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Sunday, November 8, 2015

ECGC: Weapons of Grass Destruction Golf Tournament- November 7th to 21st, 2015

  Join Emerald Crystal Golf Course for a 18 Hole Tournament!

 Tournament Rules:
·         All golfers must use the elite golf system
In order for the no cheat scorecards to work.. You need to use the scorecard for tournaments only.  (sold at the landing point at my golf course)
There are two options:
·         buy the elite system from the gray brick elite golf club sales vendor  for $1275L
·         rent clubs from the golf bag for 10L for 16 hour rental(delete the rental after every round of 18 holes)
Scorecards can be purchased from the vendor besides the avatar script monitor
 Trophies will be offered to the top 6 lowest scores showing in what place you took. Eg, 1st place, etc
 All other golfers will receive a trophy for their participation in my tournament.

  scorecards will be sold for $40L.  If you do not like your score, just buy another scorecard and start over. As soon as you finish your 18 hole round, your score will show on the leader board.
Check your score against past competitors and compare!
 There were some incredible scores for the last tournament.  Come and see if you
  can beat them!
     Please note for returning competitors:  All the pins have been moved (flags/cups)
      So it is a whole new game again!

Hope to see you there!
-Littleonesusan teardrop

 Owner of Emerald Crystal Golf Course


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