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Friday, May 29, 2015

Taisynn's Favorite Places to Shop in Second Life

Shopping events are the pinnacle of high society in Second Life. The most fashionable are often the most well off residents on the grid. It's not the easiest finding the best places to shop at the highest quality. As a fashion blogger since 2013, finding places to shop has been a learning process of both getting to know the fashion and getting to know the designers' work. Here are my Favorite Places to Shop in Second Life. 

+ -- Altair Mini Mall @ Cerberus Crossing -- +
Altair Mini Mall is home to the stores Altair, Quirky, Bubblepop, and Dreamsicle. If you're looking for cute Japanese Fashion, commonly known as kawaii "or super cute," this mini mall will suite your needs perfectly. 

It is hosted by the main store Altair and owned by Tsurine Resident. Altair specializes in accessories from hair bows and clips, to necklaces and rings, to cat and bunny ears, to a sweet variety of shoes. These items are 100% custom mesh, and can be the cherry on top to any adorable look. 

Bubblepop, owned by Morgan.Adamski, sells sweet, doll-inspired skins. Her skins support Slink Physique, Maitreya Lara, and Omega Appliers. if you're looking to create your avatar into a marionette doll, this shop is perfect to make your dreams come true. 

Dreamsicle, owned by Jade.Composer, sells poses and accessories perfect for your next adorable photo-op. Upon entering the store, I spotted a creepy-kawaii spell circle rug with poses, and a succubus themed pose set for those who like a sexier version of kawaii. 

Quirky, owned by Glitch.Grantham, sells accessories ranging from mesh-body applier wear, like slink nails and omega socks, to custom mesh purses, collars, and panda themed, mesh bento boxes. If you're anything like me, with a love for socks, you'll find your lindens drifting away just to wear them on your pixel legs! 

+ -- The Asylum -- + 

Asylum, home to the fun and quirky stores of Zanzibar creationZ and Kidz Clozet, the dark and gothic FORSAKEN and SongBird, and the home base of Epic Events, this twisted carnival meets volcano is any hellish darklings' dream. Upon entering, you'll be set upon by pits of lava, hell hounds, and tortured, twisted demons. Sounds like home, if you're of a twisted sort. 

Zanzibar creationZ, owned by Arora.Zanziban, is themed on whimsical and quirky delights for any good humored resident. Custom mesh wearable crab claws, mounted cat butts for your wall, and a ballsack necklace are just the tip of the iceberg. You can also find shoes, clothes, and accessories. 

FORSAKEN, owned by VincentVile.Desantis, is home to a variety of unisex and gender blind accessories, poses, and clothing for the dark, whimsical, and free. If you can dare to risk potentially falling in the boiling lava pit in the center of the store, you may find gas masks, shoes, and accessories inspired by "a cluster fuck of epicness." 

I have to mention, if you're on a budget, they have a fun little Spider's Bounty Hunt going on at the sim. By stepping on the spiders, you have the potential to win one of 147 prizes. Heck, you can keep stepping on the same spider to see what it spits out. 

+ -- The Little Sideshow and Boardwalk -- +
Home to the stores such as The Little Bat, Kita's Sideshow, Gothyrotica, Lil' Things, Freekz, and Salem, the Little Sideshow has a lot to offer. Actually, there is so much to offer, I couldn't actually describe them all in this one article. Its home to 13 main stores and 25 flagships, all of which participate in making Nuvoletta an amazing shopping experience. 

The stores cover everything from men's and women’s mesh Goth and grunge wear, mesh body appliers, cosmetics, and even dancers and pose shops. There's a little bit of everything for everyone here. 

The Little Sideshow is home to the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair running from May 22nd to June 5th. All kinds of styles of gacha will be at this event, complete with 7Seas fishing for gift cards and fatpacks, carnival rides, and arcade games for everyone to enjoy. Plus, there are over 20 midnight mania and lucky boards on this sim, so this is truly an event rich and poor alike can partake in. 

+ -- Nouveaux -- +
Noveaux is a colorful shopping experience of both magical and whimsical designs. Home to the stores Cosette, Oxi, Pipit, Neverwish, Soul Mates, Moon Amore, The Horror, Mynx, Pixicat, DearDeer, Evermore, Rabid Squirrel, and Daintree, this full sim can bring delight to any fashionista's fantasies. 

You'll be able to find magical dresses held up by birds, as seen in Moon Amore, or a gorgeous priestess' gown made by Pixicat. You'll find creepy kawaii planchette necklaces and eyeball hairbows made by The Horror, and Neon colored platform shoes made by Neverwish, and so much more from all the designers located on this beautifully decorated and scenic sim.


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