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Monday, August 4, 2014

Spotlight on Breakers- A Great Place to Live and Play

Owned and operated by NyCharlie Vyper and  co- owner Smilemaker Mathy, Breakers is an active virtual community that functions like a real one. Many of the residents have lived there a long time. This type of longevity gives Breakers a unique character that makes people feel at home.

Breakers is New England themed and consists of 4 sims. Two of which are water sims with island homes, beaches, piers and shopping . There are also fun water activities such as surfing, water skiing and 7seas fishing to indulge in. The main sim on Breakers is a reflection of an old New England town with art galleries, movie theater, beautiful homes and a library. 

The 4th sim is residential with a church nestled on a hilltop. There are an assortment of activities that are put together each month such as a Book Club, Film Forum, fishing tournaments and game night, including hunts and contests.

Interview with Smilemaker Mathy

SLE: Why did you decide to open Breakers and why did you decide on a New England theme?

Smilemaker: I had taken it over from a previous owner. Loved the theme!

SLE: What are some of the exciting things to do at  Breakers? Do you have any music venues?

Smilemaker: surfing, jet skis, 7seas fishing, dances with djs, contests, hunts, book club, film forum, games nights, coffee and chat

SLE:  Tell us more about the Book Club and the Film Forum

Smilemaker:  Book Club meets once a month; currently reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  For more information please contact Templar Graves. The Film Forum meets once or twice a month - no film selected at present - last film was Frances Ha  For more information please contact RudyB Resident/

SLE:  How can one be a part of  Breakers? (as a resident/tenant or guest)?

Smilemaker: You can contact either NyCharlie Vyper or Smilemaker Mathy for more information.  There is also an office in town where you can pick up a notecard of information and a list of available rentals.   Guests are welcome any time to explore Breakers and use our fun facilities.

SLE:  What exciting and new things can we expect from Breakers in the future?

Smilemaker: Different activities and functions. Perhaps further development on the sailing sims. 

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