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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Spotlight on the Town of Clearwater - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

Welcome to the town of Clearwater.  Clearwater is a quaint New England coastal community along I-95 in Maine, comprised of eleven idyllic villages; Meadow Gardens, Paisley Park, Regency Park, Silver Falls, Angel Cove, Aloha Spirit Bay, ARAB Twilight, Riverview Cove, Liberty Hill, Steel Horses and Lakeside Falls, the heart of the town.  Each village has a laid back feel and an old world, coastal New England charm with the pace of daily life a bit slower than the city.

Also located in Clearwater is the village of Palila, home of the main operational station for their Coast Guard. The Clearwater Coast Guard serves all of Clearwater, protecting and safeguarding all waterways and providing support where needed to the local emergency services.  The Coast Guard is also responsible for all federal boating and aviation regulations, enforcement and licensing.
They are currently hiring for most town municipal services, including police, fire and hospital staff.  They also have a town court, a department of motor vehicles, as well a department of public works.  Private business ownership opportunities are available.

Family leisure activities include sailing, a movie theatre, a bowling alley, children's play park, 7seas fishing; and of course grocery shopping in their very own [LIFE2] market.

The couple that bring you the Town of Clearwater are Jericho Napoli and Daniella Clearwater.
Jericho Napoli hails from a small town on the East Coast of the United States and is a successful self-made businessman.

Daniella Clearwater is also from a small town on the North East Coast of the United States and works in public safety and has a law degree.  She says she found SL while surfing Facebook during an extremely boring game between the New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals.

Their rationale for wanting to create and maintain a region of their own was their desire to provide a fun and relaxed environment in which like-minded people can roleplay without the out of character drama seen at most places.  That and to give their residents a place where they feel like they belong and matter.  Each day they make the decision to continue this endeavour because they love what they do and they genuinely enjoy bringing happiness to others.

The region has evolved and progressed from a mainly residential rental only estate of seven sims, to its own community and working town that currently spans eleven sims.  Within the past nine months, they have brought in the Anchorage Coast Guard, established a police department, a fire department and a hospital and have instituted regular monthly town meetings for all residents to attend, which gives them the opportunity to participate in and invest in the creation of their community.  They’re proud to say that we have grown into a close community, one in which we all know our neighbours and genuinely care for each other.  It truly has become a place to call home, rather than just a place where a house can be rented.

This is very much a roleplay community which manifests itself in roleplay that is largely emergency services based.  They provide an in-character group chat in which residents can call 911 and request assistance.  The chat also provides a platform for new story arcs or the continuation of current threads or even the opportunity to make an in-character phone call.  All role players, and residents for that matter, must obey the cardinal rule of ‘consent’ as nothing is forced and they wish to foster a healthy and fun atmosphere for everyone who wants to participate, to whatever degree that may be.

In addition to emergency services role play, there are many areas which are staged to cultivate role play of just “everyday living,” such as cafes, a bank, restaurants and the like.

Residents can make the Town of Clearwater their home without participating in the role play. So while Clearwater is a roleplay community, it’s also a residential community with caring and tight-knit neighbourhoods.   Most residents have made friends and formed bonds, bonds that have truly enhanced and helped turn the community into a family and a real home for those in search of just that. 

Currently the estate hosts weekly movie nights at the Riverview Cove Cinema.  Clearwater residents as well as all citizens of Second Life are also invited to a carnival, hosted by DARE Carnivals, to celebrate the community every few months.   They also host a community parties for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween with region-wide trick or treating for the kids.

Clearwater is home to two congregations where weekly services are held, each with loyal and consistent attendance. 

Clearwater is a proud member of the Relay for Life team “The Fighting Sunflowers,” and will be hosting various fundraising events which will include a concert once the fundraising efforts are underway.

The Town of Clearwater is also very proud to bring the Broncos, a UFL SL Football League team, to the town in the coming months.  With the Broncos comes regular games, pep rallies, off season concerts and paintball games.

*What are the various rental options offered on your region, both from a residential and a commercial point of view?

The Town of Clearwater strives to provide a price point for everyone and accommodate various tastes with regards to the rental options.  They strive to be as inclusive as possible and never want the rentals to become prohibitive by any means.  The current residential rate sits at the competitive market rate of L$2.1 per prim and they cater for the singleton just as much as to a family of five.   They offer prim rentals from 200 prims up to full homestead rentals (subject to availability), with the option to decrease or increase your prims depending on your needs and prim availability.  They have a comprehensive selection of homes and townhouses, from big name creators, such as Dominion; ROOST; Redgrave Homes and Barnes Anubis. They constantly watch the market for new builds to keep their inventory fresh and in vogue. 

Depending on the sim, they also allow the use of one’s own home provided it keeps with the New England coastal theme.  Potential residents also have the opportunity to commission a custom-built home from Hearth Strings, an up and coming residential and commercial builder, with an in world store in Lakeside Falls.  Clearwater’s downtown area boasts several demonstrations of the incredible talent of co-owner Mikie Rihadra-Gaelyth in the municipal buildings and hospital. 

Commercial rentals as well as boat slip rentals can be found in the downtown areas of Lakeside Falls and Riverview Cove.  Commercial and boat slip rates are also competitive at L$2.5 per prim.  If a business is roleplay-based or is solely for roleplay purposes, they offer a discounted rate of L$2.1 per prim.

It’s Jericho and Daniella’s intention to continue on their current course, and to grow and cultivate the community into the very best it can be and to have a lot of fun while doing it.  They look forward to the possibilities the future holds for them.

Pop in and visit them.  They will welcome you home to Clearwater!

Please contact Mayor Jericho Napoli (NIGHTDR) or Daniella Clearwater (daniellamariec) for more information or visit the website at



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