughed and walked away as if what he did was nothing and I was nobody."

" I began to cry because I was raped in real life and left for dead. All those horrific memories came flooding back inside me again. I reached out to my friends and they said I can’t be pregnant if I don’t have on a mommy hud  and if  it is Second Life I can play role what I want.  They acted like it was no big deal.

 It is a big deal to me because I am a victim of rape.  I couldn’t accept what my friends told me. I’m sorry even if it is Second Life; it’s like rape plain and simple.

I went to the place instructed by that pregnancy message. It was called Happy Birthing Clinique.  The facility was disgusting. There was no staff available to help u me and I was on my own. The SL doctor that was with me told me to touch the pregnancy test machine and it confirmed i was impregnated with the ONDUTY penis and I wasn’t event wearing an ONDUTY mom HUD.

The SL Doctor told me to put on the mommy tummy that was provides at Happy Birthing Clinique.  Since I was way past the 9 days, I was given  options to either deliver or abort. I decided to have the baby rather than do the abortion.  The hardest thing was delivering a baby that was a product of what I felt was rape and walking away from the baby as the doctor watched it delete by its self.  The baby gives the father’s name that got u pregnant as well as the mother’s name.

 My SL husband and I wanted kids when we got married and we hadn’t really look into huds before this.

  We purchased our first conception HUD from Pooterbilt.  It requires female avatars to wear a mommy HUD and the male avatars to wear a daddy HUD. The way it works is the mommy has the option to except sperm from the daddy or not. She has a choice.
 We used the system properly and got pregnant. Since we were new to this, we went to a clinic that didn’t give good service and I told my husband I didn’t not want woman going through what we did and  I wanted to open my own clinic. I decided to get training in Second Life and provide the best care I could to couples wanting to experience pregnancy and childbirth virtually.

Today, I mainly work with Pooterbilt HUDs because they provide a realistic experience. My clinic has also worked with Mama alpha patients but I have to be honest I’m not too fond of that HUD system because it has a force feature. I don’t think nothing should be forced.

 During my time working as an SL Doctor, I’ve come across many girls ( other clinics will tell u same thing) where these girls come in crying saying they are pregnant and they were raped .  I try to calm the girl down and ask what happen and what where they doing before they came to my clinic. Their replies are usually the same.  These ladies were dancing or just standing around in a crowd and they got this message.

As a precaution not to violated Second Life’s terms of service, I have to ask what age role they are playing as well as ask real life age to comply with TOS regulations. I cannot afford to lose my SL family, my husband, my clinic or our land if my account gets deleted for helping someone that is role playing a minor or is one in real life.

 I am put in a position where I have to turn these girls away and apologize because I can’t touch them even though I understand their circumstance and how they feel.

 They get upset with good reason and yell at me in caps and question my sympathy for them. I have to explain to them that I am a real life survivor of rape that was left for dead. So I do know and understand because I also had this happen to me in Second Life.

My hands are tied when it comes down to TOS regulations. If the person is underage in real life or role playing an underage person, I cannot help them.

There are clinics out there that don’t ask for age of role play and real age. Maybe they don’t have a lot to lose or it is mostly about making lindens to some.
 As for me, I have a lot to lose. I’ve even been asked why I do what u do because everyone lies about age. I understand that but I love what I do in Second Life. I use to be a real nurse. In Second Life I prefer the caregiver role so I am no doctor. To clarify things, I make it well known to my clients that I have a certification as a Second Life doctor. I went to a school in Second Life called Whispering Wind Medical School for training and my certification. It does not make me a real doctor. I role play a doctor in Second life, nothing more.

For protection purposes, my clinic has a security orb because I want my clients to feel safe and not have to worry about griefers or stalkers following them or starting drama in my clinic. I want it to remain a is drama free zone where I space out appointments so the clients have their privacy.

 I would like to see the ONDUTY penis banned from SL marketplace and make the person who created the system accountable for the mental anguish it has caused many women on here. It is not funny or just a game. Rape is not a joke.  People can have opinions and laugh all they want but when rape happens to u in real life. It will give you a different perspective.  If  Linden Labs  refuses to take  the ONDUTY Penis out of circulation then I wish there could be something that detects the ONDUTY penis and who ever is wearing it  gets automatic banned from the sim.

