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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A kind-hearted blue-blood, a look into Marcus Lefevre’s Life -Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

When you think of blood-blue, the gentry, the thought evokes rich, well-mannered, courtly, moneyed and, of course, the possible uptight attitude that gives the genteel permission to look down their long, lofty noses at those of us scramble to make ends meet. When meeting Marcus Lefevre, he changes one’s perception of this privied gaggle of fine-feathered geese. He does possess the money, fame, manners and regality that conjures the spirit of a powerful king, but he is the opposite of snobby, and he comes to understand us “regular” folks, as he was once one of us. He, in the words of pop rapper Drake, started from the bottom now he is here.

 He made his fortune the traditional approach, through hard-work and diligence. He climbed the corporate ladder in the Realty industry and has never looked back with his sheer tunnel focus. Now, he luxuriates in the lap of luxury, continuing to work on his legacy, carving an imprint on SL that will sure outlast the impermanence of the physical accoutrements that this kind-hearted blood-blue worked so arduously to acquire.

Mikile Vinciolo:  Our last encounter left me in awe, especially having learned that you in all your resplendent glory had suffered at the hand of life. Do you mind sharing some of the troubling experience(s) that you went through?

Marcus Lefevre:  well, it certainly started when I began to work in SL for RGF Estates. The previous directors were North-American and laughed about me, because my English was really not good at this time.  I started as small land agent with bad English and being gay. I think it has put me in an extraordinary position once the owner of RGF Estates recognized by abilities and eagerness. Very fast i was called his "little prince" then... So...the next difficult things was when the previous directors had to leave the company due to an occasion I revealed. Now, I was the bad English speaking, gay rebel. (Laughs) And, from there, I made my way up. I didn't look to much left and right, in terms of what other thought about me. Actually, my sexuality was less a problem, I think there were a few accounts which avoided me because of it. In the years, I've improved my English, and I owe that to Second Life and the immense importance of communication. 
I opened Fire Island Gay Beach two years ago with my best friend Swisher

MV: Before we chit-chat about Fire Island, what is the list of business ventures that your name is attached to?

ML: Oh! Let me think... the very first is, always, RGF Estates, the second largest Realtor in Second Life after ACS.  The second "baby" I have is Master S&M Estates, which is my private subdivision of RGF Estates, created together with Swisher after I broke up with West Indies Resorts. Then, I have Fire Island Gay Beach as a club and beach spot. I have the Lefevre Mansion as my home, and as an entertainment and culture hub. It is hard to find a definition there. Foremost, however, the Lefevre mansion is my home.
Pour SL Homme is my shop where I ask certain, hand-chosen designers to display their seasonal collections.
The Art Gallery at the mansion gets curated by Kylie Angel and her assistant for the Rose Galleries, which are less my business, but initiated by me.
The Partycular Theatre above the mansion initially has been built for Frolic Mills and his company but as it is mine, I use it, as well.
 (Laughs) I can continue. There are several magazines in SL who have my direct or indirect support, the most important right now, is the German language UpToDate Magazine, and a few model agencies and academies have my utmost respect for their work and "any time" support for anything they need to realize.
The Lefevre & Hernandoz foundation has been created explicitly to support organizations as above but also charities, like the AIDS-Hilfe in Germany and my hometown, several cancer charities and we`re also helping actively for Parkinson research.

MV: Okay! We are going to stop there. 

ML: (Chuckles) Okay!

MV: What is in the makings of your personal and/or professional life?

ML:  in my personal life I`m just learning to see Second Life from another side. My relationship to people always has been reserved, and yet, I have been approachable for all and everything. I had to learn, that this is not always the best choice and that I need to set fixed rules more in order to limit my headaches. Therefor I´ve made certain rules why and how charities can approach me and limit this. I´ve met a wonderful man in the owner of Egoisme Ltd., who`s opening my eyes in business and private matters without any of his own intentions and I cannot thank him enough for that. For the professional life... I’m working to keep RGF Estates in strong position to other estates, especially if it`s about land pricing. The last two years have shown that again and again several individuals try to break the market rates in order to achieve short time wins. Which they don´t understand is, this behavior damages the whole land market long term and does not serve anyone, but will destroy SL sooner or later.

MV: As a representative or proxy for the SL rich and famous, hehe, what are some of your favourite pastime activities?

ML:  the most wonderful experience was the opening of the mansion. It`s an event I never will forget. But it actually gets topped by my first official public speech I held here at the Angel Manor a year ago, for the first benefit gala I organized. The feedback since has exceeded ALL expectations.

MV: So, you allow individuals in to live like weekend gentry. Have you ever thought of allowing individuals to stay here for extended periods for small fees? I, of course, would gladly pay a fee to stay here and live like an aristocrat, briefly.

ML:  I`m not sure whether I understand right... but if it`s about the Angel Manor, everyone is able to rent here, for any time period they wish. Plus... this structure, this estate, is not mine. The only I contribute gladly here, is the West Wing in front of the Rose Theatre. But it`s all Kaya's Angel`s property, he`s the land lord for this particular estate. I believe there are right now two apartments available for rent and everyone can rent them. But the demand is high, so they are probably rented soon again.

MV: When do you plan to retire, if ever?

ML: (laughs)  earliest the day when I feel that I don´t have any power left anymore... all I do is take a lot of my resources, but I keep trying to please all and everyone as best as I can...


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  1. I agree with the tip of not trying too hard to imitate the way of speaking. Aside from it's annoying, I think it will just blow their chances. Thanks for sharing.

    ielts module

  2. This report never did get onto the subject of Fire Island, sadly. That was a project I learned a great deal from, which provided opportunities for me, working for Marcus and other talented people, and it remains a most important and enjoyable experience of my 12 years + in SL. I secretly hope that Marcus would bring it back, but he's been there and done that, I understand that totally. But there is a legion of accounts that remember Fire Island with great affection. Perhaps you will do an article about it one day with Marcus. I would love to read that too.


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