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Friday, February 20, 2015

Epic Gamer Radio- Newest Virtual Radio in Second Life but not New to Virtual Gamers- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

EGR was founded by Michael Bishop (trupod) and launched on January 3, 2014 in other virtual worlds such as The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online  and other grids EGR Dj’s are members of. A year later Michael brought Epic Gamer Radio into Second Life where he continues to share his passion for virtual worlds and bring these communities together using music.  Together with his dedicated team, they offer a variety of genres as well as affordable radio advertising options.  SLE sat down with Michael Bishop to learn more about EGR and their plans in Second Life.

Interview with Michael Bishop

Who founded Epic Gamer Radio and what is the inspiration behind this online radio station?

 Michael Bishop founded Epic Gamer Radio in the hopes of bring the different communities of gamer's together who not only are passionate about the games that they play but also are about going out into their own communities to help anyone in need.

When was Epic Gamer Radio established?
Epic Gamer Radio was founded in November 2013  and launched on January 3rd 2014

Can you tell us a about the staff that makes up EGR and their roles?
 We are pleased to be the very first Internet radio station that uses a triad counsel to govern the station. Xexeb, Jessie Lynn, and Stewie make up this governing body. They along with the ownership, the CEO Ripley, and our Operations Directors Trent Rabe and Popcorn make sure that everything at the station runs like a Swiss watch. As an owner I can tell you that without these people the station just wouldn't be the same.

What genres of music can listeners expect from EGR?
 We offer a variety of genres from our DJ's from Rock, Classic Rock, EDM, House, Techno, Top 40, and so much more.

EGR recently expanded into Second life, what other virtual worlds are you broadcasting to?
 The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, really any game that our DJ's play in. We are always more than willing to throw a party in a game and get the community involved.

What separates EGR from others virtual world radio stations on the grid? Epic Gamer Radio is truly different because all the staff are like family. They are the people that always has your back, and everyone here really cares about the station as a whole. I'm proud of the fact that they have come together. It's a really positive place and everyone has grown so much since coming to the station.

Piracy and legal issues can occur without proper music sharing licensing. Do you have your bases covered?
In a single word, Yes. We pay royalties for all the music that's played over our streams. We are one of the few Internet radio stations that are totally legal. We even go so far as to provide our DJ's with legal copies of their broadcasting software we are really proud of that fact.

EGR offers commercial slots on air. What type of packages do you offer and who do they contact to get started?
 Here's a list of the packages we offer, so you can choose the one that best fits your business. Bronze Package L$620 weekly:The smallest package that we offer with the Bronze package you receive a custom 30 second ad to be played twice everyday during SL Prime time.  Silver Package L$1240 weekly:The medium package not to big not to small most Owner's agree this one is just about perfect. With this package you receive two 30 second ads to be played twice during SL Prime time.  Gold Package L$1860 weekly:The largest package the most bang for you SL dollar. With this package you receive two 30 second ads played hourly during SL Prime time, and your logo displayed on your affiliates page on our website. People can contact trupod resident for more information

What would you like to accomplish with EGP in Second Life?
 Epic Gamer Radio was founded on the basis of building an ever expanding community that exists in many areas of gaming, and online organizations. We would like to carry that mission into Second Life and continue to grow as a company and a community. We will not only be enterprising ourselves as a radio station but also as a public service, and a great entertainment venue. Not only will we be offering music broadcasting, but we will also be offering advertisement services, as well as shopping space in our EGR Squared plaza.  We are a group of volunteers trying to serve and expand our community and these are some of the ways in which we will do so.

Where are you located in Second life?  Epic Gamer Radio home offices are located there, along with the Epic Gamer Radio open venue and shopping Square. We created this space so that people would have a place to throw parties, events, and of course get to know not only their favorite Djs but also the community of Epic Gamer Radio.

 What type of events do you offer your fans at your headquarters? We have plans for a large array of events and activities at the land. There will be concerts, car shows, (something coming up soon here at EGR.) All of our out of world events that we hold will now be done in both places. With items that you can get in world like t-shirts, and other things, Its a very exciting time for the station and we are very happy with how the SL venture is unfolding.

What type of contests or charities does EGR participate in?
 We have a yearly Charity event called Child's Play that we participate in. We are always searching for more ways to give back to the community, and we really hope to find more ways to do so in the future.

You have shop space available at your headquarters. What do you currently have available?
 We still have large, medium, and small shops available. Large shops are going for 400L and have access to 200 prim. Medium stores are 200L and have access to 100 prim, and small stores are 100L and have access to 50 prims. They are really awesome, and the entire look of the sim is wonderful. It’s got a truly small downtown feeling.

Who can residents contact for a tour of rental property?
 If anyone would like to tour any of shops, or anywhere on the sim please contact: trupod resident or Jessielynnrose resident.

Are you currently hiring?  If so, which positions are available?
We here at Epic Gamer Radio are always looking for any and all positions. At the moment we are looking for DJ's, Filler DJ's, Event Coordinator's, Human Resource Personnel, Staff Writers, Graphics artist's, and Audio Engineers. Im sure there are other positions I cant recall at the moment. Anyone interested should go to or email .

What is the name of your in-world group? Is it free to join?
 EGR Squared is the name of the group if you visit our land you get invited instantly to the group but yeah its 100% free to join to get the latest info on everything happening at EGR

Is there anything else about EGR that you would like to share with our readers?
Epic Gamer Radio is very excited for our future here in Second Life, and we couldn't be happier to be here. We hope to meet everyone in game, and hope that your readers stop in to see what we have to offer and hang out with us.
Upcoming Events
 Career Fair February 21, 2015
 We also have plans for a car show coming up next month. We normally have an event once or twice a month.

Additional Information
Music Stream URL:
Twitter: @epicgamerradio

Preferred Contact:


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