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Monday, February 15, 2021

New Rentals at Open Estates!

Open Estates has new rentals available for adult residents.

Parcels: 4080sqm
Prims: 1867
Prize: L$2073,- per week

Adult region
Water on two sides of each parcel

For more information please contact iam0pen.

Open estates
“Communities of the Future”

 Main office:

Saturday, November 3, 2018

GeekSpeak – ‘shoes and ships and sealing wax, cabbages and kings’

This week, after so many years and so many discussions, let’s talk about whatever we see in the future, in SL or in RL.  What do you think will happen, what do you think should happen?

And if you want to talk about the past, well let’s do that.  Come to GeekSpeak prepared to talk about anything and everything.  The future of Earth, our future in space, what happened millions of years ago, Star Trek, virtual worlds, the best way to cook chicken, anything at all.

Give your imagination free rein.  Tell us ‘why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings.’

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Trying out an SL Pregnancy : One Woman’s Story” - “Seersha Heart

Seersha Heart: I’ve been a resident of SL for a few years now.  I have never investigated SL pregnancy or had any close friends who experienced one.  I know I have a couple friends with kids, yet I could not tell you if they started at pregnancy or began with children.  Pregnancy is big business in SL, there are a multitude of resources available.  It can be relatively inexpensive or costly.  Much like an SL wedding, you decide your investment.  This story is one woman’s experience from conception to birth using the Mama Allpa birth system. 
The mother to be is has never tried an SL pregnancy.  For this story I recruited Durn for many reasons.  She is a honeypot of a gal with a salacious appetite for carnal pleasures.  I gifted her with a Mama Allpa female system and marked off the calendar.  I made notes of conversations with Ms. Durn.  Her opinions are all her own.  Here is her story;

Durn: I can be a bit of a party girl.  I make no apologies for making the most of my social life here in SL.  I knew that Seersha was working on something with SL pregnancies.  Most of what she works on is pretty interesting.  I saw a chance to participate so I volunteered.  It's not as if I will get stretch marks right?
I began this story by putting on the Mama Allpa and wearing it as I experienced a ‘normal’ week.  I didn’t read up about it, just added the HUD and took off.  I decided to begin by visiting the Mama Allpa main store.  Wow what a hookup place!!  My IMs lit up before I rezzed all the way.  There are men there wanting all kinds of things.  And wearing black, showing off one's chest is a rather frequent occurrence.

Some are not my thing.  There was a man there who asked me if I ever thought of becoming a horse.  Apparently, he wanted to mate me in horse form.  He was quite polite about it when I told him that no I didn’t want to be a horse.  Another interesting character was a man RPing a priest.  I admit to spending a little time with him to see what his ‘rp’ was about.  I will tell you more about the priest later.  There was a man there who wanted me to let his friend get me pregnant while he watched.  I’ll call him Military man.  He wanted me to insult him and to demean him as his friend was impregnating me.  I would like to say Horse, Priest and Military were the most unusual men I met there yet that would be a lie.
I met a couple nice and sweet men too.  One man, Ken, IMed me that he wanted to find a “one man” woman and settled down with her.  He confessed that he did not seem to be meeting family-oriented women at the clubs he visited, and a friend suggested he try this location.  I hope Ken found someone nice to settle down with in SL.
For me, no judgement here, the most unusual was a half man half demon that is hung like a horse.  He doesn’t bother getting dressed.  Watson, yes, I thought it was a strange name for a man/demon too, made his avi.  Impressive and large, his sole purpose in SL was to spend his time recruiting slaves and other women who wanted to be “breeders”.  He offered to make me a “treasured” pet but I passed on the offer.  There are several men who visit this location who desire to make as many women pregnant as possible.  I never found out why.

One day, not long after I added the HUD, I noticed that I was pregnant.  Just like that, I clicked on the HUD and my status was pregnant.  The only candidates for baby daddy are men wearing the corresponding Mama Allpa male HUD.  The baby daddy?  This is where my story gets funnier.  There were three possible candidates, Priest, Military and an up and comer I will call Deadbeat.    I wasn’t quite sure which it was, you may be impregnated without having sex.  All you need to do is be close to the person and exchange HUD info.  Since I wanted to get pregnant fast I pretty much took any opportunity.  Sometimes proximately, sometimes the old fashioned fun way.  I did not keep track of who and when.  I thought the HUD will tell me who the daddy was.  I was wrong.  To determine baby daddy, the daddy must be within 10 meters of me while I am tested.
The first 10-meter test was for Military man.   I had my fingers crossed for him.  A bit kinky but very nice guy.  He was not “the guy”, the daddy.  I was sure it would be the Priest or the Deadbeat.  It just so happened that I spent time with them both on the day I believed to be the day of conception.  Deadbeat daddy showed up for the test.  As you probably figured out already, Deadbeat turned out to be my baby daddy.  The baby was a boy!  The Priest was disappointed.  An ironic turn of events, the Priest asked me if I would get an abortion, so he could make me pregnant.  At this point I was pretty done with hanging with the studs at main store.
Now that I was pregnant there were things to consider.  To me, the most important was my shape.  My landlady made a nursery for me in my skybox, so I was free to spend my time figuring out these details.  I decided to design my own shape using the measurements on existing shapes.  I also decided to update my shape at each four-week mark.  I learned I was pregnant at 10 weeks so that is where I began.
Now, after the fact, I started reading a bit about SL pregnancy.  I visited a couple clinics.  I wondered what the baby daddy did in this relationship.  Turns out my baby daddy didn’t even IM me once after.  Being industrious, I made #1 Deadbeat Dad signs with his picture and passed them to all my friends.  I had other men step forward offering to RP the daddy role.  I decided to just see what happened.  I sent the baby daddy a present.  A kiosk from marketplace of a book titled “Having a Baby in SL Guidebook”.  I found the best source of information to be mid-wives and doctors at the clinics.  Everyone I spoke to was super friendly.

