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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Experiencing the Latin Quarters in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

If you have ever been to any Latin countries in Real Life you might expect a vibrant, fun, colourful and friendly atmosphere.  Those who have been to Spain, the Caribbean or a South American country in Real Life would tell you the same. There is high energy in the air with cultural experiences in traditional clothing, language, music, dancing as well as flavourful food you may not find anywhere else.  Latinos in Second Life celebrate their heritage by creating their environments.

 For those who have never been to Latin Countries and would like to have a taste of the culture then why not go on your travels in Second Life? You don’t even need a passport!

Here are a few locations you can visit and have a unique Latin experience in a virtual way.

Ilha Brasil Rio
Set by the beach the strip has shops an open air dance club with live performers a gaming area, and area to chill. If you are looking for a more vibrant upcoming area to meet possible fellow Brazilians or even Brazilians then this would probably be a good starting point. Once you can speak Portuguese.

Here you can surf, jet ski or just simply hang out at the Copacabana beach.  The waves are awesome and you can defiantly get good surf here. It has been nicely created to resemble the Real Life look as much as possible but yet adding a more Second Life effect more suited to its Second life residents. If you are looking to surf and feel like you are really surfing or taking part in any watersports as if you were really at Copacabana, then this could be the place for you.

La Boniquita de Puerto Rico - Latin Night Club Since 2006
If you want to listen or dance to Latin music then this club would be perfect for you. Open since 2006 and with a high traffic of people you can be certain this club is the place for you to enjoy a little bit of Latin music spun by live Dj’s.

A busy and vibrant club where you can hear not only Latin music but also salsa music. It has been around the grid for a few years and still attracts the residents of Second Life. With live DJs playing from their home towns creating that Latin club ambiance. It is packed most of the nights here in Second Life and with a high traffic number of people who have attended this venue you can be certain it is probably one of the hottest clubs to be seen.

The Latin quarters in Second Life are a sight to see and a great way to experience the culture while meeting new friends from around the world.

As the old Spanish saying goes, “mi casa es tu casa”; meaning my house is your house. 

This rings true with the hospitality of the Latin people.


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