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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SLE Buzz Feature of the Week: Pinkness Pearl

When did you join Second Life and what does SL mean to you?

Pinkness Pearl: I Joined Second Life in January of 2010. Second Life has been a great way to meet new friends and a great way to be creative and play barbies all day.

Where in the world are you from? Australia

How did you discover Second Life and what was your first reaction?

Pinkness Pearl: I was introduced to Second Life by a very old friend, and I was fascinated and loved it from the minute i came here.

How would you describe your personal style in three words?

Pinkness Pearl: Pink Girly Fun

What are three special things you wished everyone in SL knew about you and or your club?

Pinkness Pearl: I have 2 Sims full of fun girly designs that are all current and new for all Mesh Bodies and Standard Avatars. I also do Menswear. I have a costume for every occasion.

Well having a Store I wish everyone knew about me as I design for all mesh bodies, Maitreya / Belleza / Slink / TMP / Tonic / Eve with Fitmesh and shoes for Maitreya / Belleza / Slink, I am also doing a lot of Original Mesh , I love making costumes for all the holidays and just for fun, costumes are my favorite things to make.

Can you tell SLE what inspired your involvement in the SL community?

Pinkness Pearl: I loved the fashion here in Second Life and loved mixing and matching and really wanted to try it for myself, so I got gimp and started playing with it and it just went from there 6 years ago.

What are your thoughts on the SL culture? What would you change to improve the quality of your experience?

Pinkness Pearl: I think Second Life is a wonderful place to be able to express yourself and come and forget about all your problems and just have some fun, meet some interesting people, go shopping, hit a club, hang out or build your dream home, it’s a different experience for everyone, I don’t think I could improve on anything because for me it’s perfect.

What have you learned about yourself in SL?
Pinkness Pearl: I have learnt more swear words! Lol…Seriously though I have learned that I can do anything I put my mind to and if you work hard enough you can do anything .

What is/are your most memorable/funny moment(s)?
Pinkness Pearl: oh gosh there have been so many, I can’t really pick one moment, all of the moments have got me to where I am now, and all the wonderful people I have met along the way, it’s an amazing place.

What are your favorite places to visit in SL for entertainment?

Pinkness Pearl: I really don’t venture out from my platform that much, but i do remember going to Disney World once. The experience was very cute and a lot of fun and the work that the builders put into that for everyone to enjoy for FREE is amazing, (there is a donation box there) which I encourage everyone to put something in for the amazing entertainment that they provide for free :)

Where do you like to shop?

Pinkness Pearl: I don’t really shop very much in Second Life, but if I do its mostly for hair, and I’m loving Exxcess , Phoniex, Exile and Argrace. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about you?
Pinkness Pearl: My store is my passion, I love doing what I do, and I love all my customers, think everyone is special, I believe in offering 100% customer support and just love when I can put a smile on someone’s face or give them a bit of a giggle with something that I have made. I believe Second Life is for Fun and everyone should have an amazing time here, and I hope that I can contribute to that in some small way.

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