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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Get yourself some -{ZOZ}- exclusives at Fashion For Life on June 7 – June 20!

From June 7 till June 20 you can enjoy one of the biggest event s of this year in Second Life: 

Fashion For Life – Wanderlust. Enjoy this event while it lasts by shopping at the 10 beautifully decorated sims it has to offer. Being one of the champions, -{ZOZ}- has released some exclusives for this event that you don’t want to miss out on.

Over time -{ZOZ}- has specialized in creating the most beautiful nail polishes on the grid. Every polish has a unique character and comes in a variety of fashionable colors. When taking a closer look you will see how much effort has been put into the details. There is always a glitter or shimmer that will make your jaw drop. 

It didn’t take long until -{ZOZ}- expanded by creating shoes. Edgy, refreshing and sexy are keywords used to describe them. From high elegant heels to a casual modern wedge, you will find it all in the -{ZOZ}- collection.

For Fashion For Life, -{ZOZ}- has released two exclusive pairs of heels. The Namrah heel is a high modern shoe that can be worn with casual clothing as well as formal. The suede fabric gives it a soft feel, while the chain gives it some edge. A heel you could wear the whole year through. 

The other exclusive is called Synfull and is very different. The name already reveals something about the look. It is a high sexy leather heel with a elegant twist. It is a very open shoe with small chains around the ankles. The most eyecatching part is the front which is covered with little diamonds. This is a heel you will fall in love with immediately and won’t find anywhere else. Dress up in your favorite gown and show off your feet in these beauties.
The last amazing exclusive for Fashion For Life is the Love Polish. 12 Beautiful colors dipped in glitter with a heart drawn in the middle. Elegant and cute, this polish can fit every outfit.
If the quality of these exclusives isn’t enough reason for you to purchase, then please remember that through buying you will be donating to the American Cancer Society. All of us have (known) someone in our life that is or has been struggling with cancer. You might have even experienced this struggle yourself. One of the worst things about this struggle is feeling helpless. So what if we all decide together to not feel helpless anymore, but to donate to a cause that will get us one step closer to finding a cure. Take that step by purchasing through one of the vendors at the Fashion For Life Event.

You can find the -{ZOZ}- stand on the Promenade sim by using the following slurl:
You can also use the donation kiosk at our mainstore:
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