 The ONDUTY penis should only be allowed to be used in the area where it was created; the Happy Birthing Clinique. I have contacted the creator of the equipment that is used at that clinic and inquired about the ONDUTY penis and have yet to receive a reply.

I would like to own some of the equipment at my clinic so when someone gets violated by the ONDUTY penis,  I can give them dignified treatment  where it is private, safe from griefers and my clients are comfortable.

I do not charge a fee when a woman tells me they been raped by the ONDUTY penis It is obvious that the creator of the ONDUTY equipment  and penis do not respond to my ims or note cards so I assume they don’t care about what is going on as long as they make some money out of it.

 I have one thing to say to the creator of the ONDUTY penis. Call this griefer tool what it is, A RAPE TOOL because that is exactly what it is doing to these girls who have no choice to decline the violator’s forced actions.

I recently met Hal Jordan, head of operations for The Green Lanterns of Second Life and informed him about my concerns and what it did as I fought back my tears. I shared with him what happen to me both in real life and in Second Life. He informed me about the SL Enquirer and that this source could create awareness and help these girls out.

So with the help of the SL Enquirer, I want to make a clear warning to all women in Second Life.  Please do not leave your avatar unattended at any time. If u have to leave AFK., i can’t stress this enough, log out or go to a place where no one can do things to your avatar.  If someone is using the ONDUTY penis and you are away or not, you may  get an unexpected  message saying Congratulations  you are pregnant and  will deliver in 9 days followed by instructions to go to the Happy Birthday Clinique.

 Again, there is no button once it is sent to decline it. You will have to go to the Happy Birthing Clinique to undo the pregnancy.  They are the only clinic that can detect if you   are pregnant or not and can do anything for you.

I would also like to say to woman if you and your partner want to get pregnant then I would suggest getting the Pooterbilt mommy and daddy HUDs.  That is my first choice for woman the second choice would be the Mama Allpa. Just remember there is a force option on Mama Allpa . Pooterbilt HUDs do not have this force pregnancy options.

Also, before jumping into any clinic whether its mine or another, please do your research! Ask around and don’t just give up your hard earned lindens so easy.

All I want from this article is for the people that made the ONDUTY penis responsible for what they created. Sex is not a joke and it is not a game.  It is something that should be cherished between two people.  Role playing rape is not a joke either . As an Sl community we should come together and figure out what to do about this HUD.

 I’d like to thank Hal Jordan for helping me get this story out and the SL Enquirer for investigating it."

 Thanks again,


Investigative Report Part 2 coming soon!


  1. I would like to point out that:
    1. the "force feature" is optional. Nothign is forced if one does not add this option into the HUD. By default, it is NOT included
    2. the Mama Allpa Doctors, as they are listed at the mainstore, do not charge for any prenatal care or delivery services. Users of Mama Allpa pay exactly one time: on purchase of the HUD. They do not have to spend any other L$ for the RP on the pregnancy itself.

    1. Hi Y.t., Thank you for your informative comment. It provides factual information about the Mama Allpa HUD giving users the option to not use the force feature. However, the Onduty penis does not need a HUD to spam unsuspecting woman that they are now pregnant. Taking it a step further by having the baby at Happy Birthday Clinic or choosing to ignore the message and do nothing is also optional. I researched the Mama Allpa HUD and their services. I think it is one of the best tools available in SL for couples who wish to virtual conceive and RP a family.

    2. It gets worse with OnDuty. It does not need proximity. A friend has multiple times had messages telling her she's pregnant from half a region away...

      That makes it a griefer tool, not an abused and poorly implemented roleplay tool.

      Good luck with your efforts to get it banned, but it's on the same level as bloodlines where you can get "infected" without having a hud as well, though that one at least asks (albeit in a very uninformative message) for consent.

      As to their "clinic", once got hit by an OnDuty as well. At the time you had to actually pay them for the abortion or delivery. Not sure from your story if that's still the case.
      I elected to just ignore the whole thing, not give them any money, and gave the person (who was a friend, but maybe unaware of the way it worked) a blistering talking to.

