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Sunday, June 21, 2015

All I have to do is Dream... Second Life style - Mackenzie Abbot and Lacy Muircastle reporting .......

This year’s theme for the SL12B Community Celebration is “What Dreams May Come.”

Only trouble is
Gee whiz
I'm dreamin' my life away  (with apologies to the Everly Brothers)

After much promotion and hoo-hah from the SL community, the Press Day for the 12th Second Life Birthday (SL12B) arrived and a mass of bloggers and press people descended on the landing spot, high on a hill on one of the many sims reserved for the birthday exhibits.  Mackenzie Abbot shares his thoughts on the SL12B, and Lacy Muircastle does her best to blog bomb his efforts …

Mack:  The last week was a bit of a nightmare for us at the SLE.  In between doing the usual day-to-day stuff (getting advertisers, collecting and editing articles etc.) we’ve also been trying to set up our exhibit and getting it all set and proper for the eager masses to enjoy.  So, when Press Day came around, it was nice to be able to do my job AND enjoy the spectacle that is the SL12B event.

Mack: Landing in a clearing on top of a hill, I was greeted by the volunteer hosts and hostesses and given a press pack, which was basically a notecard with a bit of history about the SL12B.  Bit self-gratifying but it was useful.  After which I was told to go enjoy myself through the arch to the south.
Lacy M: Having been out on a RL social whirl, I was tardy and subsequently I arrived in my own fine time and launched myself straight at the Cake Stage.  It’s psychedelic to say the least, and you feel like you are part of some serious trip on some very good stuff, never mind a dream.  But it is fun to wander through and there are surprises to find while you do.

Mack: Descending a set of stairs, I landed in a rather garish and, quite frankly, badly laid out nightmarish train station, complete with a demonic train with legs and a consist (set of carriages) that snaked its way into the sky and faded away.  I decided to dispense with random clicking on the teleport boards and started at the top right of the cluster of sims.  This one was called “Impressive” and, in the main, was aptly named.

Mack:  Snaking my way around the exhibits, I was astounded by the imaginations of the people who had spent the time well, creating exhibits that were both unique and wonderous.  I was also left baffled by one particular exhibit called “Kiar” which was basically a giant fairground pirate ship and a few boxes.  Maybe I missed the point of it, but it was as impressive as half-chewed tofu served on a bed of disappointment.  The sheer range of creations and imaginative layouts made me want to be more creative in my own personal builds.

Lacy M: Talking about creative, I was enamoured by the DJ Stage, it looks like it is straight from the set of the old Mad Max movies, from way back when.  The schedule of events to be held here is on the website.

Mack:  The Afro-Latino Foodways Museum was a prime example of how basic can be best.  Its layout was that of a section of a small village, with a house, marketplace and a communal growing area.  A representation of how someone may imagine an African community to look.  It was a simple place to be standing in and, on first glance, may seem to have been rushed to get it ready, but when you take time to look and think, it explains so much in one 1024 parcel.  Everything that matters is right there, including the religious icons behind the simple, yet functional house.  So much can be explained in such a small area.
Mack: It’s impossible to explain in just one article the intensity of the exhibits on display, but a few will make you stop and stare.

Mack: Despite being Press Day, there were precious few people around when I logged in and hopped over to see what was what.  Hopefully tomorrow will draw a crowd.  I personally think this is could be a great event after the pathetic cattle market that was the Premium Members Party.  Only time will tell.

Lacy M:  Mack, Mack, It wasn't a "party", just a general "get together" for premium members!!  But if any of you want to meet the Lindens you can:

This year, Ebbe Altburg, aka Ebbe Linden, the CEO of Linden Lab will be interviewed in the beautiful Dreamatorium (SL12B  on Friday 26th June at 1pm.
This will be the last series in a series of “Meet the Lindens” talks scheduled for the Dreamatorium. All talks will be at 1pm SLR. The full timetable is:
Meet the Lindens:
  • Monday 22nd June – Oz Linden, Engineering Director, Second Life
  • Tuesday 23rd June – Patch Linden, Senior Manager, Product Operations, and  Dee Linden, Land Product Specialist
  • Wednesday 24th June – Xiola Linden, Lead Community Manager, and Pete Linden, Senior Director, Global Communications at Linden Lab
  • Thursday  25th June – Danger Linden, Sr. Director, Product, Virtual Worlds and Troy Linden, Senior Producer
  • Friday 26th June – Ebbe Linden, CEO Linden Lab
The Meet the Linden talks are just one of a series of talks at the Second Life 12th Birthday Celebrations.
Be sure to look out for more on this year's SL Birthday celebrations right here or go to


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