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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Technology: What is the SL Go Viewer?- Jessii2009 Warrol Reporting…

If you have heard of the new SL Go viewer, then you probably have heard the negativity surrounding the launch of the project. 

The biggest gripes were the cost of the program. When SL Go was first launched, users had to purchase access via minutes. This type of pricing model was something that had not been since the early 90’s and was reminiscent of old internet dial up plans. Linden Labs and OnLive actually listened and now you can enjoy this great application for the low cost of 9.99 USD a month. So what is SL Go?

SL Go is the new cloud based tablet and pc/laptop web viewer from Second Life. The viewer is a full blown version of Second Life and works pretty well on tablets and pcs/laptops. I tried the viewer a few weeks ago on my Samsung Galaxy tablet and was blown away by the detail and quickness of the viewer. SL Go is also becoming my viewer of choice on my laptop, as it also runs via the web.

With SL Go you have the functionalities of a full downloaded SL viewer. You can teleport, build, access your inventory, stream music, voice, walk around, and of course fly! You can also run SL Go via OnLive gaming systems and on your televisions.

You can access SL GO via your android based mobiles and tablets. You will need to sign up for a free OnLive account to access SL Go and pay the 9.99 USD fee for one month of service. You can cancel anytime and there is a 20 minute trial period.  Once you log into OnLive and launch SL Go, you use your normal SL user name and password to launch SL Go. Remember that you can use SL Go on pcs and laptops, so if you have an older pc or laptop that is having trouble running a regular downloaded version of Second Life, this may be the solution for.

The downside to SL Go is that if you are an iPad or iPhone user, the application is not available. Another potential downside is that the interface is viewer 3 based, so if you are used to a viewer 1 styled interface, you may have to brush up on how to use this interface. Check out SL Go today: and check out this great preview of SL GO by Second Life Draxtor File’s creator, Draxtor Dextor:



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