    3. first of all, OnDuty, Does need to be " accepted" by the person that is to wear the attachment for 9 days. this is not like Bloodlines or any other griefing tool that is out. The Happy Birthing Clinique was made to be JUST like the Mama Allpa for those who wish to have a baby and could not afford or wait to have all the medical rp care. Mind you those who read the comments of the article here Yes this is a VERY late post, but the clinic that is in mention is not manned by anyone because services are paid as you use them. { a self service type thing} And the woman Does have to wear a Type of hud to accept the attachment, Either a Happy Birthday Mom hud or the MA hud.

      I do sypathize with the woman that is telling her story that she was rapped and left for dead. but IF it brings up SO many bad memories then You should go get therapy. there is LOTS of services out there. Its called STOP being a " victim" and Start living like a survivor. There are MANY of us that have been rapped and DO not use it as a crutch and relive the entire ordeal once something else happens.

      AND YT is right the " forced" option is JUST THAT AND Option that is NOT included in your hud, that has to be purchased separately Just like the " LOCK" is also purchased separately.

      POOTERBILT is NOT the best or the Most " Lifelike" hud out on the market in SL. again Someone needs to do more research as in to what your role-playing styles are.

      Also Someone needs to brush up on the TOS of Linden Labs for Second Life. This was taken out of the updated version of the TOS that is found online.{ YES TEENS CAN GET PREGNANT AND HAVE BABIES IN BOTH RL AND SL}
      Sixteen and seventeen year old users will be able to participate in many of the activities that make Second Life a great place to explore, create, and socialize with other people. They will have access to General-rated content and places within Second Life.
      "General" areas in Second Life do not advertise or make available content or activity that's sexually explicit, violent or depict nudity. As we've also often said, General regions are areas where you'd feel free to say and do things that you'd be comfortable saying and doing in front of your grandmother, or a grade school class. Institutions such as universities, conference organizers, teen-friendly Second Life merchants, and real world businesses, for instance, often operate General-rated regions.
      They will also be able to participate in the Second Life economy, including the Second Life Marketplace. However, these teens will not be able to purchase Mature content from the Marketplace until they are 18 years old or older.
      * Now it does NOT say anywhere in this excerpt that a "Teen" can Not receive rp medical care.!
      Sorry but this article is NOT in anyway informative or does it do ANYONE in the medical field any Justice, And it makes the woman that came to the SL Enquirer as she is ignorant, and looking for attention and STILL playing the victim....
      Word of wisdom Miss Doctor lady, GO GET THERAPY....

  2. are you fucking serious?... I mean SL is a fucking game...just click the little x on the top right of the screen...OMG

    1. Game or not, we are all real people, and no matter the context, rape is NEVER a joking matter. Sure you can hit the X, but we are not immune to the things that are inflicted upon us while connected. Once the damage is done, it's real and stays with us. Just because you may not have personally experienced it or in the same way with the same impact, doesn't make it any less real to others. Just because harrassment is through a different medium such as a "game," doesn't make it okay.

  3. Judgmental people.... always cursing when they try to make a point... SMH. Sure it is a game to SOME PEOPLE. Not all.

  4. Hey Anonymous #1. I understand your point of view that to you it is just a game. Just remember there are real human beings behind each avatar with their own perspectives. Things that happen in Second Life can cause them to feel emotional pain if they have been violated in real life and see it being mimicked in Second Life "as a joke". Have a little bit of sensitivity will you? Most understand the point of view of those that are affected by the distasteful griefing tools used in Second Life. The SL Enquirer focuses on Second Life news in this virtual world and we cater to the SL community. (those that play an active role and create the activities and environment) I love comments from fans but comments that belittle others who are involved in SL that see it more than just a game isn't cool. Thank you for reading SLE but please respect our readers that take it more seriously than you do.

  5. I would recommend for those that are too addicted to Second Life (whereas it has become their 1st Life) to read the following book: Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age - by Maggie Jackson Available on Amazon I enjoy SL but only an hour or two at a time. The problem, comes from people that stay logged in 8-12 hrs a day. SL is not supposed to become one's 1st Life.

    1. Thank you for providing useful information regarding SL addiction.


    3. people watch tv for over eight hours a day and that's not considered an addiction.

    4. people watch tv for over eight hours a day and that's not considered an addiction.

