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Monday, December 1, 2014

The R.A.FT.- A Unique Club/Lounge Opening up on the Water at Coco Caye- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Have you ever partied on a raft in the middle of the water without falling off?  Probably not but in Second Life we all know anything is possible. Located at Coco Caye, the R.A.F.T is a club and lounge that holds events three times a week. Owner Psych Asylum, Co owner Aja Direwytch and their crew have created the perfect hangout for adventure seekers that love to party and have fun on the open water, sailing or jumping the waves on a jet ski. Upon landing you will find yourself in the middle of the water on a raft. You can go straight to the dance floor, hit the bar for a drink or fall back into one of the comfy lounge chair to observe the action.  Just be warned that you may come across a pirate or even a witch at the party.
We sat down with one of the owners of the R.A.F.T to find out more about this unique place.

Lanai: Hi Aja, the R.A.F.T is an interesting place to throw parties, it is away from the mainland and surrounded by water on all sides. What was the inspiration behind this unique club/lounge?

Aja: Rypmav and I decided to buy the region we lived on, Coco Caye. We knew we always wanted a place for friends etc to come and hang out but once we started to edit the region it looked so beautiful with all the water surrounding it that we decided to start our club. It helps that we have been RL friends for many years and are very similar but the opposite at the same time.

Lanai: It is certainly an advantage to work on Second Life projects with someone you know in RL. You recently had a soft opening of this new venue, how was the turn out?

Aja: Turn out was good. We got and still are getting good numbers. We are thankful to all our friends who continue to support us.

Lanai: That's great. What type of music genres do you normally feature?

Aja: We have different DJs playing different genres on different nights. We feature good music from electro and house to rock and metal. We aim to not have DJs playing tunes that can be heard any time on the radio. We look for something different.

Lanai: Uniqueness is important and a variety fmusic is a good thing. It takes a team to run a tight ship..errr raft. Who is part of your crew and what do they do?
Aja: As we are just getting started we are a small team. Rypmav is an awesome DJ so as well as being co owner he is the house DJ and the more outgoing i would say. I play treasurer, host, sales and marketing but we both pretty much wear all the hats we need to when we need to. We also have DJs with recurring sets they are: DJ Wayne, DJ Chris, DJ Mateo and DJ Nyx. Exo is a good friend of ours and also our Squatter. She helps us out when we need a host or need to bring in more traffic. We are grateful for all the attention she has brought to our little club.

Lanai: You will be hosting events three times a week, will there be contests and themes?

Aja: We are currently setting up a course for duck races and jet ski races. These events will be pay to join and will pay out a L$ prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Lanai: That sounds like fun. When is your official grand opening?
Aja: Soon we hope! We have almost covered all the issues that have popped up during the soft opening and we hope to have a big grand opening before Christmas

Lanai: Are you hiring Djs and Hosts? If so, who should they contact?
Aja: We are hiring more DJs and Hosts but it can be hard to find reliable staff sometimes. We are hiring now. They can contact myself or rypmav. They can also send an email to

Lanai: What do you think is the most important part about creating a venue that is successful?

Aja: I think a lot of different people are on SL and you end up with a lot of different tastes and opinions. We just try to be real and be ourselves. We wanted a place where people could come and be themselves without judgment. Everyone is welcome at the R.A.F.T furry, human, vamp, lycan, gay, straight, yellow, blue, whatever you are. Come as you are and do what you feel but please respect everyone and have fun. Ask me again in a year if we have a successful venue haha

Lanai:  I'll keep that in mind for next year lol. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Aja: We are not one of the big commercial clubs. We just wanted to give people a beautiful place to hang out or party. You go to some clubs and everyone is in IM and stuck in dance or whatever. You come to the R.A.F.T and people are throwing water balloons at each other and hanging off the dance poles. We are definitely unique and we love to have fun

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