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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

♕ ALPHA DELTA RHO ♕ One World ♥ One Sisterhood ( A Δ P ) – Brac Collins Reporting

Today, I am at the Sorority House complex with the sisters and founders of Second Life’s newest Sorority who is currently recruiting new members- Alpha Delta Rho. While most would consider such to be nothing more than social club, or just another group, these ladies are serious about sisterhood, kinship, friendship and personal development.
Accepting the privilege of being allowed on the complex and freely perusing the expansive house grounds, you can see the hard work and the dedication that each of the founders and its leaders has put into this endeavor- this isn’t just another FAD Group or Club. It’s a group of women who sincerely believe that women are subjected to a great deal of negativity even in today’s modern society.

They believe that within each of them, there’s something that is distinctly female, and when properly nurtured, that individual can rise above societal expectations, and what society has adapted them to be, and make strides toward becoming who they were created to become. It was founded on common ideals of loyalty, trust, dedication, friendship, kinship, and sisterhood; a bond that is immeasurable.

The symbolism in the Alpha Delta Rho crest seemingly reiterates those values with a Chain, Rose, Butterfly and Heart. The Chain represents the bond and strength between the sisters and the sorority, while the butterfly is a representation of the transformation that takes place. The Yellow Tea Rose is the sororities flower, it signifies good cheer, renewal and hope and is in celebration of that which is female. The heart symbol is composed of imagery linked to living, loving and laughing.

They aspire to reach out to women all across Second Life, so that they too can join in this experience of sisterhood. While they are new establishment, they aspire and are dedicated to making themselves known by participating in charity events, modeling opportunities, theatre and art, individual business establishments, art and music.
Meeting with the ladies of Alpha Delta Rho today, I made further inquiry.  

Brac Collins: Tell me why you are making such a bold and diligent effort to establish this Sorority.

ƊιмρƖz Sтσям (dimplezzz) – [Co-founder] “It’s an organization that is dedicated to strengthening our sisters ,improving their self-awareness, We are a strong sisterhood that cares about each other, it truly touches the soul of the Avatar… its a representation of the truth that shines as truly female. “

Alize Storm  (tiarasospecial): “It strengthens each member as women, and makes them more aware of who they are while inspiring them to achieve their goals. It’s a group of women that want to show other women the support that is needed to develop each other individually and as a group. We really have something different and unique here- we’ve created a family. “

Brac Collins: What does Alpha Delta Rho mean to you?
Caramel Kiss Vyper (shawndiva): “It’s about loyalty, honesty, and the sisterhood. When you join this sisterhood, you become more aware of your own self-worth and the potential that exists within us all. “

(JUICE) Selena.Lavradorio:  “Joining Alpha Delta Rho is a rewarding journey... its about strengthening each other as a unit, and providing a sense of security, unity, and a bond of sisterhood through friendship, growth, and character development. It’s not just about the talk, but also walking the walk. “

TeenaMarie Bressig (Owner/Founder of Me’lange): “It’s about Big sister love. Through strengthening our bonds with each other, we can accomplish our individual dreams and realize the many splendid opportunities that exist for each us. I just want to be part of something that truly cares about me. “

If you are Interested in joining Alpha Delta Rho. Contact Dimplez Storm (dimplezzz) or Alize Storm (tiarasopecial).

Open House Nov 22nd 12 – 4pm SLT – All are invited to attend this fun filled informational session. There will be free food, a LIVE DJ, dancing, makeovers, gifts and prizes: Raffles for $1K gift cards to Me’Lange, Inc, while JUICE Photography will be on-site and providing photography services.

Check out Alpha Delta Rho on Facebook


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