  6. So to show how upset you were by this incident you went to their clinic and paid them more L to have a baby you didn't want? He danced with you, which you seemed to be fine with, didn't drag you to the ground, made no aggressive movements and just spammed your chat. I understand RL traumas, I have a few things I avoid in sl for that reason, but it was chat spam. You took it farther and went to have the baby. You gave them more money but claim that you are upset and offended by the entire thing. As long as they are making money they aren't going to stop. They aren't breaking any of the TOS. You aren't forced to you try to get every spanker banned that has ever been used on you? A lot of people in the world are offended by Penthouse Magazine but they aren't breaking any laws and you don't have to purchase the magazine.

    Also, I own the Mama Allpa system and since I didn't install the force option or turn on RLV, I've never been forced to do anything.

  7. If you can't handle SL as a game, because it IS NOT real then you need to uninstall it. Yes, there are real people behind the avatars. However, if you can't separate reality from virtual "reality" then you need to see a therapist or just not participate. Ridiculous.

    1. I don't think SL is just a game, as a communication and technology major is has been a tremednous tool for me maybe it is because I work with professionals that utilize their real world skills within Second life. For those that come here to grief and harass others just for fun, those are the ones that should uninstall an reevaluate their purpose. Depending on who is being griefed and spammed by the tool mentioned in the open letter. It can cause stress and emotion. To others, it may not be that big of a deal. It is an interesting virtual world we all participate in and people in SL come from all walks of life, sensitivity, limitations, disabilities, issues and experiences. It is difficult to tell who will be affected the most and by what. The best way to protect oneself as an SL user is to be aware, responsible with the time they spend in Second Life and prioritize. I can agree with you that if Second life has become a problem or interferes with real life by taking an emotional toll, I agree maybe another creative outlet is needed or like you said, therapy to help with addiction or other underlying issues.

    2. I'm sorry, but this story is completely ridiculous. No offense to the girl this happened to, but is she serious?! This is not satire? Honestly, my blood was boiling reading that story. That anyone would compare someone clicking a button on a hud inside of a virtual game on a computer to RAPE. Not even fucking close. I could understand the experience being traumatic had the dude forced her into some sort of actual rape role play or rape animation. But all he did was click a button and say "hey you should look at your hip" (dunno what the hip thing is all about). I just personally find it sickening that people would cry something so serious as rape on a virtual game where you can come and go as you please, and NO ONE can force you to do anything. It makes light of the many many people in the world who are ACTUALLY raped in RL. This story makes me sick, and makes me feel bad for all of the people in the world who suffer from the memories of real rape. This woman needs to learn to separate SL from RL. She sounds like she needs serious help and a therapist. and I mean that in a helpful and concerned way. She should not be tearing up the SL news stands over a fake virtual pregnancy. It is a mockery of real victims of rape, even if she is one.

    3. Dear girl who this story is about---

      PLEASE seek out help in real life. As a victim of rape (if you are one) YOU of all people should know that making a mockery of rape is a bad thing. What you have done here is just that. You have compared rape to something as stupid as someone clicking a button on the hud. IF in your mind those are similar things, please, GET A CLUE. You are delusional my dear, and should not be playing SL. You need therapy.

    4. I agree that there are several positive aspects to Second Life. However this letter is such a farce that there are hardly words for it. I am very sorry that this woman was raped in the real world, and I can't even begin to imagine how horrific that was for her. But feeling raped all over by a video game? A colleague of mine once told me that any emotion we have is never wrong, we can't control the way that we feel. I don't know if those were her words or if they came from somewhere else, though I do agree with that. It's what we do with those emotions and thoughts after we've had them that counts though. This penis is a virtual object that someone made. No one forced her to go to the clinic and choose to have the baby. A stable person would have ignored it, chalked it up to a Second Life experience, and went about their daily life. You can't be forced into something in Second Life. Ultimately there is an X in the top right of all of our screens. I can't even believe that I'm still commenting about this. I'm just completely blown away...ridiculous.

    5. Again as previously stated, there are many that are disabled. and being in Second Life, is their way of interacting with people, and working. and earning a REAL paycheck, It my be " Virtual Reality" but its still pays someone else's bills, and You can not instruct people on how to run their own liefs.

    6. But! if she is having difficulties with the difference between Virtual and Real. and She can not act like a victim forever. She needs therapy because the Greatest Aspect in The Virtual Community is that YOU CONTROL YOUR OWN WORLD.and I am sorry unless you give someone that control by wearing an RLV attachment then You dont have to do ANYTHING OR Accept anything that is given to you.

