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Monday, April 14, 2014

Lunch Date with Weeblewolf Pinion. Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

Weeblewolf Pinion also known as DJ Weebs is the owner and operated of Wolf Howls Radio. He was the featured DJ at the SL Enquirer’s Masquerade Ball in 2013 as well as  a number of venues. His radio station is very popular across the grid and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

One of the great features about Wolf Howls Radio is that he has a jukebox that allows listeners to select music they want to listen to, quick and easily. SLE’s Mikile Vinciolo sat down with DJ Weebs for a lunch date to learn more about him and what he does.

Interview with Weeblewolf Pinion

Mikile Vinciolo: How long have you been in the business of Radio Broadcast? Also, what convinced you to get into the radio broadcast industry?

Weeblewolf Pinion:  I have been streaming music for over 15 years, since the late 90's. '97 or '98 I think. It didn't take much to convince me. I had stumbled across the shoutcast plug-in for winamp and started streaming for shits and giggles, and got listeners! I was hooked at that point. Just something I really enjoyed doing. In fact, it was a broadcast listener that brought me into SL in '07.

MV: Besides the live requests, what sets your Radio Broadcast apart from the other broadcast networks?

WP: Well, me for one. LOL! Actually, we play a slightly larger range of music than most stations, yet still manage to maintain some degree of rhythm and flow…Mayhem I tell ya… absolute mayhem. Interactivity is another key factor that sets us apart from other stations too....  Not only can you get the automated requests around the clock with the jukeboxes, but; I spend a great deal of time on the grid, in IM with many of the listeners from SL.  On air contests, shout outs, dedications…everything ya get from a live dj… [but] from a radio station.

MV: How long did it take you to build your broadcasting brand, and who was integral in helping you with the process?

WP:  Wow. Ummmmmmm my "brand" or style…is always changing and growing. My first broadcasts were in fact New Age ... You know, Yanni and stuff. Lately I have just kinda let the party animal out.  As far as who has helped shape that…The have been many who have influenced my flow…like probably everyone that has chatted with me. LOL ... But…perhaps some have had more influence than others. Ducky, my SL partner, for sure has affected my presentation. Even literally shaping me. (She created my current shape on SL.) LOL!

MV: How much time do you get to yourself on a schedule consistent with the broadcasting infrastructure you have in place?

WP: Time to myself? LOL! Actually I do hit the ground running every day. This is a very time consuming interest. I spend more time on SL and with the broadcast than most do on any full time job.  I often flirt with the idea of actually creating an infrastructure, but ... pretty much handle the day to day's and such myself. I am greedy that way.

MVWow! So you are pretty dedicated to this broadcasting "interest" of yours.

WP: I wake, log on, and do not log off until RL intervenes ... many tell me I should at least take meal breaks.

MV: Besides broadcasting, what else falls under the Wolf Howls brand?

WP: That has changed a lot through the years as well. Pre-SL we did a lot of blogging etc. The SL expressions have varied as well ... But, Streaming has been the constant…the rest have been more of a release, a step away from the business of radio. Rentals, clubs, etc etc

MV: The motto, "Community building community" is an interesting slogan for radio broadcasting network.

WP:  That is actually what attracted me to SL so quickly and so completely. Everything here is built by just that ... a community of communities, working towards creating this entire virtual world; even in my early days of SL, I have worked with many different groups, with different interest, yet all tied together, networking. We all know that working with others, in groups, increases our output…now tie those groups together and see another exponential boost,  and so on and so on ... Community building community.

MV: What is the least favourite aspect of your job?

WP:  The "mundane hoops" and day to day stuff altogether…would much rather spend all my time on mic and partying with ya all here on SL!

MV: To keep your job in existence, where fans donate? Where can you be spotted before, during and/or after your duties?

WP:  Donations have never really been a high priority, very helpful none the less! My job however, is kept in existence out of my personal "entertainment budget".  I have recently started selling ad spots on the Howl. Handled in world by IM.  It truly is my love of streaming that pays the bills for The Howl.  Income has always been the side note. Unfortunately, as we grow, so do the expenses.

MV: In three words, lend advice to the kiddies out there on the move.

WP: actually tough...I could say Community building community, but I think dare to dream. Dreams are the fountainhead of innovation. Refrains from further elaboration as I already went over my 3 words.

Websited/Radio app Link:

Group Link: secondlife:///app/group/d3ef455a-5590-59ff-5bb8-492df06bdf1b/about


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