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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spotlight on SEYCHELLES ISLE- A place where Serenity, Tranquility and Prestige can be Experienced.- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Seychelles Isle was formerly known as Irish Estates until its rebirth in September of 2013.  Created by Irishgent Resident, it has become a dream that he has made a virtual reality; a close knit sailing community where everyone knows each other and participates in one another’s events and activities.

Seychelles Isle features a collection of islands surrounded by water, coral beds and magnificent beaches created and designed by the talented Ericaanne Hastings. Together with Irishgent’s vision and her hands on approach, together they captured the essence of all that defines serenity, tranquility and Prestige.

Interview with IrishGent Resident

Lanai: Hi Irish, it has been a long time since we have really sat down and talked about what you do here. I must say in the 2 years since Irish Estates, you have really flourished as a community. I am glad to see your vision has come to life in such a way.

Irish: Hi, and Thank you Lanai. It's always a pleasure to see you. Well, I can tell you these past 2 years have been an amazing time of growth, applied experience, and sharing as our prestigious community thrives.

Lanai: Before we shine a spotlight on this beautiful community, I would like our readers to get to know the man behind Sychelles Isle you.  Who is Irishgent and what brought him to Second Life?

Irish: I am first and foremost a people person. I have found that as I Invest in the quality of lives through services and entrepreneurial ventures that corporately we have succeeded in reaching our goals and have made lifelong connections and friendships along the way. To me that is the richest part of my endeavors.

I am a man with a goal to bring to life an experience in our world through this artistic creation... a wonderment in which we can all share. the beauty, tranquility, serenity, of what it is to live a life in the Seychelles isles.

I like to joke that it’s the hidden jewel of the sailing community where the billionaires chased off the millionaires!  I am man with a goal to provide that very experience in open water sailing to our very creative world.

Lanai: You have been here since 2011, in avatar years that is passed the noobie stage and going into seasoned resident. What can you tell me about your experience here thus far?

Irish:  I think that makes me about 200 years old now!  I’ll say this, since my first days here I had a goal in mind, to serve and provide an experience for us that enhances the virtual world and brings growth and enjoyment to our communities here.

Along the way I’ve met some wonderfully talented and skilled people (both creatively, technically, and business minded individuals) that have made this experience even more enjoyable and motivating.

Since my first rez-day, and continuing, I have a deeper understanding Our Second Life world as one of imagination, and creativity that brings the magic we all enjoy here…to me, my contribution to our common goal over these years has only made this experience more intriguing and delightful.

Lanai: Seychelles Isle is impressive. I really love the attention to detail and its luxurious feel.  While exploring it still has some reminisce of Irish Estates. Ericaanne Hastings creativity can certainly be felt here. What inspired you two in creating this community design?

Irish:  Thank you.  We pride ourselves on serving our community with a comfortable and safe place where the attention to detail and beauty can clearly be seen and obviously felt through our planning and Ericaanne Hastings' elegant touch.

Our inspiration comes from Seychelles Islands of the Indian Ocean, a love of the Sea & our communities that inhabit it.

Lanai: What inspired the name Seychelles Isle?

Irish:   That's easy Lanai. Our Inspiration for the name "Seychelles Isles" comes from the derivative of The Republic of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, an archipelago of legendary beauty, and a prestigious retreat to Sailors and Yacht owners around the world. 
Of its 115 islands, 41 constitute the oldest mid-oceanic granite islands on earth, and coral atolls and reef islands of the Outer Islands. Seychelles is truly a gem of the sailing community.

Lanai: Can you tell me more about the Sailing community here?

Irish: We have created a very beautiful and tranquil open water sailing experience with now over 40 sims and expanding. Seychelles Isles prides itself on being an active participant in sailing events such as the Americas Cup races, Golden Gates yacht Club sl, and  Home of the Louis Vuitton Cup In SL. We are host to the Sail for Life races & Sail For Life Jazz Festival, Annual Seychelles Isles Raft~Up and our on- going sailing regattas.

Lanai: besides sailing, you have some pretty nice areas for live performances and other activities. How often do you have events and what other things does Seychelle Isle have to offer residents in Second Life©?

Irish:   Our community is privy to live singers, DJ parties, and home to the Anchor & Compass Public House & Docks, and The Elite Sounds of Jazz club all providing multi-weekly events and primarily during the 1-4 slt times on the weekends.
We also offer meet and greet socializing, dance venues, social contest as best parcel, photo contests, and other muses such as our annual Raft~Up and upcoming sailing classes and regattas.

Lanai: Something this well designed cannot be done alone. Besides having Ericaanne’s touch on this community, who else is involved in keeping things organized and entertaining?

Irish: I have had the privilege of being surrounded by talented and committed people such as our Chief Operations officer: Baila Palmira, Commodore of the Golden Gates Yacht Club sl: Don Berithos, and Vice: Roan Blackburn, Entertainment Director: Justin Meyers, and David Jupiter, Ambassador and Director of Public Relations.

Lanai: How can residents go about being part of Seychelles Isle’s community?
Irish:   Our primary tool is the Seychelles Isles website @ and our professional staff if you have specific questions.

Lanai: Do you have land for rent? If so, is it both commercial and residential?

Irish:  Yes, Lanai we have land for sale in Seychelles Isles primarily as a residential community and supportive of our residents endeavors.  We also have mooring slips at the yacht club marina.

Lanai: I think you all are doing a fantastic job here and I hope to see some more new and exciting things happening here. What can you tell me about things to come for Seychelles Isle?

Irish:   We are moving forward as a community as we expand providing more open water sailing opportunities for our world. With that said, we welcome people from all walks of life embracing diversity in our community.

Lanai: I cannot end this interview without mentioning your success with raising money for FEED A Smile. Can you tell our readers about this cause and how much Seychelles Islae raised.?

 Irish:  One of our proudest moments has been when we hosted our media partner, SL Live Radio's  ~FEED A SMILE~ fund-raising event at our Golden Gates Yacht Club SL. With all of the generous donations we raised 245,000+L in 2 hours (equivalent to approx. 2000 meals). If you would like to find out more visit Live and Learn in Kenya at

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that  gave to this worthy life changing cause and a warm thank you to our partners at SL LIVE RADIO - Esme Capelo and Thorn Andel.

Additional Information
SLURL:  Port Victoria Isle (47,200,31)

Preferred Contact:
IrishGent, Baila Palmira, David Jupiter.


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