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Friday, November 6, 2015

Wayne Davis Rocks!- LilyLaceWing Reporting

Talented SL Blues/Rock artist rips it up in RL, too!

One fine SL day, while sitting in my minimalist apartment, I got the pleasure of viewing one of SL’s most talented musicians, live streaming on a massive “TV” in my living area. While enjoying a beer, and a joint (hey, it’s MY house,) I watched this talented individual perform a nice array of blues, southern rock, and few dirty, hilarious originals, as well as a lovely rendition of “Purple Rain” by Prince just for something a little different. This was not the first time I’d seen Wayne Davis perform, in fact, I’ve been to many of his shows. As a fan of metal, sludge, and blues, his is a style I can sit and truly enjoy, and with a rare talent like his, it’s worth the teleport every time and then some. The man can play Stevie Ray Vaughan… And not only pull it off, but make it look easy in the playing. As any SRV fans know, that’s no easy feat. I was lucky enough to ask him some question about his music, both in SL, and his live touring in RL. So sit down, grab a cold one, roll up something, and listen into this addictively slimy music.

LL: Who are some of your influences/favorite bands?

WD: Jimmy (Hendrix), Stevie (Ray Vaughan), (Steve) Vai, BB (King.)

 LL: I was told to ask you the story of Tater, can you tell me that story?

  WD: Actually, the story of Tater is kind of funny to some, and seen as possibly mean by others. At any rate, as we long timers in SL have all ran into those who are… let’s just say, not willing to read the instruction manual before running about,(hopping up on stage, insulting others, begging for money, ect, ect…) Tater, who would be one of those, came around my home one day and was found by many to be just plain annoying, and/or insulting. So long story short, he was hounding me, and my friend Velk about how to make money in SL. So I made a box and gave it to him, made a simple pose, and gave it to him. I told him to put the box on his hips, wear the pose, and go stand in a public place and tell everyone he was Miming for $L! (laughing) We couldn’t help but get a giggle out of the poor feller, whom we nicknamed Tater.

 LL: How long have you been playing music, both in RL and SL?

WD: I've been performing live as my main source of income since I was 16 years old, about 25 years now come January. My first gig was opening for the band Black Foot, who was famous for this song; ( during which time I took the stage for the very first time. I looked out over the crowd of over 5,000 onlookers, I turned around and said to the rest of the band, "I'm sorry, but I quit!" (laughs) After some talking to, then chugging a beer and puking, I took the stage and played the first song, Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns and Roses. The crowd went crazy and cheered wildly, I've been on stage ever since, opening for bands like Skynyrd, .38 Special, Mr. Rock N Roll Hoochiekoo himself, Rick Darringer, and most recently I was hired by the David Allan Coe Band as the lead guitarist as can be seen in this video; (  I've been performing in SL for about five years now, when I’m not in the studio in RL, or on the road touring.

 LL: Strangest song request?

WD: It’s raining men. (LL’s Thoughts; Seriously?? Had they ever heard you perform before?)

LL: What are your goals musically, both in RL and SL?

WD: Currently I’m working on my latest CD, it’s full of Dirty songs that were co-written with David Allan Coe while on the tour bus.

 LL: What's your favorite gig that you've gotten to perform in SL, such as charity events, really amazing shows, etc?

WD: I love every show that I perform in SL the same for one reason, the great fans that partake in the fun!

LL: Thanks for your time, Wayne, and good luck in all future gigs, musically or otherwise!!


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