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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Lyrical Cafe Poetry Club Announces its Grand Reopening this Saturday February 21st, 2015 at 6 pm SLT!

The Lyrical Cafe Poetry Club owned and operated by Kamille Kamala has reopened its doors! This unique venue has been a staple on the SL grid off and on since December of 2009. Kamille is back from a much needed break and she has been replenished with a brand new vigor for poetry and the spoken word arts.

The Lyrical has seen some of the best and brightest poets on the grid. Some of the most talented poets have graced the stage bringing with them their creative babies while they have entertained our patrons over the years.

The Lyrical is not a biased place of business, we are happy to allow anyone of all ranges of talent to come showcase their work. We believe that only YOU can tell your story, and tell it perfectly. We are all in the grips of our own human experience and during our events we are all in the same frame of mind. Our minds are turned to the appreciation of the Arts.  And, some of us like to express ourselves using the medium of spoken word. If that sounds like you, you are welcome to come speak your mind and share your art here at the Lyrical.

Kamille is a published poet in several literary magazines, anthologies, and online publications over the years. Her poetry has been described as highly political and ultra feminine with a funky artistic twist. Kamille used the poetry medium to release the pain she had in her early life, and as she wrote each poem they became somewhat of a mile marker for her past, stating "I was here" poetically.

Poetry did more to help her heal the pain than any therapist could ever do. After she found a solid landing spot to land on emotionally, she knew she had to share it with the world. Kamille wanted to help others by giving them a virtual venue to express their creative feats. She wanted to show others the way to go so that they too can become more culturally fulfilled.

This is when the Lyrical Cafe Poetry Club was born close to six years ago. The Lyrical has had its share of musicians, singers, and other performers as well. At one point, it even had an Art Gallery for those who wanted to peruse the venue even more getting to know art in other forms. There were sculptures and paintings of all kinds, some even created just for the Lyrical.

With our new style and newly acquired drive, the Lyrical's doors are going to be open each Tuesday night at Six pm SLT. These events will be hosted by Kamille and we invite anyone that would like to share their work to stop by. We are extending a very special invitation to those who love to listen. We realize that the audience is key to the Lyrical's success as a poetry venue here in Second Life.

Overall, you will not regret your time here at the Lyrical. We are hoping that you will come check us out and stop by very often. We want you to become an official part of the Lyrical Cafe's family and allow us to become a weekly regular in your Second Life schedule.



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