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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Hidden Rooster Club - So Real, It's the Reason.

The Hidden Rooster Club

The Hidden Rooster came about after i had worked many clubs. I had started out hosting and moved my way up to managing clubs. I saw a lot of things going on in clubs that i didn’t like. I didn’t like how the staff, VIP’s, DJ’s were treated and the restrictive structure that clubs put on the staff. It stifled the true expression who we were, and who we were becoming.  

 So, I decided i wanted to have a club completely different. One that was really family oriented, not just saying it was. I wanted to give the staff back their freedom to play, have fun while providing them the encouragement and support to be who they are. Someplace, where you were known by name, and really felt like you belonged, not so much because of the club, but by providing a venue that was permissive- that dream came true.

The Hidden Rooster Club, is a jewel that shines as brightly as the star we wish on every night and can no longer stay hidden. While in its meager beginning, it struggled, remained hidden, and the staff worked double sets, as we leaned on each other, and made it through. Our theme song, ”Rooster” by Alice in Chains says it all, “You can’t kill the rooster.”

Though we still struggle, we call out to the Second Life Community because we really need your help to keep the dream alive. We are that real. At least come hit our Vote box, and take a look. This is home to a lot of people who still believe in those… can you help us make it happen? Are we wrong to ask, or are we just us, like the real deal, unique, and special – something very few have found and nurtured.

We just want to reach those real people, that want to have a good time, chill out, enjoy the live DJ sessions, laugh and forget all about RL and SL problem, just for a lil’ while… and let the club and its staff help you get in touch with something that “something” that is still hidden deep inside of you – It’s you and we think your beautiful.

While everyone feels restricted, chained and bound from time to time, chains can be fun, but also stifling, we want to set you free.


Hiring DJ’s and Hosts for sets Thur – Sunday 4pm until midnight. Can you make magic happen? That’s what it takes, nothing else will do.

  • Whiplash Customs: Custom vehicles specialist, bikes and trucks.
  • Death Valley Customs: More Custom bikes and trucks.
  • Biker Bratz and Bastards: Leather clothing and accessories.
  • Dark Countess Designs – Custom and unique female clothing and accessories.

If YOU still #believe, or need more information contact BB (blkbird) in SL with a notecard.

Take off the chains, or put some on - have some fun @ The Hidden Rooster Club.