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Monday, March 31, 2014

Get Prepared. April Fool’s Day is Tomorrow- Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

With March headed to its finale at midnight tonight, I’m thinking of how quickly this month has past, beginning a new one.

With the arrival of April, we traditionally expect showers for the entire or the prevalent part of the month. There is also Easter, celebrating the death and resurrection of the Christian God, which is symbolic of the winter's departure and the arrival of spring.

April also happens to be the month of April’s Fools. April’s Fools day is celebrated by some and dreaded by others. It falls on the first day of the month, a prelude to the joyous nature of spring. It happens also to be a day for pranksters to revel in their madness and put their best prank foot forward.

But, for those such as myself that are inquisitive about the creation of this day, I have discovered that the origins of this day is highly debatable.

According to Discovery News, there are several tales as to how April’s Fools day began. One such story began with Pope Gregory XIII creating a new calendar for adoption. The new calendar ultimately changed the celebration of the New Year from the first of April to January 1st.

April’s Fools day rooted from pranks being played on individuals that refused to recognize the new calendar change, by those who had.

Another variation states that the Roman Empire celebrated the arrival of the god Attis, on a day labeled Hilaria, or Roman Laughing day.

In India, the equivalent is Holi Day, or the colourful celebration where revelers are showered with coloured powders, and celebrate their Hindu beliefs jovially. The Hindu also are known to poke fun at non-Hindu believers during this festival day.

With this day celebrating the prankster in us all, I wanted to know how others celebrate the day, and what would be an ideal prank to play on a family member or friend.

So I asked a series of individuals, "How do you celebrate April’s Fools day?"

Cinn Hansome was asked the same question, her response, "We usually have some kind of party." She also continues on to say, "We do an opposite day," after I asked if there would be pranks involved.

When asked what would be an ideal prank to play on someone, Cinn retorts, “I don’t play pranks, I believe they are cruel.”

 And one resident, Ashley Marielle, stated, "That day is my RL grandma's birthday. I usually don't do any pranks now that I think of it. I usually just spend time with her" she stated as she giggles. Her response to the ideal prank was in the likes of Cinn: Pranks are no fun!

I honestly beg to differ. I think pranks are fun, if carried out correctly and contain only elements that are not intended to inflict harm on the pranked parties involved.  

You might want to check back tomorrow or visit Lanai's  facebook page for bitstrip bombs She has been out and about in Second Life recently and caught a few unsuspecting avies off guard. 

Remember, no matter how April’s Fools Day is celebrated, fun and laughter are at the core of its principles.  So the next time you get pranked, keep in mind that it is all in fun.  


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