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Friday, March 21, 2014

AVIE POLL:Oh, Boy! What an Adventure!- Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

With spring’s arrival and summer’s soon-to-be debut not too far beyond, outdoor activities are in full swing.

The birds are chirping, the grass is deliciously green, the trees are taking foliage, the sky is become a scene worthy of a painting, and people are coming out of hibernation.

With the scraping away of the snow and severely cold weather, adventure is definitely the smell in the air.

 An adventure for me is something that involves the outdoor, mostly. The outdoor voyage can be various in lengths, place and activity, but as long as it is outside, I can be put down for it. I love the smell of the outdoors, when it is not perfused with rancid, putrid smells of....uh!...nevermind.

For others the location for their adventure varies greatly, and, possibly, minutely from my ideal adventure.

With the tugging of curiosity at my hem, I have to venture out into this now, joyful looking world, and find out what classifies as an adventure for three lucky individuals, and discover what some of their favorite places to visit on the grid for an adventurous time.

Mikile Vinciolo: Define what an adventure is for you.

Linda Brynner: Oh! Well, basically discovering new things

Anejka Cerise: an adventure can be anything here...most likely  adventures for me are music events, but not parties. Live concerts with singers who sings on requests. So, for example visiting a music venue as tree of lovers and requesting a song, or from a different side, taking part in a horse race, or being active in combat regions.  All of these are adventures to me.
Eduardo Minghuang: that can be a balloon trip over several Sims.

Mikile Vinciolo: Name three places that you have visited that are adventurous.

Linda Brynner: Ok, well let me see...Calas Park, Immersiva, and Grand Canyon

Anejka Cerise: Hollywood station where we did plane races,   Sparta - combat events as tournaments... raids big battles involving whole nations, and of course Tree of Lovers - music venue ran by a French musician and song writer Lisa Brune listening to her amazing voice and requesting songs.

Eduardo Minghuang: Garden of Da Vinci, Calas Park, and Chakryn Forrest.

Mikile Vinciolo: If you have a list of places to visit, aside from the aforementioned destinations, what is the number one place that that you wish to go to for adventure?

Linda Brynner: A number one never does exist for me rally, I just go around and see. (Laughs) Like the wind. (Laughs again)

Anejka Cerise: I do like RP at times so for the number one place I would recommend either Sparta (ancient Greece themed venue) or Rome raising from ashes also located in ancient times; those Sims are always active... and you can find there a lot of fun.

Eduardo Minghuang: Garden of Da Vinci

Based upon the survey of these three residents, it was an interesting blend of answers with some similarities.

It goes to show that no matter what you do, or where you are in Second life, you can have an adventure wherever you are…you just have to find it and take it by the horns. 


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