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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Smooching Serpents Introduces Rusty Banger

Probably Second Life's most expensive wrecked car. But certainly its best and kinkiest, and here is your chance to get it for half the price...

Cuddle up on the filthy back seat, or chain your partner to the banger for ease of use. Or just sit on your treasured rust heap and relax.

Set fire to it or let it rain while you wallow in dozens of superb animations, all poseball free, threesomes and foursomes included,  find your way through extensive RLV options, choose your favourite design, and of course it's all mesh, and all in the usual Smooching Serpents top quality.

Pimp your urban setting up with the luxurious wreck, or just put one up in your otherwise impeccable garden, it will be the talking point for your neighbours. Looks good in woods, as well, or in your bed room, if you want....

It will be a bargain for L$1999, and you can even get it for L$999 while it is on promotion until July 13th, 2015.

Go and admire and try it out -> 

And get it from Marketplace for L$999 instead of L$1999  ->

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