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Sunday, September 6, 2015

What is CisumWebzine ? *Updated Advertising Prices!

CisumWebzine is dedicated to providing a close-up view of the Second Life music scene.  We offer live performance reviews, commentaries, and candid interviews from the artists who pave the way for music in the virtual realm.  Join us and explore the blossoming movement of augmented social networking, and online musical culture. Climb aboard the bandwagon for the latest news about all your favorites, and turn to us for the inside scoop of what happens as audio expression permeates the grid.

Features :

Indepth Interview : Interviews with selected musicians.
Musicians Reviews: contains reviews of various Second Life (SL) musicians as well as interviews with select musicians.

Live Music Venues: provides insight on various SL venues through our reporter's observations.

Events Covered: lists our articles on particular events, especially the larger events that feature multiple musicians.

Hotspots :a close up about the protagonist of Second Life Music all around the grid such as radio , important music places or main events .

CisumWebzine : "Everything about Second Life Music " 

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