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Friday, December 25, 2015

“A Merry Yuletide Had By All Blitzing The Living Room”- MajikVixen Reporting

To what did these wandering eyes did appear?  Simon Linden as Santa Claus, Jed Luckless' Ibanez inspiring particles, and Sky Fire's captured pieces that lined TLR's foundation -all the great fixin's for an amazing venue full of cheer!  

That's right, for the BEST entertainment, The Living Room was THE place to be on Thursday night!  And judging by the crowd volume, I think I saw you there!

Jammin' Jed, a Grateful Dead and Phish inspired musician, flooded our ear holes with poetic guitar wailing mish-mashes of Star Wars, Christmas, and classically soothing improvisations.  This was the perfect balance of rock and just-subtle-enough background to all the festivities.  Always the mark of a great showman, when the musician takes the time to greet all the individual patrons by name.  This was the fifteenth and final show on his tour until next year's, with the exception of the special seventh annual Holiday Review benefit show on Sunday at DarkStar's Hundred Year Hall, where all proceeds go to The Internet Archive: A Non-Profit Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Software, Music, and More.

Meanwhile, other good deeds were taking place by the HUGE Christmas tree and pile of presents via surprise guest, Simon Linden -or shall I say Simon Claus or Santa Linden?  The ongoing theme in nearby chat was the joke of how nice, naughty actually was... with *hic* eggnog!  Some of the specific things asked for included the BB gun from A Christmas Story by a child avi, the sweet and beautiful of course asked for world peace, it was implied that a hippie wanted certain erhm *cough* LARGE green bags, and I ordered a Big Mac with large fries LOL.  Everybody got at least a cute little Gatcha puppy and a wonderful picture taken by Simon.  -Totally awesome and unexpected!  When I inquired to Daallee and Owl, the owners of The Living Room, how they got Simon to do this, they simply both said they just asked him.  But having seen him and the likes of his Linden droogs in these musical parts before, I think it's because he really just likes the atmosphere and is a good sport!

And if for some reason you got bored of looking at all the different eclectic holiday outfits that adorned the large, happy crowd; your camera could be whisked away, downstairs (underneath our "reindeer paws"), to a healthily displayed eye-feast of Sky Fire's complimentary artwork, available for purchase.  The exhibit features pictures of Jed with breathtaking particles.  From pumpkins, butterflies, and flowers; to fire, tie-dyed fractals, dinosaurs, and cards.  Personally, I find a particle show extremely incredible and indescribable.  It is one of the best things Second Life has to offer, to totally draw you into the experience, and flatter the musical talent.  And likewise, trying to describe this to people who do not come into Second Life, is amusingly pointless!  If a memento picture is worth a thousand words, the experience itself, is priceless.

Bursting entertainment stimulation to all of your senses, The Living Room, owned by Daallee, Owl, and later joined by Nora, will be having their one year anniversary in March.  They feature a new artist every month.  Skyfire will be there until the end of the month of December, and their next musical show will be Boney Mosey on December 29th at 6pm.  Whatever your heart fancies for a fun night out, there's plenty of opportunities for chatting, dancing, lounging and hanging out, camming around, or even swinging from the ceiling! 

Additional Information:
              TLR: Has a subscriber by the stage (stage left), that doesn't take up group space (Area Search "The Living Room")
              Jed Luckless: Jed Heads (Group Key: 35727b5c-082a-55c8-afdf-2dfef253a432)
              Jed Luckless:
Preferred contact:
              TLR: daallee™ (daallee), Owl (owl.dragonash), Nora (xalexax)
              Music on Thursday Evening: Jed Luckless

              Special appearance: Simon Linden


  1. Unfortunately I just saw this. thank you Majick for such a wonderful article about our Venue and Xmas show.:) daallee


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