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Sunday, March 23, 2014

STORYFEST Celebrates Fourth Anniversary – Sunday!

Today, Sunday, March 23rd marks the fourth anniversary of StoryFest, the annual gathering of story tellers, presenters, and great stories to celebrate the power of stories to inspire us, and help us understand and delight in our world.  StoryFest 2014 begins at 11:00 am SLT and is free, with donations going to benefit War Child North America.  It is presented in a partnership between Branwen Arts, Stories Unlimited! and Seanchai Library.  A detailed schedule and content are available at

“It started out just as a wacky notion of a fair filled with storytellers.  We tried it, and had enough fun to make some changes to the initial format, and keep on going,” commented organizers Dubhna Rhiadra and Caledonia Skytower.  “We wanted to create a forum for presenters of all kinds from across the grid to come, share stories, and honor what stories of all kinds mean to us as part of the human experience.” 

The original event in 2011, was planned adjacent to World Storytelling Day  (March 20th) which is an
annual worldwide celebration of traditional storytelling.  This year’s World Storytelling Day theme was “Monsters and Dragons” and those applying to present at StoryFest were encouraged to use that theme if they wished, but not be limited to it.  “So you will hear stories presented from all over the world by a great range of presenters.”  StoryFest organizers not discriminate between read literature, and tales told from a memorized out line in the traditional manner of oral storytelling.  “As long at the story is presented well, and appropriate credit is given to the source and creators, we do not really care.”

All Times SLT ~ Schedule subject to change without notice, sometimes even to those organizing!

11:00am - Dubhna Rhiadra
11:30am - Shandon Loring
Noon - Crap Mariner
12:30pm - Lycanthia Wolfhunter


1:30pm - Luna Branwen
2:00pm - Corwyn Allen
2:30pm - Caledonia Skytower
3:00pm - BigRed Coyote
3:30pm - Kaikilani
4:00pm - Singh Albatros

The event begins this morning at the Story Circle at Bran ‘s “Here Be Pictsies”


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