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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Eat Asphalt – The Wayward Ride

When you TP into this Biker Sim, you find yourself in an urban area at the first level, passing through the streets past the pawn shop, you find the road leads you on a mysterious journey – up, up and away.

The terrain begins to change at varying levels, from urban city, through the Grand Canyon, and then to the timed track. If you make it to the top, you can enjoy the obstacle course, or celebrate your biking victory in the dance area listening to the Top 40 hits.

We are a neutral Motor Cycle (MC) zone and all MC are welcome. Contact Grym Threebeards to book your MC if you choose.

It’s a rez free zone with a free group to join for news and support.

Tell your friends! We need them too.
Presently offering 900 meters of free road track for your riding pleasure and adding more track soon. You won’t see a lot of lag here, as we keep go to extreme to focus on the roads and the riding experience.

We presently have very affordable self-rented ad space in high visible areas across our sim. If you have a shop, club or service, this is a great place to be seen and help us out.
Don’t Text and Ride! Eat Asphalt
Check out our Facebook Group
Contact: Grym Threebeards


  1. This is a pretty smooth track that has good scenery at multiple levels. Very friendly people around.