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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Join Metal Riders World 1% MC and be part of a Growing MC Association.

Motorcycle Clubs are growing in vast numbers across Second Life. MCs are an alternative to Family RP which is also consuming the grid. Unlike family rp, MCs incorporate a creed and rules that create a unique separation. Many members consider themselves to be family members but they welcome anyone who wants to be a part of an association in Second Life.

 About MRMC
Metal Riders World 1% MC was founded by ҜØЯΪ (kori.dimanovic) and established In January 2015. MRMC is currently looking for members who are at least 30 days old and use voice to be considered for promotion from hangarounds to patching.

What are the incentives for joining MRMC?
MRMC seeks out people who are tired of constantly running into the drama and BS that is found almost everywhere in Second Life. This association offers an MC group that focuses solely on enjoying the most of our SL lives and connecting with other like- minded individuals.

What separates MRMC from other MCs in SL?
What separates MRMC from other clubs is the diversity of the people we bring in of different backgrounds, gender, relationship status, sexual preferences, hobbies and skills.  MRMC aims to have fun with everyone as a whole group instead of just like forming clichés and being attached only to like two or three people within the group.  We spend time with everyone.
Bylaws are put in place to ensure order within MRMC and set the foundation for our association.

No Discrimination Allowed
 MRMC does not discriminate based on gender, race, religion or sexual preference. Anyone who fits the 30 day criteria and voice verification is welcome to fill out an application to join. MRMC’s only other requirement is that the avatar is a human. Racial slurs, or any type of discrimination WILL NOT be tolerated.  Drama is another misconduct that is frowned upon in MRMC. If any member is caught doing so they will be excommunicated no questions asked.

What activities can members expect to do in MRMC?
It all depends on each members likes.  MRMC has builders, DJ's, hostesses, bike riders and  gamers  to name a few. The sky is the limit with each person who comes in and wears this cut. The more diversity MRMC has the more opportunities members have to partake in more activities. MRMC is also a supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness and other charity events happening on the grid. We encourage all our members to get involved.

The process for patching in are as follows:
 All potential members must complete the application to join, you must be in the support group for a minimum of 7 days before you can receive hangaround status. Hangarounds will be voted on by the club to determine upgrade to prospecting. The prospect period ends in a minimum of 2 weeks from the day members put on the prospect patch. Upon completion of prospecting the MRMC club members will vote to determine if the prospect has met the dedication needed to earn a full patch.

Procedure for Membership
Each potential member is required to fill out an application.  Once its reviewed and no issues are found, The applicant is made a hangaround.  The hangaround process is approximately one week or more depending on when MRMC can get that person voted to prospecting.

 The Prospect period is a minimum 2 week process. The member must show that they are a person that will be a dedicated member of MRMC. It is the proving grounds in a way to see if they will fit in with everyone.'
 Upon the end of those two weeks, the club will vote on making that person a full patched member.  If the member is accepted then the prospect goes into what is known as "Hell Night" which the prospect undergoes random tasks that are to be done (all in good fun of course) and usually lasts a few hours. Upon completing hell night the prospect is made into a full patched member!

Get started today!
Contact ҜØЯΪ (kori.dimanovic) for an application
Visit MRMC at

Group: Metal Riders MC Support
President- ҜØЯΪ (kori.dimanovic)
Vice President- Stavenius
Secretary- Darik Smooth
Recruiter- Epic Smooth


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