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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Check out Style Kingdom Vol 8 !- Style Challenge submission deadline is August 8th!

Style challenge - Be featured in September edition!

Instructions to submit your photos
1) Attach your style pic in a note card. It can be raw or edited.
2) Make sure your styling can be seen from head to toe. Attach a closeup as well if you’re wearing head accessories.
3) Include your style credits at the bottom of the pic(s). NO full/off the rack/out of the box outfits allowed!
4) Include the NAME of the hero/villain and the COMPANY the character was created from at the top of the note card for proper/legal crediting use in the magazine.
5) Name the note card : Vol 9 Casting (your name) – SK model*/Styling challenge*/Invited stylist*  <— Indicate one. Ensure the notecard and pic has full perms.
*SK model = models in our management & model group. *Styling challenge = Residents participating in this challenge and are NOT in our management & models group. *Invited stylist = Residents we’ve personally invited to take part in Vol 9.
6) SK models to submit your note cards to Dougie Boxen.
7) Invited stylist and styling challenge participators to submit your note cards to Kiana Lexenstar.
8) Deadline to submit is 8th August 2014.
More info Here!


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