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Monday, June 15, 2015

Facebook with Privacy: Avatar Social Network is Your Answer

Facebook the online phenomenon born in 2004, became part of everyday life in a very short time. Everyone has, or had, a Facebook account at one point. With it's over a billion members, it is a social media icon in online connection. Create a profile with your name, schooling, job history. Find friends, family, share photos, post stuff, and keep in touch with folks. Play games, make new friends in communities of interest, and participate in group activities.

As the internet spreads, it is a free-for-all place to find information—an all-you-can-eat buffet for those that wish to find you, thanks to Facebook, and other social media services, that connect to real life identities. Being found can be good, or, perhaps not good. So, what if you don't want your real life to be exposed, yet still make friends and stay connected in the virtual world?

Among the many platforms (such as Second Life, Inworldz, LittleField Grid, and all the so called Opensim and Hypergrid worlds, or even MMO games like World of Warcraft, EVE_Online, Aion, Rift, etc.), creating an avatar as an alter-ego can allow a full life in a virtual space, without exposing any real life information.

 For many, this alter-ego can feel more you than you! A virtual life can be as rich, or maybe even richer, than a real one. How can you stay in touch with this robust social life via social media? 
There is a great demand to extend the social network outside the confines of specific platforms, as the international community grows. Yet, there is a problem. Facebook and most social media websites require real information if you want their services. If you would use your fictional made-up name, you violate their Terms of Service Agreement. Facebook may delete your account if you do not use your real name and information.

What can all the (estimated in the millions) of virtual world residents and MMO game players do? Where can you go to fulfill the potential of your network? Every platform registry asks for real information nowadays. Collecting information is the norm, even demanded, before service commences. Privacy is hardly an option anymore.

But there is a strong and innovative alternative— a social media website that welcomes every member with any kind of name, look, made up information, fantasy, multiple accounts, several avatars or game characters: Avatar Social Network

As so many internet sites ask for more and more personal details about users, many users wish to enjoy some privacy and to find escape from real life for a spell. Avatar Social Network allows you to enjoy your alternate world. As a member, you can be whomever or whatever you wish to be, privately.

Born in Arkad Baxton's mind sometime in 2008, this unique platform became public in 2013 when the growth of multiple virtual worlds took off. He saw there was enough people that needed a private space for virtual alter egos. So he created Avatar Social Network to be the social media website for avatars and gamers.

Facebook makes regular sweeps that deactivates hundreds, or even thousands, of accounts that didn't provide real information or were additional to a real account. Plus Facebook has many other restrictions on growth, sharing, or ways to participate that are not conducive to the virtual lifestyle. Avatar Social Network was developed by learning from the best loved social media features, and expanding upon them. With considerable advantages, more and more members are migrating to this fast-growing website: self-proclaimed even as "Facebook Refugees." 

Once arriving at a world designed more to the needs of the virtual culture, you discover how the site integrates all the media that enhance the virtual experience: links, videos, photos, blogs, list special features here that you are most proud of into the social nucleus that best reaches your community. 

It becomes the center of your immerse experience.  Arkad welcomes new members by saying "Enjoy the freedom this website provides you, as it will not sniff into your real life or limit your fantasy alter ego. Be a man, woman, pink pony, werewolf, vampire, or hairy little bugger, and connect with virtual friends all over the world."


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