    7. also, many people enjoy rp rape and a lot of them have been raped in real life.

  8. This whole discussion is absolutely asinine lol.. it would be funny if this was satire, but because it's not written as such I just think it's sad that you all are really missing the entire point here. This woman does not need to be allowed internet access period. She needs serious help and that won't come from SL. For the majority of us who can understand the difference between reality and virtual reality, and actually enjoy it... cheers.. and carry on... for those who wish to make the false argument that because real people are behind digital avatars, that chat spam, animations and programs designed to enhance role-play should be viewed as serious emotionally damaging aspects of real life... Grow up and log out.

  9. Except, why is she acting like she's really pregnant? She didn't have to go along with it, it's just a system somebody made which you're not obliged to take part in, lol.

  10. Sometimes I think that SL should have a sanity test before people can sign up.. this isnt even funny... its actually worrying that someone would even compare sl rape (if thats what it even was) to an actual real rape.. here is the VITAL differences.
    You can teleport out. You can mute the person. And you were never REALLY pregnant.
    Also i find it hard to believe that their clinic gets girls coming in ALL THE TIME crying about this.. You need to step away from your computer. I will be honest, I laughed when I read all that.. honestly laughed

  11. I cant even begin to tell you the stupidity in this article lol - what the F*ck? You clearly need to step away from your computer as you made yourself look like a weirdo, legit. Sorry to say but TRUTH. !) You cant get "raped" by a hud lol if you chose to click the OK button and TP to the clinic ur an idiot lol 2) You cannot compare RL rape to SL rape, you werent even raped in sl! oh man, Please - log off sl and never come back.

  12. I do have a complaint about the ONDUTY cock. It broadcasts continually on channel 2. So if you monitor channel 2, you will be spammed out of your mind. That also answers the woman's question about detecting and banning people wearing an ONDUTY cock. As for the rest of the article..... If you are emotionally troubled by ROLE PLAY, then don't role play. While I can understand that the woman who wrote this was traumatized by her rape experience, that in no way means that the entirety of society has to change its perception of virtual worlds on her account. It would appear that most of us sympathize with her pain, but find the comparison in SL to be ridiculous.

    Anyway, if you want to detect that annoying penis, just scan channel 2

    1. that crap onduty cock does not need you to roleplay with the wearer, and certainly not to engage in sexual roleplay.
      Just being in the same region with them is enough...

      And if you consider dancing with someone while wearing jeans to be sexual roleplay, and a way to get pregnant, you have some very weird ideas about what roleplay is.

  13. Ho-lee-sh#tballs! To the delicate flower from the OP: First, LOG OFF NOW! Second, SEEK MENTAL HELP IMMEDIATELY! No, seriously, get your fragile self off and away from SL and the internet in general, your triggers are far to sensitive for on-line anonymous social interaction. If you must have social interaction, join a local knitting guild or something where interaction is nearly guaranteed to remain safely vanilla. Most importantly, see a professional about your head issue(s). You should probably mention that you have lost the ability to discern reality from fantasy somewhere early in your discussions.

  14. I wrote a blog entry about this some time back and I`m alarmed to find it is still going on. These sorts of things can genuinely upset people, especially as our virtual selves are not mere game characters.

    1. "especially as our virtual selves are not mere game characters."

      Yes they are.

  15. Are you kidding me? Trying to deal with a TOS issue with RP? for "F's sake" just report it to Linden Lab. if it is truly a TOS issue, they will solve the entire issue immediately, and forever, with a few clicks of a mouse.

  16. I don't have a problem that MA has a force option. The key point is that it IS an option. I don't have force, and don't want that experience. The fact that someone can run a script from a distance that makes me pregnant is repulsive and unreal, ruining the experience I'm looking for. Call it rape or griefing, it's wrong in any case.

    On Duty is horrible in all respects. Technically, it's ugly and script heavy. The fact that it's a griefing tool makes it even worse. There's a reason that many sims ban its use.

    1. OnDuty is just simply a tool. it may be script heavy and nasty to look at, but it was in fact one of the first conception tools for SecondLife, and No Not any sim{s} are banning it's use.


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