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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Thunder from D0wnunder - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

In real life D0wnunder Resident aka Down, lives in Adelaide Australia.  He was introduced to Second Life through some friends from another virtual reality site.  He said “once I saw that you could sing here I loved it straight away.”  That’s because music and singing are woven into the very fabric of his being.

He has been in SL for a year now, and started his SL singing career in a karaoke lounge called o-lounge.  It quickly became a favourite haunt of his and he regularly visited the venue and sang to his heart’s content.
Down said “Music is the key to your soul it changes moods.  I couldn’t believe a world without music, when you’re sad it picks you up.”

In real life he was in an original band and they recorded two original songs which made the top 10 internet list, but that was quite a while ago.    These days he is part of two cover bands two bands, Alien Nation and 2coustic.  He said “I love to mimic singers to improve my vocal range and party covers appeal to me as they get the crowd into the swing of things and they all know the songs and sing along.”

Down was raised by parents who loved music, he recalled “I think Neil Diamond was the first artist I heard, my Dad loves him and played the record continually.”  His own personal musical influences are Pearl Jam, Creed, Rob Thomas, Birds of Tokyo and Inxs.  Rob Thomas in particular resonates with him, he added “He is an amazing song writer and writes from his heart.”

I asked Down what his all-time favourite piece of music was and why? He replied “I remember lying in bed with a radio station on and this song came on called Smells like teen spirit, I just went wow, and had to have my head as close to the speakers as possible.  The guitar riffs were amazing and Kurt Cobain had such a voice.”

Currently he is listening to a band called the Cat Empire who are an alternative band from Melbourne, who he said record some very catchy songs.

I asked him what value he thought SL offered musicians?  He said “Being in a band here in Adelaide, I do use SL to practice singing new songs, but also to entertain. I do believe it offers musicians new avenues to maybe tour, you never know who could be listening.   I’ve also had people from my country ask where they can see my band.”

Down sincerely believes that the SL venues that promote live music are pivotal to the success of SL musicians.  He said “To be honest without venues there are no musicians.  I take my hat off to venues like the Colour Factory, Kameleonz, Acoustic Cave, Cafe Musique and the Flamingo for offering us musicians a place to show our talents.”

I asked him what’s on the cards for him in the near future.  He concluded “I will continue to sing here on SL for as long as possible and will also be  looking at a few new bands, but I will be sticking around for a while as I love what I do here and until the people get sick of me, lol, I will stay.”
If you want a thoroughly enjoyable music experience you will pop in to one of his regular shows. 

You can pick up his inworld schedule @

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