Clock started, and life goes on in SL.  When I hit my 30th week, I was feeling a bit curious.  Happy with my shape design, I decided to visit the main store location again.  Who was standing there where I met him?  You guessed it; Baby daddy.  He didn’t even notice me there which worked well for me as I didn’t want to continue a relationship with him.  I planned to stay a few minutes.  I wanted to see how people would react to pregnant me.  I was chatted up quite a bit.  Mostly the same kinds of men as before.  Some getting their kink on and some wanting a relationship.
At this point, since I really wasn’t into family life in SL, I started getting bored.  My clothes didn’t fit well, and I was running out of ways to shock and to surprise people.  That had been my main source of fun during the “weeks” of pregnancy.  By shock, I mean showing up at an ex boyfriend’s DJ gig.  He got a kick out of it.  By surprise, I mean just being in SL and pregnant.  People act differently around you.  It was interesting to see how people behaved.  The strangest reaction was when I donned a formal gown with my big round belly and showed up at a popular club.  Suffice to say I have never seen any pregnant women there and I won’t say the club name.

Birth time rolled around quickly after that slow part in the middle.  I wanted a birth partner and Seersha said she would be it.  I picked out a clinic, a birth method and all the extras.  In the end I decided I did not want to simulate birth.  I’m a simple gal.  In the end I just changed my shape back to “normal”.  The baby is nestled in inventory.

Seersha Heart: Thank you for all your energy, Durn.  I feel like you aren’t telling the full story of the people you met at main store.  Care to elaborate?

Durn: Hmmm…I won’t tell details of the people who were nice folks just wanting to experience an SL pregnancy.  I met several of those.  I will say I was surprised at how many men stake out the main store location.

Seersha Heart: Would you do it again?  Get pregnant?

Durn: Anything is possible.  I am not planning it now, but I am like SL.  Things change a lot.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

♕ ALPHA DELTA RHO ♕ One World ♥ One Sisterhood ( A Δ P ) – Brac Collins Reporting

Today, I am at the Sorority House complex with the sisters and founders of Second Life’s newest Sorority who is currently recruiting new members- Alpha Delta Rho. While most would consider such to be nothing more than social club, or just another group, these ladies are serious about sisterhood, kinship, friendship and personal development.
Accepting the privilege of being allowed on the complex and freely perusing the expansive house grounds, you can see the hard work and the dedication that each of the founders and its leaders has put into this endeavor- this isn’t just another FAD Group or Club. It’s a group of women who sincerely believe that women are subjected to a great deal of negativity even in today’s modern society.

They believe that within each of them, there’s something that is distinctly female, and when properly nurtured, that individual can rise above societal expectations, and what society has adapted them to be, and make strides toward becoming who they were created to become. It was founded on common ideals of loyalty, trust, dedication, friendship, kinship, and sisterhood; a bond that is immeasurable.

The symbolism in the Alpha Delta Rho crest seemingly reiterates those values with a Chain, Rose, Butterfly and Heart. The Chain represents the bond and strength between the sisters and the sorority, while the butterfly is a representation of the transformation that takes place. The Yellow Tea Rose is the sororities flower, it signifies good cheer, renewal and hope and is in celebration of that which is female. The heart symbol is composed of imagery linked to living, loving and laughing.

They aspire to reach out to women all across Second Life, so that they too can join in this experience of sisterhood. While they are new establishment, they aspire and are dedicated to making themselves known by participating in charity events, modeling opportunities, theatre and art, individual business establishments, art and music.
Meeting with the ladies of Alpha Delta Rho today, I made further inquiry.  

Brac Collins: Tell me why you are making such a bold and diligent effort to establish this Sorority.

ƊιмρƖz Sтσям (dimplezzz) – [Co-founder] “It’s an organization that is dedicated to strengthening our sisters ,improving their self-awareness, We are a strong sisterhood that cares about each other, it truly touches the soul of the Avatar… its a representation of the truth that shines as truly female. “

Alize Storm  (tiarasospecial): “It strengthens each member as women, and makes them more aware of who they are while inspiring them to achieve their goals. It’s a group of women that want to show other women the support that is needed to develop each other individually and as a group. We really have something different and unique here- we’ve created a family. “

Brac Collins: What does Alpha Delta Rho mean to you?
Caramel Kiss Vyper (shawndiva): “It’s about loyalty, honesty, and the sisterhood. When you join this sisterhood, you become more aware of your own self-worth and the potential that exists within us all. “

(JUICE) Selena.Lavradorio:  “Joining Alpha Delta Rho is a rewarding journey... its about strengthening each other as a unit, and providing a sense of security, unity, and a bond of sisterhood through friendship, growth, and character development. It’s not just about the talk, but also walking the walk. “

TeenaMarie Bressig (Owner/Founder of Me’lange): “It’s about Big sister love. Through strengthening our bonds with each other, we can accomplish our individual dreams and realize the many splendid opportunities that exist for each us. I just want to be part of something that truly cares about me. “

If you are Interested in joining Alpha Delta Rho. Contact Dimplez Storm (dimplezzz) or Alize Storm (tiarasopecial).

Open House Nov 22nd 12 – 4pm SLT – All are invited to attend this fun filled informational session. There will be free food, a LIVE DJ, dancing, makeovers, gifts and prizes: Raffles for $1K gift cards to Me’Lange, Inc, while JUICE Photography will be on-site and providing photography services.

Check out Alpha Delta Rho on Facebook