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Sunday, March 23, 2014

What do Women Look for in SL Men?- Ccoursey Reporting…

 I took this assignment out of personal curiosity, because I'll admit to having sat around with my friends and discussing this. Everything from a certain color that may catch the eyes or a man that is talkative in nearby chat...

I look in nearby and check out profiles, but that is me. I wondered what other women thought when meeting a man and was able to legitimately ask, lol. Some answers may surprise you, while others are a bit expected. I mean do they want a man that will give in to their every whim or a man that is going to challenge them each time they turn around?

 A man that will spend many L's to keep them happy, or a man that will walk around in the same suit each day?

 Saraelizabethe is six months old, in a vampire clan and getting ready to join her man in Second Life Matrimony. Of course I had to ask.

Cc: What do you look for in SL men?
Sara: A good heart.

Cc: Do they have a certain way of showing they are good hearted on SL? Is it harder to judge than RL?
Sara: It's how they treat a person and yes.

Cc: May I ask since you are getting married, was there something specific that struck you about your man? The moment when you realized he was good hearted?

Sara: He is good to me, he listens to my concerns and makes me laugh when I am down.

Faye is 4 years old, and a hostess at Breaking the Rules rock club. As a hostess, I have seen they are exposed to men of all sorts in clubs.

Cc: First off, have you ever been partnered on SL?

Faye: Yes, I have.

Cc: What kind of man do you look for? What attracts you to men on SL?

Faye: Someone kind, honest, and romantic... Someone old school, who knows how to treat a lady.

Cc: Do you talk to them first or do you expect them to approach you?

Faye: Well, it depends on the mood, if they are taking too long and I am interested I will definitely approach them.

Cc: Do you have a general idea after the first meeting whether they are partner material or not?

Faye: Yes, I definitely do. Men on here are not very hard to read.

Cc: Do you think it is harder to judge men on SL than RL?

Faye: I think it is easier here, sure there are distractions, but not as many as in real life.

DJ Frenchie Fry works at Exodus Rock Club, she is 5 years old.

Cc: What do you look for in men on SL?

Frenchie Fry: Well, I don't really look, but have to have an updated and attractive avi, personality, and humor.

Cc: Do you think it is harder judging a man's character on SL compared to RL?

Frenchie Fry: No, cuz I am a very good judge of character.

Cc: Awesome... Would you ever consider dating a noob?

Frenchie Fry: No, noobs are annoying.

Cc: Lol, because you have to teach them?

Frenchie Fry: Yeah, and I don't have patience for that. 

Poppy maladay is also another woman that has been around Second Life for awhile. She is an avid blogger:

Cc: Have you ever been partnered on SL?

Poppy: Yes

Cc: Are there certain things you look for or that attract you to men on here?

Poppy: Yes, and they are similar to things I would look for in a real life partner: Sense of humor and stability.

Cc: Do you think it is harder to judge men on SL than in RL?

Poppy: Yes, because you cannot read body language cues and things to help you figure out whether they are a player or a good guy.

Cc: Do you think the avi looks affect your decision whether you talk to him or not?

Poppy: Again, like in RL, the physical appearance is like the bait to get things started, but I would say appearance, to me, means much less here, you can always fix them up if they have the worthwhile traits and seem worth the time.

Gabriella Rossello is a year old, a lycan, and dabbles with BDSM on SL.

Cc: What do you look for in a man in SL?

Gabriella: What do I look for in a man in SL... hmmm. Honesty is the most important thing for me... Lie to me and then they can all find out that my backside is more than just cute as that is all they will see again...

Cc: Is it easier to judge men on SL than in RL?

Gabriella: Either way it's hard, but harder in SL because they can hide behind an avi and computer and be whomever they want.... Hard to tell if you are getting what you see.

Cc: Do you think what an avi looks like matters?

Gabriella: As in everything in life there are preferences... Yes I have them in an avi, but there is always wiggle room, because I myself can be silly and have fun experimenting with my avi, but I have a base one.

So there's a few points of view guys, seems like pretty simple things to look for. Remember next time you are talking to a lady that everyone has a different preference: to each their own. So don't be put off, there is thousands of people on SL and as in real life, there's someone out there for everyone.


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